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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
All right then, Lady Chiyo will head out with us as a four man squad to the land of rivers.
All right.
All right.
And besides.
Besides, Naruto is going all out to help, so we better do what we can too.
But doesn't he need a sacrifice for that?
But I can't stand her.
But ma'am, it seems inappropriate for you to.
But Sakura, there's hardly any here.
But we need to buy some time before that.
Calm down. A ninja never panics.
Come on, conqueror. But I can beat you to the border.
Cyclone psycho.
Do you want to end up repeating the same mistake Conqueror made?
Don't push your luck buddy.
Don't worry, we came on the 5th hokage's orders.
Fish, you mock me.
Get ready, Naruto. Sakura, we're after the Akatsuki.
Hasn't the kazekage been kidnapped? Kids, you don't have time to worry about us.
He's your grandson, right? Lady chiyo? I hate to say it, but if worst comes to worst?
Her right.
Hey, what do you think you're doing to Kakashi Sensei, you wrinkly old prune?
Hold on, he's the White Fang of the Leaf.
How's conqueror?
Huh. Me.
Huh. That's conqueror.
I can take care of it.
I guess Border Patrol is not so bad after all. I just spotted some big fish.
I guess you're right. If anyone can save goda, it would be him.
I heard what happened from outside. Please let me take a look at Conqueror.
I just want to take care of my adorable grandchild. It's been so long.
I might not be 100%, but this is no time to lie around on a sick bed.
I never imagined Sasori would get mixed up with that Akatsuki organization.
I resent you, Granny Chiyo.
I'd better prepare an antidote, just in case we'll need some specific medicinal herbs.
I'm going to.
I've waited for this day. White Fang of the leaf.
If Tsunade, the slug queen of the Leaf village, were here, maybe there'd be hope.
If you don't feel like answering, that's fine. We'll just beat you both up and trade you for Gara.
If you've got a plan, I won't say anything, Itachi.
It's his fault for pursuing the enemy alone, but still, can't anything be done, sis.
It's out of season, so this will have to do it. Should be enough.
It's true, there's a resemblance, but this man is not the White Fang.
Just hold on, Gara.
Just kidding. Playing senile there.
Just sit tight and I'll round up a group of skilled shinobi for the job.
Listen, we have to help conquer. Oh fast.
Naruto Sakura beat these rogue ninja to the ground with all you've got.
Never thought I'd find a bunch of fools wandering about in this neck of the woods.
No, no, no, I'm not.
No, timari, you're responsible for border security.
Nope. We'll let the sand sort them out when we're finished, dead or alive.
Now I've got other plans for these two. We'll save them for later.
Now that you've seen us, who left to kill you?
Of course, do all you can.
Our pleasure.
Poisons are my Forte, but even I can't decipher this.
Quit your yapping. All we want to hear from you is where Gaara is.
Right. Soon we'll be busy with the one tail seal.
Right. Then let's do it.
Rogue Sand Ninja or not, if they get in our way, we mow them down. Any objections to Marie?
Saucery will take care of that. You've got nothing to worry about. But still.
Shall we use them for our leaders sacrifice?
So they captured the one tail, I guess they beat us, he touchy.
So you're from the Leaf village?
Sure you're feeling up to it?
Take a closer look at the man, Sis.
Team Kakashi, I'm assigning you a new mission.
That's a relief.
That's enough talk.
That's not important. This isn't a competition.
That's pretty cool. Leaving me behind. I can help you watch the border.
That's the tamari I know. Let's move.
The day I wreak vengeance on you for the death of my son.
The land of rivers is just up ahead. Naruto, Sakura, stay alert.
The river of Time keeps flowing right by us, say SIS.
The San take care of their own criminals. I'm the one for the job.
There. That ought to put him out of immediate danger. I extracted the poison directly.
There. We better hurry back, Naruto.
Thereafter, Deidara and Sasori right? Which means our leader will probably use the you know what.
They look familiar. Hey, these guys are the rogue ninja from the bingo book.
They think the Kazekage's kidnapping is a good thing. We'll make them pay for that.
This is it. Scurvy grass.
This is so disappointing. I wanted to rescue Gaara more than anything.
True, but now we'll have to wait a bit before going after the nine tails, won't we?
Unfortunately, that's all I know. We haven't learned whether Gaara the Kazekage is still alive.
We scored a nice catch here. But it's time to leave.
We're almost there, Gara. Just hold on.
We're off.
Well then, get to it, team Kakashi.
Well, after all, Lady Tsunade is my teacher.
Well, the antidote worked and Sakura is taking care of him. I think he's fine now.
What about gotta is he alright?
When Goda was taken, you lost your impartiality in your state of mind. You're no good to us.
Which is why I called you.
Who are you?
Whoever you are, get out of our way or you're gonna regret.
Yeah, let's bring Gaara home.
You remind me of the old Slug Queen herself. Strange, you suddenly turning up in our village like this.
You'd best not treat me like an old lady.
You're to go to the sand village at once, find out what's going on there and keep us informed.
You're to remain there and follow their orders. Give them any backup they need.
Your feelings aside, even if we sin for her now, she'd never make it in time.