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Smokey and the Bandit (1977) Soundboard

Smokey and the Bandit (1977) Soundboard

Smokey and the Bandit is a classic American action comedy film released in 1977, directed by Hal Needham. This film catapulted Burt Reynolds into super-stardom and became a cult favorite among fans of the genre. With its high-speed chases, boisterous humor, and unforgettable cast, Smokey and the Bandit has cemented its place in cinematic history.

The film follows the adventures of the Bandit, played by Burt Reynolds, and his partner Cledus Snow, portrayed by Jerry Reed. The Bandit is hired by two wealthy Texan brothers to smuggle Coors beer from Texas to Georgia in just 28 hours. This is no easy feat considering Coors beer was illegal east of Texas at that time. As the duo embarks on their mission, they attract the attention of the tenacious Sheriff Buford T. Justice, played brilliantly by Jackie Gleason. Justice becomes obsessed with capturing the Bandit and stopping the illegal smuggling operation.

In a hilarious performance, Jackie Gleason steals the show as the relentless Sheriff Justice. His pursuit of the Bandit is relentless, leading to several outrageous and comedic moments throughout the film. The chemistry between the Bandit and Justice is electric, leading to some of the most memorable lines and exchanges in the movie.

Smokey and the Bandit also features the charming and talented Sally Field as Carrie, a runaway bride who ends up joining the Bandit on his wild journey. Field's performance adds a touch of romance to the film, as she becomes smitten with the Bandit throughout their escapades, leading to a heartwarming conclusion.

The driving force of Smokey and the Bandit is the action-packed and exhilarating car chases that take place throughout the film. The Bandit and Snow must outwit and out-drive the various police officers, known as "Smokeys," who are determined to apprehend them. The Bandit's iconic black Pontiac Trans Am, nicknamed the "Black Beauty," remains one of the most recognizable vehicles in film history.

The film's soundtrack also became a major hit, featuring Jerry Reed's infectious and catchy theme song, "East Bound and Down." This song perfectly captures the spirit of the movie and has become synonymous with the film's enduring popularity. With its toe-tapping melodies and memorable lyrics, the soundtrack has only grown in popularity over the years.

If you are a fan of Smokey and the Bandit or simply want to relive the excitement and nostalgia of this iconic film, you can now play and download the sounds from the movie. From the hilarious banter between the Bandit and Sheriff Justice to the roaring engines of the powerful vehicles, these sounds allow you to immerse yourself in the world of Smokey and the Bandit.

So, why not gather your friends and embark on your own adventurous journey, just like the Bandit and his crew? Whether you're roaring down the highway or engaged in a Smokey-filled pursuit, these sounds will transport you back to the heyday of action-packed films and leave you grinning from ear to ear.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to relive the excitement and laughter of Smokey and the Bandit. Play and download the sounds that made this film a timeless classic and experience the thrill of the open road.

A guy that paints his truck like this would go to a minister's funeral dressed in feathers.
A home in a little while I'm hungry is your God damn mutt.
A little bit scared as great psychology might just say something bad about my mother.
A little while ago almost slide out kitchen. Latest man, yeah.
A lot of friends, didn't he? If they had a cremated the son of bitch, I could have been kicking up Mr Bandit sass around the moon by now.
A snowman come on back. There was a Texas bubble gum machine on your backdoor. Texas bubble gum machine? Yes, I'm
A ticket to truck stop little complications. That's all you always.
About did you count on this? All of this?
Action up ahead of India copy Hey, is this abandoned this Mr B. And I'm geared jamming this role in refinery. You gotta know.
Actor bank robber.
Actually, my heaviest relationship was with an acid rock singer name Robert Crumley.
Affirmative, affirmative. I'm still dishin' it out.
Ah yes, how much money you say it was? EDF old on dollars $80,000.
All of this.
All over the joint propose that we.
All right Fred. Come on. Let's go, boy. Come on.
All units converge. Copy chopper one I'm on my way.
Almost 12 minutes.
Almost just want to say that.
Almost killed 20 law officers.
Almost killed final offer.
Alright gang, we're gonna go for a big smoky Red 22. Alright with me.
Alright Sean, my cash.
Alright thank you Officer.
Alright, do you understand that cowboy, yeah.
Alright, hey boy, where share Bramlett? I am Sheriff Branford.
Alright, so it's about boy. Hello, I'm so glad you're here to assist me.
Alright, you talked me into it. Some rich man I gotta put it style but.
Also hang on, believe it, but that creates some is just trying to drive right up under my truck.
Also, when looking you better flip flop back and give me a hand so we gonna be in a heap of trouble.
Am are you writing for? You know that much about his right is that Scrooge bent poison me with for the last time.
Amazon don't take your foot off that hammer Stein in basketball over like Maple syrup can both.
Amber give Jam News is named this way. Got asphalt are running in his name would likely.
Amended to reckless and you live? Merge too hard.
And 64 snowman. You copy that, yeah?
And a 12 dwarf I came to make a deal once he get if he wins this truck Rodale thing Def.
And as the pursuer, may I say you're the goddamnedest pursuee I ever pursued.
And change you got some time. I want to stretch your legs crossed.
And come back, no bridge, how women?
And don't go home. Don't go to eat and don't play with yourself.
And her mother. Well, at least he kept it in the family.
And here comes the Calvary.
And I ended up in this goddamn airplane
And it Ann has the pursuer. May I see you that God dentist pursui? I have a pursuit.
And it is a Little Beaver with your foot on the floor. We got your back door and I'm clear.
And it never been done. Not no regrets 'cause you and I ain't never done it already.
And Monday I came home and found him in the shower with a girl and her mother well.
And not get caught. Have a good day and a better one tomorrow. Good buddy.
And right so it's about.
And son, you make 'em look like they're all runnin' in slow motion.
And that's good night I got behind it.
And the spinner, oh, they were good group.
And we lose in minute. You don't get up here and run these men fans. I can come back.
And we'll bring it back no matter what it takes
And we'll bring it back no matter what it takes
And who wants to know this is a bad darling?
And you live much too hard
Another Kojak with codec is placed problem with bad where the hell are you come back?
Anything with Brenda Lee? Does she dance? Spends the spinner?
Anyway, but loose tiny truck is learn these roads don't belong to before, yeah?
Apology accepted now how?
Apology accepted. Now... (HORN DROWNS WORDS)
App, yeah, who's that? Stephen Sondheim, yeah. Does he do a lot of musicals and stuff, yeah?
Appliance show Hide asked around three trash man.
Apries, Roger, that transmission hold on to friends on here comes the Calvary.
Are any rain I was born ready.
Are Beech Hill. I got to go.
Are we going to do?
Are we really going 110 following 110?
Are you gonna be talking out of your ass?
Are you talking about? I'm telling you, let me tell you something about that she makes herself adventure.
Ari yeah, and that's nothing but pure and simple old fashioned communism. Happy.
Around when you get serious, can you drive return shipping?
As our time doing.
At Food Lion you have believed you just a little bit scared.
At least we finally agree on something.
At that all workout you just leave a note Ella folks to send the bill to Big Enis Burdett.
Baby, I met this guy these can't be my pants.
Back door, and I'm clear I've been for.
Back up.
Background job alright since phone at choke and puke.
Bad a horrible. You seen that new waitress down the diner? Name Arlene.
Bananas come back. What's your 2516 milder side of Mississippi? Woo Hoo.
Band of Abraham and he's a metal.
Band steel and lead his car with only a smile.
Banded cutting willing she always was.
Bandit I run into booze. No one can stop it. How old?
Bandit this here is the grave robber. Put the pedal.
Bare bottom got brought in a car crushers decline got the manner.
Battle did the metal 1010 on the side.
Bear story for you out there. I just rolled past the County Mountie Roadblock down there. You are.
Been done before hot she watch your language, little lady.
Bees in the car. Now you know that I know that I know they haven't worked that out yet, but I'm thinking about it. Hey, you got.
Believe it when I see it. This is Sheriff Buford T Justice, but not an old porn advice for it that.
Believe that that's never mind wait a minute, wait a minute, what do you want that be so bad? Because he's thirsty dummy?
Bend it being my son are here.
Besides lots of Arabian I met this guy.
Big one, that's a big 10410 four.
Big town and yeah, we want to do around here for excitement. Probably sit around West cars rust.
Big town.
Bitch alright tell you where I am. Sure if it's just one thing I want to say.
Black trans am. It's the band.
Block will be driving the truck. This is banded wanan. That is Bandit 2 together.
Bo, did you count on this?
Bob surprised, look, who's here.
Boots listen, I don't care if your daddy is the mayor. You wreck this car. It's going to come out of your pay.
Break that bandit 1 breaker that bandit want.
Breaker 19, Breaker 19 The bandage.
Breaker Breaker breaker looking for them and it come on you.
Breaker on record wine. This is the bandit is a snowman out there. My head your shine.
Bring out the parking lot with my my constant. Besides lots of Arabian.
Brown and you're kind of cute, like a broken. I'd like to jump you.
Buddha this is band adorable talking.
Buddy Holly, I know. I think it was from Texas or something I think and and I thought I don't know I need to marry the guy. What else have you?
Buford T justice. I have just apprehended the bandit, no Sir, you just apprehended my captain.
Burdette. B...
But Daddy, he still when I tell you pile of monkey nuts.
But I'm thinking about it. Hey, you got an idea? Yeah, why don't we do this?
But if you gonna hang out in these kinda joints...
But that could be killed in this in this moving CB radio show, and I don't even have a hand.
But you know, we're about an hour. His schedule must keep it that way, alright?
Buy a new rig. You crazy? You know that yeah, you know that yes.
Buying your traction for half an hour.
Call Frederic thought go get some food.
Call hey look and we also lost a lot of valuable time too. We gonna really have to cook.
Call Soo aware might I find disbanded?
Call the button.
Call you the bandit porn teen.
Can a language look? I'm asking you one sound got them.
Can be done.
Can I ask you something, sure?
Can we watch Daddy how you stand watch the game I'm going back skinny.
Can you get testicle sonofabitch any guys?
Can you see anything, yeah.
Car shadow
Casting for sure you.
Catch you later. Once no man, I'm playing on the side.
Cheap change put up the shop back up my plan.
Check when doing so good all the time at all.
Chris, you got your ears on son.
Classic guy classy guy.
Clear the way when it got to the bottom. Safe and sound everybody asked and how we meet it down, he said.
Close the first night, but God, I was so good. You should have seen you to love me.
Colorful is close.
Combat record band.
Come back God so my.
Come back, I'm still trying to get rid of that Texas County money. I don't know what the hell he wants you.
Come here for you, come here boy, come Fred, would you make me come after you? Get over here friends come here.
Come here, I'm in a hurry and you want to take a swim you drive me crazy friend you just drive me crazy.
Come here, son.
Come on back looking, I'm leaving but I just did mine. Tasted Joe palooka.
Come on defense.
Come on, I'll talk to my good buddy.
Coming around yeah oh God, look be careful you have to make your own Lane but it but you definitely got some old kind of traffic. Be careful, be careful.
Comma they can I say he ain't gonna go for your game, son.
Communism happens every time one of those dances dot poontang around with to show full facts.
Contact Planet, which one of the house after you?
Containers at sun lady. Not, you know, you supposed to signal really.
Cookies on her ass? How about getting those Palace years out there and block him off really?
Costco, good money.
Country members they really did.
County, Arkansas. We're apprised of the situation and are taking appropriate measures.
Cover book bottom fat problem is baby kid alongside of what this dude is doing.
Cowboy outfit I got a little pick me standing right beside me dressed just like you can't miss me.
Cowboys look fat, cat fat is bigger than mine.
Crank it up.
Crazy, I picked up 3 Brad yesterday. Just like U-verse dude.
CSUN all Legends never die, they just lose weight that.
Dad, I don't believe that that wait a minute.
Daddy, the top came off no shit.
Daddy, you gotta have your evening ruined for you.
Damga damga
Damn it is locked. You know we're about an hour. His schedule must.
Damn, he had a lot of friends, didn't he?
Damn, he's been stirring up trouble.
Damn, it's a Texas man. What the hell is he doing in Arkansas? I don't know.
Dan go by. He caused all of this abandoned and he's out and.
Darling, I'm too pooped to pop. Then he listens tops.
Decoratin' up a whole town at a cost of $40.
Deep pockets over me and ask you that how come you're following me?
Def $5000 did chicken ship money.
Demophon only sliding Hill awhile ago. Come on site.
Department handle this situation that there at competent, but I'm in a high speed pursuit. Don't do.
Diablo and Doc back in nicely.
Did Cletus call you a legend uh-huh? Why marylise disgrace? Thanks I used to.
Did did Mantegna, Joe Palooka I want a few rounds with some dudes back here to see him up, John.
Did you see that they went right through our Rd block?
Did you see that? They went right through our roadblock.
Dillard Clairton for you got the one snowman of eastbound and down.