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All right.
All that? Well, there's a good story that goes with that.
Bulldog heard this stop was on the route for the next wings around the globe and he decided it needed to be cleaned up.
Don't worry, Dusty came back and righted things. And As for ripslinger, he eventually got his comeuppance.
Don't worry, Ripslinger eventually got what he deserved.
Good idea, dust. The neighbors will appreciate it.
Goodbye, bravo. Dusty was headed for shelter when he got a radio call for help.
Ha ha.
I heard you guys liked racing, so I'm dropping off these souvenirs. Each tells the story about racers from the circuit.
I would have never pegged you two as wrestling fans, you know it's all staged, right?
I'll take that.
If Dusty hadn't stuck around to help Pete recover his tractors, the D Tornado fire would have been lost and so would the whole town.
In Bulldogs case, this man providing a joy ride for some of his wealthy sponsors in Dubai.
In some ironic way, rip slingers plan succeeded. The plane that wasn't worthy of being a pro wasn't allowed to compete in the next race.
Injure has we even get visits from international celebrities now, like El Chu.
Keep it together.
Like that.
Nicely done.
No one really knows, but we all suspected it was somebody a little green with envy.
Not all missions are about glory. Even the smallest assignment can help many in ways we don't immediately see. A plane can only fly as high as his team spirit.
Not bad.
Not even a tornado can keep El choose spirits down.
Of course, the last time you visited, the weather changed so fast everybody got caught off guard.
Oh, that. That's eshani flying faster than she ever flew before.
Ohh boy.
Ohh yeah.
Ohh, that was all Bulldogs doing that fellas. More into neat and tidy than any plane I've ever met.
Ooh, that smarts.
Really. How'd that happen?
Right after this picture was taken, Propwash Junction was in for a whole heap of trouble courtesy of 1 very disgruntled plane.
Ripslinger flew off, leaving nothing but a debris field of corn crops, billboard scraps and a dammed up river.
Roger that. No new Flyer can join the jolly wrenches till they passed the ringer.
She was, but Ripslinger had spiked ashani's fuel supply with his own illegal mixture. She couldn't stop.
So that's a peak behind the curtain of the racing game.
Sorry, bravo. Why I'm here is classified. How was your sortie?
Sure, every now and then, but this time things really got blown out of proportion.
Take a gander at this landscape, boys. Remember this.
That'll do.
That's a great shot of Propwash junction.
That's a keeper.
That's it.
That's right.
The farmers couldn't water their fields and the whole county was drying up. So I put out a call to our favorite former crop duster.
There's a paint sprayer you can grab to paint those barns.
Turns out, Ishani could more than handle herself at those speeds, and once again, rip slingers dirty tricks backfired on him.
Unfortunately, it is some bandit came along and dammed up the river.
Well, let's not get carried away, Sailor.
Well, looks like I got a few more tales to tell you boys. Maybe this will clear things up.
Well, racing's not all glamour and glory, boys. Even the top racers have to take the time to schmooze with their sponsors.
What was that?
When the racers finally arrived, they just finished a leg through a pretty bad storm, so that desert Oasis was a welcome sight.
You got that right, son.
You made the jolly wrenches proud.
You're right, bravo. Dusty's no troublemaker. It was all a hoax orchestrated by Ripslinger.
You're right, you're right. But here's the part I left out earlier.