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Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Season 3

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Season 3

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a popular American television show, known for its hilarious and charming depiction of the lives of the detectives at the 99th precinct of the NYPD, located in Brooklyn, New York. The show has garnered a significant fan base since its debut in 2013 and has continued to entertain audiences with its sharp writing, memorable characters, and uproarious humor. Season 3 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which aired in 2015, is no exception.

The cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a stellar ensemble, led by Andy Samberg in the role of Detective Jake Peralta. Samberg's comedic timing and chemistry with his co-stars is impeccable, and his portrayal of the lovable and quirky detective is a true highlight of the show. Alongside Samberg, we have an exceptional supporting cast, including Terry Crews as the strong and sensitive Sergeant Terry Jeffords, Stephanie Beatriz as the intimidating but deeply loyal Detective Rosa Diaz, and Terry Crews as the loveable and food-obsessed Detective Charles Boyle.

Season 3 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine takes the show to new heights, delivering non-stop laughs and gripping storylines. The episodes find the characters facing new challenges, professional and personal, all while maintaining their signature witty banter and humorous outlook on life. The season explores the growing relationship between Jake and his girlfriend, the feisty and intelligent fellow detective Amy Santiago, played brilliantly by Melissa Fumero. Their romance provides plenty of comedic fodder and heartwarming moments throughout the season.

The dynamic between the characters is what makes Brooklyn Nine-Nine truly special. The talented ensemble cast effortlessly plays off one another, creating a genuinely endearing and hilarious dynamic that keeps viewers hooked. From the deadpan humor of Chelsea Peretti's Gina Linetti to the dry wit of Andre Braugher as Captain Raymond Holt, each character brings their own unique charm to the equation.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Season 3 is packed with memorable moments that will leave audiences in stitches. From the precinct's epic Halloween heist to the infamous "Pontiac Bandit" recurring character played by Craig Robinson, the season is filled with exciting storylines and guest appearances that only enhance the show's comedic prowess.

If you're a fan of witty, feel-good comedies with heart, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a must-watch, and Season 3 is a perfect example of its brilliance. The show effortlessly mixes humor with poignant character development, creating a well-rounded and entertaining experience for viewers of all ages.

To experience the laughter and joy of Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Season 3, you can stream or download the episodes online. With its impeccable cast, sharp writing, and hilarious moments, this season is sure to leave you wanting more. So gather your friends, grab some popcorn, and get ready for a delightful and laugh-out-loud experience with Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Season 3.

A "frontie" and a "backie."
A 20 year old case with no new leads.
A 25 year old port seems appropriate.
A B&E together; we're gonna be partners.
A bag of cocaine that's gonna get us a conviction
A bam, bam, boom.
A bomb defusing class tomorrow.
A bond has been made.
A bunch of old family photos and personal belongings.
A cacao nib.
A case?
A chocolate chip in your trail mix.
A cinematic masterpiece is what I sent them.
A code?
A convicted pervert asked me if you guys could cool it
A couple of questions now,
A creep with a record of torturing animals.
A dance class for widows.
A dollar for a soda; Mine are all wet.
A doula is someone who supports you
A feeling about a person....
A final heist to decide once and for all
A gang of oldies in short shorts,
A girl like that, three dogs, makes her own turkey stock,
A great captain.
A gun and a picture of Pimento.
A hero in a time of crisis.
A kind, nurturing presence can have on a young life.
A kiss for my beau.
A league.
A letter of commendation with my last name misspelled.
A linen pantsuit,
A little bit of their off time to help you and your family out.
A little chatty for my taste
A little fun would do you good, I promise.
A little piece of evidence that evaded
A little pitch y.
A little slap slap boom?
A long, drawn out breakup is just gonna end
A lot more nakedness than there actually was.
A lot of my jokes rely on that.
A lot of sperm
A lot of turnover in his line of work,
A lovely gift basket that Kevin sent you all the way from Paris.
A message of hope.
A minute, Detective Diaz.
A miracle of movement.
A mistake.
A month from today is my birthday.
A motorcycle helmet for a heart, but I need to feel this sadness.
A naked fool.
A name.
A new kid on the way, Sharon's on bed rest,
A new name that you're gonna came up with.
A new world.
A new, non threatening term for task forces.
A papier mâché sculpture of you two kissing.
A parsec is actually a measure of distance.
A pipe burst in the nine eight,
A proud member of team follow back.
A psychic told me I was gonna die alone in a pit,
A regular ira glass.
A room blows up.
A sassy car mechanic?
A secret FBI meet up?
A shipping manifest that was shoved
A soda only costs 75¢, you fool.
A squash doubles dynasty.
A statue of Jesus made out of cigarette butts.
A string of B&Es,
A stupidface.
A Tabby?
A tank!
A tea bag in his victim's mouth.
A TV on a bus? I never thought I'd see that.
A vegan, a gluten free vegan!
A very funny story about keeping my eyes moist.
A very important, very high profile celebrity
A what?
A white woman in prison, in Texas?
A whole army of gray suited Brads and Chads trying
A whole hour until we testify.
A whole other precinct in here?
A whole street full of 'em.
A woman just died here.
Aah. Ooh!
Aah. Ooh!
Abandon gurney! Abandon gurney!
Abigail was our only bargaining chip.
About $15,000 worth of stuff.
About a fight she got into with her trainer,
About a young man they called "squash's unhinged lunatic."
About eight years ago, I was closing in on him
About his prostate cancer.
About how long your flight was.
About how much my phone was buzzing.
About my cousin Lee Ann and her alleged Lyme disease.
About my window ledge freak out.
About Orangina, though.
About our performance in yesterday's
About Sharon's blood pressure.
About some super serious police work?
About the duration of your flight.
About the night that she was robbed.
About the Weichselbraun case.
About their dumb dogs till I got a dumb dog myself.
About this anonymous gym seductress.
About time you smiled, Jake.
About which of her friends are sick.
About why we left you behind, all right?
About workplace boundaries.
About you and Gary.
About your uterine climate.
Above the thermostat.
Absolutely not.
Absolutely, immediately, let's do that.
Absolutely, sir
Absolutely! I would love to do that!
Absolutely. I don't take it personally.
Absolutely. You got this.
Absurd. I'm more competitive.
Abu Dhabi? Abu don't bother.
According to my medical alert bracelet.
According to that article, that lunatic was 27 0.
According to the shipping company,
According to your Dozer pad, four of your coworkers
Aching, fatigue.
Act surprised.
Actually that's exactly your place to say.
Actually, Amy.
Actually, cashiers and bag boys
Actually, Charles, I think Stevie's right.
Actually, he's right. Every single time.
Actually, I asked for you
Actually, I can't relate at all.
Actually, I can't. I'm physically incapable.
Actually, I cut myself real bad.
Actually, I do mind.
Actually, I have
Actually, I think Peralta's right.
Actually, I was gonna throw Raymond over the side
Actually, I would.
Actually, it makes a lot of sense.
Actually, it says I'm a fall risk.
Actually, it took me hours.
Actually, it was four times,
Actually, it's Michael Strahan now.
Actually, Jake...
Actually, Jake...
Actually, no. I need last month's.
Actually, sir, I think we were kind of hoping
Actually, that's my lint. My lint is oblong.
Actually, that's one of our more reasonable models.
Actually, that's overkill.
Actually, we've been banned for life
Actually, we've got much more than nada.
Actually, when you're wrong,
Add to cart.
Adding to cart, signing in as "guest"...
Admit it!
Admitting that I cared for Kevin.
Adrian Piment... I... I know who I am... you know what... forget this!
Adrian Pimento is officially deceased.
Adrian Pimento was very special to me.
Adrian Pimento. So, what'd they take?
Adrian, are you living in the break room?
Adrian, this is all so sudden!
Adrian, what a coincidence bumping into you here.
Adults don't care about their birthdays.
After a couple days' sewer bloat.
After a month, I found my suspect:
After a took a picture of the kitties
After being excluded by both of you,
After everyone leaves.
After what I've seen, after what I've done,
After you left last night,
After zero consideration, I'm happy to say, hard pass.
Again, I have a mouth, neck, and testicle melting fever.
Again, lay off Hercules. He's quite a decent man
Against Figgis, and you know what that means:
Agneta found an invitation to a party tonight
Agneta is my biggest fanatic.
Agree to D.
Ah, a message of hope, right on time.
Ah, blast the AC, they get chilly,
Ah, Boyle. Just the man we were looking for.
Ah, fantastic.
Ah, hola, mi capitan.
Ah, how did I not see this coming?
Ah, I can't get away from you.
Ah, I know you have the moral high ground right now,
Ah, I like your style.
Ah, I would kill all of you for her.
Ah, I'll drink to that.
Ah, I'm freaking out, man. I'm freaking out!
Ah, magnifique. The treble is ours.
Ah, my testicles.
Ah, no, shoo, shoo, shoo.
Ah, okay.
Ah, pressure bombs with mercury switches.
Ah, Sharon. Nice to see you.
Ah, so not reading into it at all.
Ah, so, cool, cool, cool.
Ah, there you are.
Ah, there's that candy bar wrapper I was looking for.
Ah, well, based on the age diff,
Ah, well, that is us.
Ah, yes. Farfetched.
Ah, you don't have to thank me.
Ah, you like that?
Ah! Are you guys kissing?
Ah! What's on your face?