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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A domestic propaganda campaign, they're way outside the law.
A kid is a gift.
A lot of firepower
A President of the United States
A real hard on for the President elect
A Russian agent had infiltrated the station there
About making our arrangement permanent?
Actually, I just met with them.
Advise you to
All of them now in federal prison on drug charges.
All right.
ALL: Not my President! Not my President!
Almost none. I did find one thing.
And and she has red hair,
And discovered her mother in her room
And he didn't give a shit what he had to do to get them
And I got exclusive rights to the steak au poivre
And not gonna take it anymore.
And supportive of its sworn enemies.
And the invader is the US military.
And thumbing your nose at all the people who believed in you.
And where's your room?
Anyone you were considering to help pivot towards Iran
Anything like I'm facing right now?
Are those the reinforcements you were talking about?
Are you going to be able to do this, live out here?
As if I'm withholding names,
Assume you got a theory about all this?
Awesome. (chuckles)
Base. Vehicle's coming your way.
Before commenting on that.
Believe me.
But George will be an important part of my new administration,
But I didn't do anything! This is bullshit!
But I'm already certain.
But if you say that,
But that's not true.
But they are serious.
But they do need something.
But you don't think it's fair.
By the police and fire departments continue.
Can we agree to put those aside?
Captain Keane, what did he do?
CARRIE: Don't!
CARRIE: Not many people in that room voted for us,
CHRISTOPHER: I'm glad you enjoyed it
Come here!
Considering how many times you've had me up to the Hill
COTO: (shivering)
COTO: Dar, no. Don't.
Dar Adal.
DAR: Where the hell are you?
Did he refuse to comply,
Did you hear me?! My daughter is in there!
Didn't O'Keefe tell you anything?
Do I give up, roll over? Do you see me resigning?
Do you know where that is?
Don't even say that.
Don't hurt him... whoever you are
Don't... call anyone.
Emmons mentioned a protest, but nothing like this
For a Constitutional crisis, I say this
For worrying you unnecessarily
Fuck it. I'm going in.
Get a load of this.
Goodbye, Carrie.
Have you lost your fucking mind?
He needs me.
He took it upon himself to travel off book
He was in the garage when the bomb went off.
He was IRGC trained.
He won't.
He's in the shit, you don't get him back by 2200.
He's my Chief of Staff.
Hell of a warrior, though
Here's a response the man is insane
Hold on, wait. Just listen.
Honestly, it depends on what he has to say.
How are you?
How did he explain it?
How do we shut him down?
How so?
I also saw a squad leave there this morning,
I am not denying protection.
I am the next president of the United States.
I bet on a horse.
I can sub in for you.
I can't believe you called me on an open line.
I didn't come all this way to get yelled at.
I didn't mean it like that.
I didn't uncover this, Saul did.
I didn't.
I do.
I don't know about.
I don't know. There wasn't one
I found this.
I get that
I got picked up over there by our friend Etai.
I have proof.
I have proof.
I I don't know.
I know he'd appreciate some news of me.
I know. I've said it before.
I lied for them.
I noticed.
I said no.
I take no pleasure in this.
I thi think so
I want to go back to New York now.
I was elected by the people of this country
I was led to believe
I will represent them.
I will.
I would never hurt you.
I'd have to consult with her first
I'll be in touch.
I'm about to bring the roof down on his head
I'm late for the President.
I'm so important I have no phone
I'm taking you back to the VA.
I've been meaning to.
I've been offered a job back in Washington.
I've been trained to handle firearms
If I wanted to hurt you, you'd be hurt by now.
If you don't mind my saying, I'm impressed.
If you get lost, you're Level 6, Area 3.
If you wanna get your head together.
In a safe place. That was the point.
In a way, we're just pulling that up.
In an elaborate charade
In the world.
In which a child may have been harmed.
Including the president.
Indicating a growing hatred of the United States.
Innocent people are being arrested in your name!
Inside quickly
Is 10 times more effective than torture.
Is Astrid even your real name?
It didn't end well
It's a war you won't win.
It's about that photo you sent me
It's bad luck.
It's just I want to make sure leaving New York
It's me
It's not up to me.
It's private
It's the logical conclusion.
It's too soon to tell
Javadi's in trouble.
Just a second.
Just get me out of here
Just have to jiggle the handle on the toilet if it runs
KEANE: The toughest districts always seem to have bars
Let's get the fuck out of here
Let's hope the service here is better.
Let's just call Carrie
Like I said, it's rough, but I'm betting
Listen to me.
LONAS: There's a place for you to sign here
Look, I needed a job.
Look, look, I fucked up in Pittsburgh.
Look, you need to think about this.
Looking over my shoulder
Lower your weapons, and put them on the floor.
M and M?
Ma'am, we've been ordered to escort you out of the building.
Madam President, I need to talk to you. It's important.
Madame President elect
MAN #1: Stand back, please. Stand back.
MAN #2: The shouting..
MAN #5: Give us a heads up for the bomb squad
MAN: Copy that, sir.
MAN: Move, move, move!
MAN: Terrorist!
Max will take care of me.
MAX: Sorry
MCCLENDON: Go to black. We're black.
Me neither.
Move in! On the ground!
Mr. Berenson does.
Mr. Greenburg?
Mr. Karrubi.
Multiple Intelligence sources
My first post,
Negative. It looks like somebody left in a hurry
New ones? Not so much.
NEWS CORRESPONDENT: One of the longest war in our history.
No concern. I just want to know
No one can contact him.
No, I'm serious
No, I'm serious. I'm late for work.
No, it's not
No! Now they know she's alive.
No! Wait! Aah!
No. I was trying to save your life.
No. Supposedly.
Not all the others.
Not my President!
Not my President!
Not my President! Not my President!
Not my President! Not my President!
Not too bad.
Not too late to cancel.
Not yet. There was an incident with her motorcade.
Now get in.
Now she's refusing to do more than
O'KEEFE: So what was he doing?
Of course.
Of evaluating those conversations now.
Of the Andrew Hayes Federal Building
Oh, shit. I can't hear you
Oh, the traffic was impossible.
P2, Massey
People are angry.
People despise that,
Peter Quinn
Please stay together.
Previously on "Homeland"..
PRIEST: This world began right after 9/11.
Professor Hashem.
Quinn. Thank God.
Really, what can you do with asses like that?