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Created by Djacabu 18,535 140,692
Kenku (D&D)

Kenku (D&D)

Jeremy Crawford, lead rules designer of the Dungeons & Dragons game, says 'they can cleverly piece together voices and sounds they've heard to communicate' The Dungeons and Dragons race are a fictional race of bird-like humanoid creatures in the game's history. They are loosely based on tengu, spiritual beings in Japanese mythology.
See also: Stark–Heegner theorem, Tungusic languages, List of avian humanoids, List of Dungeons & Dragons rulebooks, List of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition monsters, Changes (The Dresden Files),

NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A As you wish
A can doooo
A I will not kill
A Im your huckleberry
A oh yea everythings fine
A yes hahaha
A yes indeed
C Another one
C come on come on
C Don't bullshit me
C Dont lie to me
C focus
C go go go
C im in trouble
C kill him
C less talk more action
C look at this
C never surrender
C open the door
C over here
C pleasee
C Reveal your secrets
C run!
C take it easy
C wait a minute
E hungry kids
E I'm not mad
E I'm ready
E ricky ticky tabby biatch
E thirsty for beer
E woohoo
G Evening Commisioner
G Good evening
G Good morning
G Hey how you doin
G my name is jeff
G nice to meet you
G Say hello to my little friend
I ...youve done this
I Clev Disgu
I grapthars hammer
I I don't understand
I I Know
I I like that cover
I idiots
I If it bleeds We can kill it
I im a dude
I im adult
I Im very important
I Its a trap
I its all part of the plan
I Lack of faith
I let them unfold
I Man of my word
I mine
I my father
I no vulnerabilities
I Not what you know
I One of Us has Made an Error
I quite funny
I Rescue team not assasins
I saurman kill all
I Sneaky Sneaky
I thats not right
I this is ridiculous
I Time is a factor
I You lied to me
I you'll see very soon
MA bunch of questions
MA doing thinking
MA drinking smooth
MA Here we go
MA I wanna steal
MA im gonna go
N dont like this
No thank you child
No that's not gonna do it
No, nono
Nooo michael scott
Q can you keep a secret
Q do ladies work here
Q do you like me
Q how would you know that
Q make myself clear
Q that's it
Q whaaat
Q what are you doing
Q what did you say
Q what do you think
Q what do you want
Q what is your malfunction
Q what kind of place
Q what talking about
Q what...
Q whats going on
Q where are we going
Q who are you
Q why
Q why not
Q why wont you die
Q you dare attack me
Q you doing ok
Q you talking to me
Q you wanna go
T dick move
T don't cross me
T I didn't ask you
T La Di Fricken Da
T mudcrabs
T Oh right
T One ugly MF
T Say what again
T Stewie Kick Your Ass
T Up Yours
T your extermination
Z alligator
Z animals birds magpie squawks
Z break glass
Z coins
Z cork
Z D. Open
Z dog
Z Donkey
Z draw Sword
Z Horse
Z human Applause
Z human sighh
Z human wheeze
Z keys
Z knocking
Z lock door
Z medi loud
Z Medi Norm
Z music loser Horn
Z music Noisemaker
Z nature thunder
Z nature water
Z nature wood Snapping
Z no trust
Z punches
Z smash
Z squeaky bed
Z weapon Arrow
Z weapon Punch
Z wind
Z wolf
Z writing
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