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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A Challenge
A Quest A Quest
Abandon That Thought
Are You Serious
Arressama Brbbrzbr
Assault Cuirass
Ball Lightning
Be It Not So
Black King Bar
Blink Dagger
Brightly Shine
Charge This To The Light Brigade
Damaged 1
Damaged 2
Damaged 3
Damaged 4
Damaged 5
Damaged 6
Damaged 7
Damaged 8
Do Not Fear The Light
Down You Go
Eh Eh Eh Wha
Eh What
Eh What Was I Doing
Eh Whatda
Eh Whats That
Epic Fail
Ezalor I Think
Finders Keepers
Finders Keepers Losers Eh
Finders Keepers Of The Light
Form Of Spirit
Get Off My Lawn
Get Off My Light
Go Now Boldly Into The Light
Good Thing I Wasnt Planning To Retire
Goodness No
Hows That Again
I Am Honored
I Bring Darks Banishment
Ill Be Prudent
Ill Forego Green Girdles
Ill Keep That
Ill Ride Ahead
Ill Tell Thee Everything I Can
Im Under Attack
Its In The Bag
Its Not Time Yet
Keeper Of The Light
Killing Ancient Apparition
Killing Chaos Knight 1
Killing Chaos Knight 2
Killing Chaos Knight 3
Killing Chaos Knight 4
Killing Chaos Knight 5
Killing Chaos Knight 6
Killing Enigma
Killing Faceless Void
Killing First Blood 1
Killing First Blood 2
Killing Io
Killing Night Stalker 1
Killing Night Stalker 2
Killing Night Stalker 3
Killing Night Stalker 4
Light Fingers
Lights Keeper Rides
Lights Out
Lights Out For You
May The Light Keep You
Meeting Broodmother
Meeting Chaos Knight
Meeting Crystal Maiden
Meeting Drow Ranger
Meeting Enchantress
Meeting Lina
Meeting Luna
Meeting Medusa
Meeting Mirana
Meeting Naga Siren
Meeting Night Stalker
Meeting Phantom Assassin
Meeting Queen Of Pain
Meeting Spectre
Meeting Templar Assassin
Meeting Vengeful Spirit
Missing Bottom
Missing Middle
Missing Top
Monkey King Bar
My Beard Grows Longer
My Horse Says Nay And So Do I
Nay Sir
No Mana
Not Yet
Now Where Was I
Out Of Mana
Over Here
Run Run I Say
Sange And Yasha
Scythe Of Vyse
Shizzy Wizard
The First Light Into The Universe
The Light Blinds Me
The Road Ahead Is Brighter Now
There Goes My Pension
There It Goes
This Way
Twas Hardly A Challenge
Very Gladly Will I Drink
What Was This For Again
You Shall Not Cast
Your Mana Is Leaking