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About half a barrel. We're gonna be dry by the end of the week.
Alright, let's get back to shore.
Alright, now. First we're going to need a boat. I know where we can get one.
Anyway, he's agreed to talk and tell us what he knows about Duke and his hold on the city he and Diggs are meeting right now.
Big Shut up. Not our business.
Borrow you thinking you might return it.
But there was a lot of money.
But would they unexpected Is it that thing is rigged with explosives? This was Diggs idea.
Can you clear away with that bulldozer?
Get to the chopper. We'll coordinate the getaway on the phone.
Glad you made it. You drive. We'll talk on the way.
Got a boat down South? Easier to lose a fuzz on water.
Got a feeling there's some pretty incriminating information being kept there, information that could bring Duke down, get him out of the picture.
Hi so when and where?
I think they prefer pack, not crew.
Let's just say I'm tight with one of the clerks.
Mo Company.
Not by choice, mind you. Do God guide you to flip after a bust involving his sister or some such?
Ohh wait, I know that fool is a shrimp boat captain and a smuggler.
Ohh, you got skills, be nice to work together again. We're Harlem.
Ohh. Come here bro. Don't get mad. Come here. Bump it out.
Seriously. Smells like gasoline and burnt hair, man.
So all you know is that Jackson Duke is meeting someone somewhere at some point in the future.
So no one knows who this cat is.
So now we gotta do is find out who Duke is meeting and when.
So remember that ID we found Guidry? I did some poking around and found out he's been a Sea Alpha Duke.
So we borrowed a bird, and then would.
Sounds like we're gonna go bust some dude out of the big house to replace him. You drive.
Straightforward. I like it.
Then we meet digs on the water. He got stuck there, not a gas.
There's a safety deposit box in the vault at a subprime bank. Lot of power players come and go.
To push out the gangs and to establish total control over nolands. Remember, descended Kit does not forgive RG.
Wait, wait, wait, wait. Something else? Some papers from Duke's office? Looks like a fake ID. Some fellow named Guidry.
Wait, you know a guy who knows a girl? Wow, you never told me that.
We just gonna borrow it, Gus.
We offered to partner up with your friend Alan, but.
We trust these funds and the ongoing contributions they represent should be enough for you and your police force.
We're looking to Guidry and see how he plays in all this. We are being touched when we know more.
What my esteemed colleague meant to say is that we would be valuable assets to your button enterprise.
Who's he meeting?
Yeah, and Diggs found this note.
Yeah, Diggs, We had talked to Marie. Maybe she can help. I catch you later.
You are entrance. Just in time. My associate and I oversee a little moonshine business.
You thank.