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Wayne Rooney Soundboard

Wayne Rooney Soundboard

Manchester United striker scored 253 goals for the club in all competitions. He is the club's top goalscorer of all time, with 183 goals for United. He also holds the record for the most appearances of any outfield player for the England national team.
See also: Coleen Rooney, Helen Wood (television personality), John Rooney (footballer), List of international goals scored by Wayne Rooney, Jake Rooney, and Roger Bennett (journalist).

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And an hour of darkness who will score a goal for all to see. We will always answer when we.
And then being in the restroom, just thinking we go through. I missed the same file on the final. If we get to the final, if we go out, it's my fault. So there's no win situation for me. So that wa...
Don't don't say that to me.
Feel of her. If I stayed on the pitch we would have won the game. So you felt it was right for me to apologize because I had. I had let it let everyone down.
I always remember the one I used to get frustrated with him called Rustom is Ray Clement. And before every England game, so I'm I'm getting myself worked off the game used to come up to me at the s...
I remember Alan Stubbs at Everton, yeah. I was in this way, come into the squad at 16 and stopped. He must have been about 3334, I'd imagine. And I always remember him saying to me. Make sure you e...
I think Kylie with me, young one teammate at all. I was buzzing. He missed and but then when Edmund saved the penalty off Anoka him for the next few minutes you're just running around and celebrating.
I watch six sister act, sister act. I watched that in the afternoon. I don't really sleep in the afternoon before night game. And so watch his tractor got ready. He was ready for the.
I've made mistakes and I think a lot of people make mistakes and it's how you learn from them and recover and and and that's what shaped you into being a better person.
In the Clinton scheme of things, it's a huge honor for me and him. Something I never expected.
It makes you more determined, I think it makes you. Wanna even more in in some way the in knowing you're so close?
It's my first senior trophy as a player, obviously, and. And I remember we it was in the Millennium Stadium, Wales, so getting the plane home. So I'm thinking like where we going? And everyone went...
Of course I thought I was ready from a football point of view, but from the press intrusion point of view, from, you know, following you everywhere you went and every move you make to try and deal ...
The group chat must have been absolutely popping off. It weren't group chat, it was it blackberries. Ohh BBM. Yeah it was. Diet was tucked in all different players. But then we all met up and went ...
There's the red card against Portugal, which he still hasn't been. Honestly, I don't know if I've meant it or not. I think it's just something which happened. My mind went blank and I don't know if...
When we find ourselves in times of trouble, when England needs to take the lead, there will be a striker. When?
With the pressure to to win trophies or win every game. In means that sometimes you'd actually, you don't enjoy the game as much, but when you look back at it, you think, oh, I play well, we play w...
Would love to have been a boxer and I I love the sport and I love watching it and had some of the best memories growing up as a child and when there was a big fight over Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis fi...
Yeah, brilliant. But yeah, it was. But then then you've you're almost, you're emotions are up and down, you're almost celebrate.