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Am I talking too much yes why don't you kiss instead of talking to dennis how is that why don't check history center talking at it this want me to kiss her uh or you
Are you going to throw a rock
Buffalo gals can't you come out tonight had to come out and I plan to come out and I thought well girls can't you come out tonight
George Bailey - It's a Wonderful Life Soundboard Sound
George george george town where are you
Gold very crazy
Hey george george you are right it was matter I get outta here burger i'll hit you again god what the sam hill you yelling for george jaw
How do you know my name owen all about you i've watched you grow up from a little boy in mind reader some well who are you there clarence odbody he has to odd running
How to do happen to fall in I am fallin I jumped into saint george watt to save maine we didn't go through with it did it through with white suicide against
Purge much how many carrots get me back yummy back I don't care what happens to maine get me back to my wife of chances
Very I know what i'm going to do tomorrow and the next day and next year and the year after that i'm shaking the duster this crummy little town off my feet and i'm going to see the world italy gree...
What else are you what are you you're hypnotist no of course well then why am I seeing all these strange things don't you understand yours it's because you were not born who wasn't born who am i
What you wish when you do that wrong no if I told my not come through what is it you want marry what do you want you at the moon just say the word and i'll throw a lasso around and put down hey tha...
Why do you know about that very chris bosh will merry christmas
Why do you want to save main that's what I was sent down for i'm your guardian angel I wouldn't be a bit surprised ridiculous of you to think of killing yourself a money they'd thousand dollar yeah...
Ya hello mister bank examiner mister bailey visit kathy sino eight thousand dollars or die got little paper better to warrant for my arrest isn't wonderful i'm going to jail family christmas report...
Yeah so you still think killing yourself would make everyone feel happier right well I don't know I guess you're right suburban better if i'd never been born at all what you say I said