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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A 24 foot shuttlecraft, off course,
A blade of grass, a bush, a tree,
A boarding party of engineering and medical specialists
A boy.
A brilliant deduction by Captain Pike, gentlemen
A chain reaction of viruses meant essentially to extend the life
A distress call from the pergium production station on Janus VI
A famous novelist will write
A few days ago or a week ago
A full hour has elapsed since interception of the strange vessel.
A god...
A hundred decisions a day,
A hundred times that amount
A hunt. A royal hunt.
A little,
A place to sleep.
A planet remarkably like Earth
A poor choice of words on my part.
A quasar like formation,
A question
A right to which my client has been denied.
A search party consisting of two Enterprise officers
A ship in trouble making a forced landing, sir.
A signal from planet Exo III. Dr. Roger Korby has been located.
A song.
A thing, yes, not a woman.
A time of peace and tranquillity.
A veritable zoo of bacteria.
A very foolish man.
A visitor.
A Vulcanian merchant named Spock.
Abnormal, of course.
About 100 yards in that direction.
About to rip apart in its death throes.
About us seeming like insects by comparison,
About what the prosecution's going to do.
Absolutely smashing.
Accomplished. Standing by.
Accomplishing our mission here.
Admit nothing. Say nothing.
After a whole century, what will a Romulan ship look like, Mr. Stiles?
After all, Captain Kirk is accused
After that?
Ah, my dear, don't we make a graceful pair?
Ah, yes.
Ahead warp factor 1, Mr. Sulu.
Ahead, half speed.
Ahead, warp factor 1.
Air Defense Command will be processing that film fast
All banks fired, sir.
All clear ahead, Captain
All components at battle ready.
All decks, this is Bridge Engineering. Go to emergency condition three
All of it. The people and everything.
All of them.
All personnel have left the ship as ordered, sir.
All right, all right. Let's talk about the girl.
All right, Charlie, lesson's over for today.
All right, Childress, you've won.
All right, doctor. Let's hope we have time to argue about it
All right, everybody. Back to your posts.
All right, let's assume there is a monster.
All right, Mr. Spock. Work quietly.
All right, Vulcan, you may go.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. Fire away.
All right. Go!
All secure, sir.
All secure, sir.
All security personnel, Federation prisoners have escaped.
All systems are go, but we're not moving.
All the other girls on the ship, they..
All this...
All three astronauts who are to make this historic...
All we have is a theory and a few facts.
All we know for certain
All your military forces, wherever they are,
Almost as though they were irrational, drugged.
Almost solid iron, and even through our deflectors, it did this.
Although our sensors continue to show signs of equipment
Always back to your ship.
Always having to be so formal,
Always it is the brave ones who die. The soldiers.
An alien smart enough to pull this would be smart enough to keep
An ancient world, now a frozen wasteland
An elf with a hyperactive thyroid.
An emotional Earth weakness of mine.
An old one.
And a portable electronic microscope
And again.
And always will.
And an opportunity to demonstrate what our high sounding words mean.
And analyzed, captain.
And answers to some of our questions.
And be extremely sophisticated.
And encampment were a simple illusion we placed in their minds.
And from using my thoughts against me ?
And he's in your custody until we get back to the Enterprise.
And I can't stop them.
And I guarantee it's not good enough.
And I'm sorry I have to disobey it.
And its appearance...
And lower us down a pot of hot coffee?
And may I remind you..
And more.
And Mr. Spock.
And no responsibility.
And not very human.
And now,
And now, attention, cooks. This is your captain speaking.
And now, captain How do you have the expression?
And one is finally grateful for a failing memory.
And out there somewhere,
And penology experience, if possible.
And perform only as you program them,
And perhaps that's where man's essential courage comes from.
And prevent this young lady from immolating herself.
And start enjoying yourselves.
And taken the memory of somewhere I've been.
And that we cannot permit.
And that we'll speak to him.
And the extract from your ship's computer log
And the transporter is useless now.
And they are incredibly beautiful.
And they concentrated on developing their mental power.
And they'll have to know what they'll be facing.
And this thing you search for is a time traveller too?
And this time my instrumentality is unbreakable.
And this time my instrumentality is unbreakable.
And three unusual females.
And watch him closely.
And we all have to live in them,
And we cannot raise them.
And what do I do about McGivers?
And when something unexplained happens...
And who's to choose?
And with the capacity to paralyze...
And with what instructions?
And without them, the Enterprise cannot operate at full power.
And you hand over his phaser
And you trust me completely.
And you won't believe how fast you can get back.
And you, Robert Tomlinson, in the sight of your fellows,
And you're proud of it?
And, Captain...
And, uh, how do you explain them?
Andrea, stand by for cortex circuits.
Annihilation, Jim.
Another hour, maybe two.
Another lithium circuit.
Any living beings our sensors detect.
Any normal human, Doctor. Is it possible?
Any possibility of getting us back aboard
Any situation they wished.
Anything else?
Anything that pleases you can be made to happen.
Apparently an accident.
Apparently ejected from the S.S. Valiant almost 200 years ago.
Apparently, our information was incorrect.
Apply a fine tuning on our sensors.
Are we seeing the actual events of 13 years ago?
Are you crazy?
Are you saying this is a plant, Mr. Spock?
Are you under attack, Captain?
Arm photon torpedoes. Stand by.
As an instructor.
As for Lazarus,
As for my last entry, it seems I will get to meet Dr. Adams at last.
As I speculated, captain,
As soon as the fuel's exhausted.
As the green Orion slave girl?
As you can read in its thoughts,
As you see,
Assuming a tribal culture.
At 22 cents an hour.
At least not the Earth we know.
At least you'll be alive
At least, people say that.
At the risk of sounding like a mystic,
At the source.
Attained zero gravity.
Attention, all Organians. Attention.
Awards of valour: Medal of Honour, Silver Palm with Cluster,
Aye, aye, sir.
Aye, aye, sir.
Aye, aye, sir.
Aye, aye, sir.
Aye, aye, sir. And have a bonny trip.
Aye, it's there, Mr. Spock.
Aye, sir. Engine Room out.
Back to his old course.
Back to your positions.
Battle stations. Battle stations. All decks acknowledge.
Because the steps I took
Bend low, gentlemen.
Besides, there's yet to be any real danger.
Better have Medicine look them over too.
Between empiricism and stubbornness, doctor.
Beware of them.
Beyond the stars
Botany Bay...
Bridge here. Go ahead.
Bridge to Briefing Lounge.
Bridge to Captain. Sulu here.
Bright as a blade.
Bruises, skinned knees and all
Bunk bunk! Bunk bunk!
But after an attack as thorough as this one
But can be made operational and re energized.
But fortunately, I'm giving the orders.
But I believe I'm better qualified
But I don't like him.
But I find it more difficult each moment
But I'm not defeated.
But I'm not falling apart.
But if I destroy his ship, won't yours also be destroyed?
But if I keep growing, getting stronger,
But it has happened, Doctor.
But man and woman,
But naturally, I checked out the circuit anyway.
But please stay out of trouble, Mr. Spock.
But results are inconclusive.
But she's not as...