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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A bit of bug spice and the soup is complete. Add some Caterpillar. Nice and sweet.
A broken bone is the first item to find, and curtains are what it is hiding behind.
A spring is next on your list, so go look. It rests on the floor right next to a book.
Ah, the kitchen game has begun. I'm giving you ingredient #1.
An hourglass teeters on the arm of a chair. Go find it now at the top of the stairs.
And alarm clock is the next thing you need. It rests on a shelf in a place where you read.
Before the soup gets too cold, add a pinch of something old.
Behind the d****s is where you should go to solve a Riddle at the old window.
Crackle goes the flickering flame at the fireplace where there's a Riddle game.
Double, double, toil and trouble solve the Riddle where pots of Stew bubble.
Down in the workshop with the broken machine, solve the Riddle and a piece will be seen.
Find 3 books on a shelf with a white head. Pull them in this order, blue-green, then Red skeleton.
Find 3 books on a shelf with a white head. Pull them in this order, blue-green, then red.
Find a bell on a book and you'll find Rusty too. Look upstairs. He's waiting for you.
Find a piece in the table full of things that match. Win three times. That's the catch.
Find the right place for all your loose puzzle pieces.
First, find a bat. Go to the front hall. It's a shadow that's cast up high on a wall.
Follow the plans to put the parts in place.
Get the largest spoon to stir the soup, let it boil, then take a full scoop.
Go and find 2 crooked nails, please. They're in a cabinet filled with keys.
Go back to the workshop now and you'll see that Rusty is ready to be set free.
Go find an oil can. It has a long spout. If you look by the fireplace, you'll find it, no doubt.
Go make the graveyard ghost if you dare. This one is sure to give you a scare.
Go to the room with a spider on the ceiling to find a door I've been concealing.
Here are the plans to fix my ghost machine.
Here is delicious ingredient #9. You're filling up that kitchen of mine.
Here you go. This is peace #8 Solve more riddles now. Please don't wait.
Here's a clue for the next ingredient you have to find.
Here's another ingredient for you. How many you're left? It rhymes with Boo.
Here's piece #7 in the set. Can you read my message yet?
Here's piece 13. There's no doubt you're about to find the secret way out.
Here's the last ingredient. Take a good look, then go to the kitchen. You're ready to cook.
Here's the next ingredient for your haul. You're one away from having the mall.
Here's your last piece. You're finished. You're done. Decode the secret message and this game will be won.
How many pieces have you gotten from me? Here is a hint. It's 15 -, 3.
Hurry up. Don't be late for TikTok. You'll face him on the biggest clock.
I spy a star, Your name, a Jack, a bent paper clip, a lens with a crack. A skeleton face, A frog A2. Key and a lock and a paper shoe.
If I'm hungry, it's where I'll go to eat and drink and solve a Riddle, you know.
In a cabinet full of dolls that you nuzzle is a Riddle to solve for this piece of the puzzle.
In a gravestone shaped cushion is stitched RIP. Go find it now it's easy to see.
In the attic, you'll earn this piece, but beware, The Riddle is fun, but it's dark up there.
In the bathroom and by the sink, there's a Riddle for you to solve, I think.
In the kitchen you'll find something new. I like to call it ingredient too.
Ingredient 12 Here's the scoop It's almost time to make shrinking soup.
Ingredient 5 sure is yummy. Can't wait to have soup in my tummy.
Ingredients 7 is almost halfway You've still got eight more games to play.
Into the pot. Six ingredients will go first. Pour in four eyes stacked in a row.
It is wise, I've always said, to solve a trunk Riddle at the foot of the bed.
It's time at last to get outside. Get out. We'll take you for a ride.
It's time to get out. Are you ready now? I wrote this message to show you how.
Look out the window into the night Graveyard is lurking in the moonlight.
Look to the left of the pickled snake. Take that red bottle and give it a shake.
My games are tricky, I'm sure you can tell. Here's Puzzle Piece 5 you're doing quite well.
My shrinking soup will taste great now that you have ingredient 8.
Mystery bins. Watch for the hint and figure out how these objects match. Then empty the bins by clicking on the matching pairs. Be careful. Here's your hint.
Now find 2 gears. You've got plenty of time. Look where 12 numbers appear with a rhyme.
Now find a flashlight. It's in a stair post. Then you'll be ready to make this ghost.
Now go find a door that's fit for a mouse, then eat this shrinking soup to get out of the house.
Now grab a Lantern. It hangs from a hook next to the fire is where you should look.
Now you must measure precisely. A1 pound egg will do nicely.
Peace 11 is what you have won. You'll get out of the house when the message is done.
Pick from the list or type in your name, then click on the spider to enter the game.
Pick up your piece and put it in place.
Puzzle Piece #3 You're good at this game. See where it fits in the secret message fray.
Shrinking soup makes one serving.
Shrinking Soup. First, fill my kitchen with ingredients by playing eye spy riddles and games.
Solve a Riddle in the Cabinet of Keys in order to earn this puzzle piece, please.
Solve I spy riddles and play games to earn the missing parts.
Solve the Riddle. Oh, but of less. It's one flight up by the magnifying glass.
The ghost, called Critter, can be caught peeking into an empty pot.
The kitchen is nearly full. No doubt this 11th ingredient will help you out.
There's no door fit for a mouse here.
This puzzle is a secret message which tells you how to get out of the house, but the pieces aren't here yet. To earn puzzle pieces, you have to go solve the eye spy riddles and play the games that ...
This puzzle is a secret message which tells you how to get out of the house. To earn puzzle pieces, you have to go solve the I Spy riddles and play the games that I've hidden in this house. Then co...
This searching is tough. Are you tired now? Go take a nap and you'll find me meow.
Tick tock tick tock solve the Riddle at the clock.
To find a piece in the upstairs hall, finish three collections that hang on the wall.
To get out this time, you'll have to make my favorite recipe.
To give this soup shrinking power, sprinkle in a bit of flour.
To make Ghost #7 find the six that you know first, go to my secret room and look for Shadow.
To make this ghost, you have to fill these jars by finding ingredients that I've hidden around the house. Here's a clue for the first ingredient you have to find.
To see the ghost called Shadow, fly to and fro. Just return to the workshop and then click Go.
Two shelves of books by a ladder stand tall, find the Riddle, earn this piece and have a ball.
Type in your name if you are new here or pick from the list. There's no need to fear.
Type in your name or pick one if you dare, then click Go to begin. We'll see how you fare.
Very well done. Here's puzzle piece two. You still have a lot more riddles to do.
Welcome to the game of Spooky I Spy. Type in your name, then click Go to try.
Well done. Here is ingredient for. Are you ready to earn a few more?
What's in Shrinking soup? Wait and see. Would you eat Ingredient 3?
What's the last thing you need to set? Get out free? Go back to the workshop and look for me.
Win twice more and I'll have a reward for you, but watch out the objects match in a different way this time.
Wondering what these ingredients do? Fill up my kitchen? Then I'll tell you.
You can keep playing Mystery Bins to find more matches.
You did it again. Here's puzzle piece 4. It goes in the message frame by the front door.
You found everything you need to make shrinking soup. Yum.
You have to make the 1st 6 ghosts before you can make ghost #7.
You haven't found all of the ingredients yet.
You made one ghost. You'll need to make all 7 to get out of the house.
You solved one more, so here's ingredient 10. You're not finished yet, but I'm sure you'll know when.
You want a puzzle piece to put in the frame. Look by the front door where you enter the game.
You'll find a Domino 12 if you look on the shelf with the 7th Ghost book.
You'll see if you check the message frame, you're one piece away from winning the game.
You're already done with #9, So what do you think of this puzzle of mine?
You're in for a scare.
You've bound all the items, so here's your last rhyme. Go back to the workshop. It's tick tock time.
You've finished another. You're doing quite well. You'll find your way out. You're smart, I can tell.
You've finished yet another one. Keep solving them all until you are done.
You've got that piece. It has a space. Just pick it up and put it in place.
You've made the 1st 6 ghosts. Are you ready for Ghost #7?