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School Ties (1992) Soundboard

School Ties (1992) Soundboard

School Ties is a gripping drama film released in 1992, directed by Robert Mandel and written by Dick Wolf. Set in the 1950s, the movie explores themes of identity, prejudice, and loyalty within the confines of an elite prep school. With a stellar cast that includes Brendan Fraser, Matt Damon, Chris O'Donnell, and Ben Affleck in his breakout role, School Ties captivates viewers with its thought-provoking storyline and outstanding performances.

The story revolves around David Greene (played by Brendan Fraser), a talented quarterback from a working-class Jewish family who wins a scholarship to attend the prestigious St. Matthew's School. David is faced with the challenge of concealing his Jewish heritage to gain acceptance among his predominantly anti-Semitic classmates. He quickly becomes popular, making friends, including Charlie Dillon (Matt Damon), an influential student with his own secrets.

As David's academic and athletic achievements draw admiration from the school community, he begins dating Sally Wheeler (Amy Locane), who comes from an affluent background. However, when David's secret is exposed by Charlie, the school's Honor Code is put to the test. David's classmates must confront their own prejudice as they decide whether to defend him or join the condemnation.

Brendan Fraser delivers a powerful and nuanced performance as David Greene, portraying the character's struggle to balance his desire for acceptance and the preservation of his true identity. Matt Damon shines as the charismatic yet troubled Charlie Dillon, constantly battling his own demons while wrestling with the consequences of his actions. Chris O'Donnell delivers a standout performance as the compassionate and conflicted Chris Reece, torn between loyalty to his friend David and his own ambition.

Ben Affleck, in his early role, plays the aggressive and bigoted student Chesty Smith, who becomes a key antagonist throughout the film. Rounding out the cast are Andrew Lowery as the introspective Timmy, Cole Hauser as the tough and rebellious Jack, and Anthony Rapp as Richard, who struggles with his homosexuality in the repressive environment of the school.

The film's score, composed by Maurice Jarre, perfectly complements the emotional depth of the storyline. With its evocative melodies and poignant motifs, the music resonates with audiences and enhances the film's intensity. The soundtrack for School Ties is a melodic journey that can captivate even those who haven't seen the film.

While School Ties was released nearly three decades ago, its exploration of themes such as prejudice, identity, and the pressure to conform remains highly relevant in today's society. The film bravely confronts the dark recesses of human nature and challenges viewers to reflect on their beliefs and actions.

If you're intrigued by the compelling story of School Ties and the exceptional performances by the cast, you can easily watch or download the movie to experience its thought-provoking narrative. Immerse yourself in the lives of these complex characters and take a journey to a time when social boundaries were deeply entrenched, and the fight for acceptance and justice was as important as it is today.

And if you don't, you'll manage
And it ends at sunset if I recall the custom
And my dad gave me this long, hard look
And pretend no one cheated? But someone did cheat
Are you kidding? How would you not know? It's hard to miss a heeb
As the air he breathes and the food he eats
At least they're honest.
Be seated, gentlemen.
Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth
But the Honour Code is a living thing. It cannot exist in a vacuum.
Bye, Petey.
Charlie, I'm sorry. It just kind of happened.
Come on, let's go
Come on! Go ahead! Deny it!
Davey, do you hear me? No excuses.
David, come on! It's not worth it.
David, your sister's on the phone.
Don't sell yourself short. That was a key block.
Elsie, nice going
Go ahead.
Go on.
Go out and bring this game home.
Go. Make us proud
Got to go, Dad
He said the reputation of the school is on our shoulders.
Hey, Dillon. What a block, boy!
Hey! Get some help
Hey! Hey!
How can you be sure that someone cheated, sir?
Hurry up, fellas. Come on
I admit it, you know, I'm an anti Semite.
I only have to know one.
I saw Dillon cheat.
I think you're so pretty
I'd like to introduce you to someone. Do you mind?
I'm sorry. I was a prejudiced prick. I know.
I'm still going to get into Harvard.
If I had your brains, I'd go
If one of these young men will dance with Sally.
Is that what you do in your spare time? Worry about Dillon?
It's not like between Methodists and Lutherans.
It's one guy's word against the other's.
It's our weakest spot now. You'll make a great halfback
It's the end if you do
Let's go over this again. There's an objective fact.
Let's have dessert, since dinner is on Mr Wheeler.
Much of what is policy here,
My family expects me to measure up to the impossible.
My name is Richard Collins
No way! You're dead!
No, too many to try
No, you're embarrassing me in front of my friend
Nobody comes here for just their last year. It's unusual
Of course. Gray...
Oh, God, girls, eat your hearts out!
Oh, yeah. Garbage day
OK, Elsie...
OK. Sure, don't worry, Pop
One has lied and one hasn't.
Please, don't get up.
Set! One!
So we have a rather bleak situation confronting us.
So what if there are ****? They're not in the clubs
St Matt's ball, second and twelve on their own ten
St Matt's fumbles.
Sure. I knew that the first night I got here
Technically. But it wouldn't go over too well if I said I couldn't play.
Thanks. I'll see you at practice.
That's right. I cheated on the History exam.
The score is tied seven apiece.
This year's inductees are, from the class of 1951,
We was thinking about going in there, you know, eat something
We're thrown together a lot,
What do you mean?
What? I turned him in and he's denying it.
What's the matter, David? Don't **** have a sense of humour?
Whose music is that? And I use the term advisedly.
Won't last? Connors, I flunked that test
Yeah! Yeah!
You did this! You did this!
You don't have to live up to anybody else's expectations
You guys were my friends.
You have no idea what you've put me through.
You know how a team works.
You know something?
You mind if I ask..
You move as well on the floor as the field
You rode him until he broke!
10,000 people converted to Protestantism.
Bikers. We wouldn't let them
Don't tell your roommate
Gierasch. Me, too. He's tough.
He would have said something
Hello, Sally. Hi
Hello, Sarah, what's up? I didn't know you had a sister!
I'm holding my own
Kind of a going away fight
Mr Collins? Bloody Mary
Seen McGivern? Hold on... Haven't you?
St Luke's wouldn't have taken him. No, probably not
Stabbed him in the back. He's not even paying.
Sure. Thank you. Remember, loser pays.
Talk soon. Don't forget Saturday
That would be me. That would be I
Were you in an accident? I got into a fight
What friend? Do I get a drink? Absolutely
What's your point? He was a good guy.
Would you like to dance? Yeah, I would
Yeah? This indicates a promise not to cheat.
You didn't hear the joke? All right. Let's hear it.
You ever go to Skip's Diner? Skip's Diner?
You're different from the other boys. How?
You're going to miss the bus. We'll make it.
1649, Mr Smith? Charles I was executed