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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
All right, keep it up. And this one's in the bag.
All right, let's keep this up.
All right. Keep up the pressure and take them down.
All right. Now you're in dual phase.
Almost there. Just keep battling like you always do.
Already time to pep up and get back at it.
Alright, time to rethink our strategy.
Always feels good to suck them back into the field.
Be careful, powerful attacks also leave you wide open.
Better play it safe.
Chase down your opponent and don't let them get away.
Counterattacks are vulnerable to grab attacks.
Critical hit normal attacks are super effective against grab attacks.
Critical hit that counterattack was super effective against that normal attack.
Critical hit. They're reading you like a book.
Don't get too worked up. Stay in control.
File. Admit I've never seen Mewtwo before, but. That's not its normal color, right?
First time knock him out.
First, attacks are super powerful, but you can only use them once per burst.
Go and get him.
Grab attacks can breakthrough counterattacks.
Here's your chance attack.
Hey, did you forget you can call in some support?
Hey, don't forget about burst attacks.
Hey, your synergy gauge is full.
I guess this battle arena is sort of ovalish. Make sure not to get backed into the walls.
I hope we'll see another fun battle like in the last round.
I think you can break their block.
In your guards about to break.
It's like permanently stuck in mega evolution. Are you sure you can handle this?
Just do your thing and you'll be fine.
Keep it up. Attack, attack, attack.
Let's leave the complicated stuff behind and just enjoy the battle.
Let's not get all fired up now. It's best to just stay cool and collected.
Lose this round and your rank will fall, but just go at it like you always do and you're sure to win.
Move around the whole area to make use of your speed.
My weevils cheering for you too.
Nice bet they felt that one.
Nice finish.
Nice you did it.
Nice, you've got the hang of the attack triangle.
Nice. Keep it up and you're golden.
Nice. Looks like you're making progress.
Nicely done.
Normal attacks are useless against counterattacks.
Not much time left now.
Not much time left, just be sure to hold on to the lead.
Now's your chance to deal some real damage.
Oh, looks like some power has appeared. Pick that up to fill up your synergy gauge.
OK, brace yourself then. Go, go, go.
OK, you may have lost the last one, but as long as you win now, it's no big deal.
Ooh, it's so hot here. Might as well be walking on the sun.
Out of time.
Remember, you can jump to dodge attacks too.
So close.
So nab another win this round too.
Still too early to use your synergy burst?
Synergy gauge maxed out.
Synergy gauge up.
That attack is no problem as long as you're moving.
That had to hurt.
That they're aching for the Pokémon Center after that.
That was awesome.
That was bad.
That was one crazy fight.
That's gotta hurt, but they're all out of tricks now.
There's a huge amount of power on the field.
There's nothing wrong with focusing on winning, but most importantly, just have fun.
There's some power on the field.
These are some of the biggest ruins on the island. I wonder what's written all over that wall.
They knocked you back, but they won't be so lucky next time.
They're draining your synergy gauge.
They've gone into burst mode. Don't let them get you.
They've got the lead. Keep an eye out for any openings.
This is just the start of the battle. Keep cool and take it slow.
This opponent is no wimp. Time to step up your game.
This Pokémon has some special movements.
This Pokémon strength is in its speed. Be sure to make use of it.
Time is really ticking away.
Time to recalibrate your attacks from field phase.
Times almost up. Keep at it.
Try not to get caught up in their movements and keep the battle on your terms.
Watch their movements and don't forget your counterattack.
When you're getting pinned down in a flurry of attacks, make sure to counter attack.
When your opponent uses a block grab, attack him.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. How did we get here all of a sudden? Is this even real?
Win this round and you'll rank up.
With a lead like that, you've practically won already. Keep up the pressure and take them down.
Yes, yes your opponents weaknesses of what was it again?
Yikes. A critical hit. They aren't going easy.
You absorbed their support gauge.
You can fill your synergy gauge by picking up power.
You can find pretty much anything you need here, huh? But we violas always getting into. Wait, we've I.
You can use your sidestep to dodge attacks like that.
You can't counter that sort of attack.
You can't grab an opponent who's dishing out normal attacks.
You can't use blocks against grab attacks.
You had me worried.
You haven't forgotten about support, have you? If you're in trouble, call in some help.
You lost some energy from your synergy gauge.
You lost some of your support, Gage.
You may want to try a different fighting style than before.
You think that girl is a battle trainer too?
You'll get the most from that Pokémon once you figure out your own fighting style.
You'll want to jump out of the way of attacks like that.
You're at about half HP. Be careful.
You're facing off against a fast Pokémon. Try to predict their moves.
You're good to use synergy burst anytime now.
You've got a rank promotion on the line this time. Just the same, enjoy yourself like in every other battle.
Your opponent is going to attack unpredictably, so you'll have to be on guard.
Your opponent just used up some of their HP.
Your opponent regained some HP.
Your support gauge has been reduced.
Your support gauge is full again.