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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A jury made up of you men said that should hang yes of course he should!
All right write him a letter we'll make it look as though it came from his brother i'll have a friend of mine mail it from kansas city
Are you turning yellow too
At this rate i'll be 60 before you get to the point
Back there in the hills is one of the few spots left in the world where you can get decent food and drink
Come on you tiny little wreck have a drink we're drinking to women
Do I know rita oh do I know her i'll give you a letter of introduction she'll fall immediate victim to your charms
Extraordinary creatures women well let's drink to them
Far be it from me to start any trouble but i'll lay you 8 to 5 right now that kid's going to move in on your gal
George moore was a very distinguished english writer you know except that he was irish
Get my gun! get my gun! give it to him maybe he'll shoot himself
Go ahead and shoot you'll be doing me a favor
Great bunch of quitting rats the whole crowd of you
Harry wouldn't have let them do it he had a sense of dignity I have a sense of survival
He can't be happy he ain't got no tables on the ceiling
He won't be 16
Here here drink up we'll never finish the other three
Here's looking at you kid (2)
Hey hey where'd you get those
How good and kind of you to remind me how good how true how kind
I am a little more impressed with you
I bet they're asleep in new york I bet they're asleep all over america
I called him on it and started shooting
I got the same doctor
I stick my neck out for nobody
I want that indian money well go and get it from the indians
I wouldn't believe you no matter what you told me you'd say anything now to get what you want
I'll let you stand behind the bar with your medals on and tell the drunks how you won the war
I'm no good at being noble but it doesn't take much to see that the problems of three little people don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world
I'm not fighting for anything anymore except myself i'm the only cause i'm interested in
I'm not interested in politics the problems of the world are not in my department
I'm sorry for asking I forgot we said no questions
I'm sorry there was a disturbance folks but it's all over now everything's all right
If I were to treat him with more than common politeness he'd misunderstand and try to push me around
If she can stand it I can play it
If you weren't a benighted jackass if you could see as far as you could spit
It's funny about your voice how it hasn't changed I can still hear it
It's one thing to pass a law another to make it work
Listen you came into this racket with your eyes open you learned a lot and you know a lot if any of it gets out you'll go out with your eyes open only this time they will have pennies on them
No i'm staying here this is my town and nobody's going to run me out of it
Nobody ever loved me that much
Now you two boys go outside and when the kid shows up make sure you draw first make sure your aim is good
Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world she walks into mine
One fine night a 5 inch shell is gonna blow the top of your head right off
Quit talking through your hat
Says he'll water his garden with champagne before he'll let the germans drink it
Someday i'll catch that ape without those stripes on and kick his teeth out
Someday that heater of yours will blast you into the hot seat well if it does you'll be sitting right in my lap
Sooners no we just got here ahead of you that's all
Tell that little squirt over by the piano I want to see him
That friendship stuff don't mean a thing to me
That sucker jumped 3 feet in the air and come down stiff as a board
The kid wants to shoot it out with me i'll be here
The trouble with england it's all pomp and no circumstance you're very wise to get out of it escape while you can
There'll always be guys wanting to drink
There's also such a thing as arriving too early
Those millions would they be pounds or dollars well either way suits me
We just heard you were figuring on building a town here that's all right with us all we want's a part of it
Well what are we waiting for we're waiting for the line to thin out so we can slip through
What is your nationality i'm a drunkard
What of it i'm going to die in casablanca it's a good spot for it
What's happened to you I thought you were my shrewd little manager
Where i'm going you can't follow what i've got to do you can't be any part of
Where were you last night that's so long ago I don't remember
Whose is it well the banks own it now used to be mine
Will I see you tonight I never make plans that far ahead
Yeah I kind of like that sound
Yes I found that a very expensive hobby too but then I never was much of a businessman
You know he's a sucker I don't trust mine
You seem to know all about my destiny
You take care of their virtues i'll take care of their vices that's simple ain't it
You wanna make a living the hard way
You want my advice oh yes please go back to bulgaria
You're not very subtle but you are effective I get the point
Your cash is good at the bar
Your story had me a little confused or maybe it was the bourbon