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Expert. I'm afraid he's gonna get cold and lonely out here all by himself. Burger and then he'll be sad. And I don't want him to be sad. Bird.
Hey Bert, I brought home a surprise bird.
Hey, Bert. We got burnt. Like when?
I don't suppose I could get a bowl of oatmeal, could I?
I think I'll tickle him. He'll feel that, I'm sure. Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle.
Like it, oatmeal is the greatest food on Earth. It's my all time favorite.
No kidding. Yeah.
OK. See you later, pal.
Terrific. Let me try. OK, how do I do it?
Umm, actually busy, busy.
Well, here I am in my tub again, and my tubby's all filled with water and nice fluffy studs. And I've got my soap and washcloth to wash myself, and I've got my nifty scrub brush to help me scrub my...
Well, I was sitting here thinking if I said hello to you, it would turn out we had nothing in common.
Yeah, I guess we learned our lesson now.
Yeah, yeah. How do you do that? Yeah, yeah.
You ready, bird? I say. You ready, bird?