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Created by gemmahighshore 131 1,082



Ain't working
Anything else
Are we understanding each other
Aw thats not very nice
Aw thats not very nice (1)
Be quiet
Because it doesnt make sense
Behave yourself
Bye bye
Cant take it
Cant work
Captain holt dismissed
Captain holt i just erased everything
Come on grow up
Crickets silence
Do me a favor
Do you listen at all
Do you listen at all (1)
Dont shout out
Dont speak over me
Explain that to me
Hammer canttouch
Here i am
Hes making it up as hes going along
Hold on now
How many speeding violations have you had
How old are you
I dont believe you sit down
I dont know you tell me
I feel like a hamburger
I have limited patience with this
I like my privacy
I listening to one person at a time
I need all of you to stop what you're doing and listen
I said i will get to you
I want you to speak slowly
If you interrupt me again its not going to go wel
Im speaking
Im speaking (1)
Is that correct
Jake peralta cool cool yeah
Joke drum
Kevin how unfortunate
Law and order clang
Listen to me speak not
Listen to me very carefully
Marge answer the questions honestly
Mission impossible
No judge judy 01
No sad trombone
No thats not what i said at all
No thats not what i said at all (1)
Now you can speak
Of course
Oh i dont believe a word of that
Pay attention
Put your hand down
Put your hands up
Ron swanson too bad
Sad trombone
See you later
Song let it go
There is no excuse for that
This does not meet the description
Turn around
Were gonna get to the bottom of this
Where is everybody