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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A demented, knife wielding, escaped lunatic Libertarian zombie mutant snuck up and...
A grand slam blern! The Mets lose! Their season is over,
A student of the legendary Helmut Spargle.
A witch?
Aah! Ooh, they..
Ah ha! Once again, the conservative sandwich heavy portfolio...
Ah, here we are... the worst player in history.
Ah, Wade Boggs. Goes down smooth.
Ah. It's a wonderful night.
All right, all right!
All rights, ladies. Let's flush these artist lofts straights to hell!
All the whole numbers have been retired
Also, I hate you. And finally, you can't cook for squat
Amy, tend to the Widow Pacman.
And a woman who ended a thousand year galactic war...
And be quick about it!
And before his mysterious death, he taught me everything he knew.
And by a crazy coincidence his stomach exploded.
And even though the computer...
And here he is trying to make a catch with an oven mitt.
And how to prepare our dead so as to scare Abbott and Costello.
And I am gonna lead you to the top in this industry of... of...
And no question, Leela, the first woman ever to reach the majors,
And now, extend a formulated greeting to Master Chef Elzar!
And only they shall have buggalo. And they're us.
And that's with three E's.
And the battle is on!
Apparently not.
At the current market price, which is...
Aw, don't cry, foreign people. I used to work in a pizzeria,
Aw, look. Betsy followed you, Kif.
Aw, you knew my favorite cause of death.
Aw. She likes you!
Being human is great!
Bender always had a free body cavity.
Bender, it's okay to be proud, but don't be a showoff.
Bender, you were right
Bender? Bender!
Boo hoo!
Boy, I've never seen him so down... or ever before.
But because he knows about business and stuff, and he has a tie.
But do we really have the pure strength of will?
But I've never met a holy man I couldn't clobber!
But if being millionaires is more important to you than our...
But in the end, what counts is people.
But this time don't embarrass yourselves.
But today, one has barged his way in...
But we'll need a Sherpa to guide us
But... But space invaders need to do laundry too.
By Month old Franks, the hot dogs with experience.
By the way, I took the liberty of fertilizing your caviar.
Call it a hunch, but I've got a bad feeling about this.
Chairman Koji!
Damn you, Fry and Lee...
Did you approve that awful ad, Fry?
Don't do anything that affects anything, unless you were supposed to...
Don't mind if I already did. By the way..
Drop down and increase speed!
Except, what good is a candelabra without...
First, I was God. Then I met God.
For example, Amy, you're cute, so I baked you a pony.
Forget it. This job's too cushy to give up.
Friendly blernsball game with chum pals
Get your commemorative turkey basters.
Good. I also would have accepted...
Greetings, Leela. I'm the Cute Witch of the North.
Have you heard of the Monks of Deshuba?
He always wanted to drift forever.
He was the greatest of all.
He's even garnished the salad with $ 100 bills.
He's so proud of his awful cooking
Heir to the Tenth Dynasty...
Here are your mounts.
Here I go already.
Hey, buddy, I'm from the same time as you.
Hey, everybody! Do the Bender!
Hey, hey. What's wrong? Was it something Leela said?
Hey, it's that "barbecue's over" sound again.
Hey, junior. She belongs in the exhibit instead of you
Hey, my antenna's gone!
Hey, there, Amy. Like you to meet my buddy, Joe.
Hey, what's with all the pots and pans?
Hey, you put a one and two zeroes in front of that, or we pass! Deal!
High in the Himalayas, to search for him.
Hmm? Let me see that vial, Bender.
Holy Spitz! He's sporting skintight Speedos!
Hooray! I make a score point!
How interesting, Dr. Zoidberg. Do go on.
How's that for a coincidence, Professor...
Howdy, friends. Welcome to Mars.
Human families need a TVwhile they're eating, so they don't have to talk to each other
I broke the professor's bottled ship
I can never repay him his $10...
I could beg everyone at the company where I work.
I demand the floor! I may only have one share...
I didn't hit the batter!
I don't care what Ms. Johnson says.
I gotta signal back!
I have eight other senses, but I'd trade them all...
I hereby award you the Nobel Prize in...
I just made love for the second time."
I learned that money is fine..
I say, do not judge me...
I tell ya, two go go '80s Reaganauts like us...
I think I'll make my countenance to shine down upon them.
I was going to say "to get the free food!"
I was havin' whiskey with Boesky and cookies with Milken.
I was having the most wonderful dream...
I was maimed building the great brewery.
I will become the best blernsball player of all time!
I will destroy her!
I'm afraid I've got some bad news as well.
I'm awake! I'm awake!
I'm doing it for all the struggling female athletes who need a role model.
I'm gonna teach you to sell pizza, Earth style.
I'm melting! Oh!
I'm never gonna see him again.
I'm not a hologram, though I am crummy. Hank Aaron XXIV.
I'm not doing this for the wad
I've heard worse excuses to drink. Oops!
If I can be just a little better than him, I can slink away with my head held high.
Image, people! Image! Scope out this new ad!
In 77 innings, you haven't gotten a single out
In honor of your achievement, you are all hereby...
In the English countryside, many prostitutes decorate their rooms with festive gourds.
Increase speed, drop down and reverse direction!
Iook with your eyes, not your claws
Is Bender still missing for a week? Where is he already?
Is that your camouflage reflex...
It is found in a small kitchen with friends.
It's no use. We were going full speed when we fired him
Jackie Anderson.
Just like stale marshmallows!
Kroker, that was one Branigan esque feat of heroism.
Ladies and gentlemen, the pharaoh suddenly died.
Latest fiscal year
Let there be peace between us.
Let's get a little kindling going.
Let's rock!
Look, everyone! She killed the Manwitch of the West!
Look, you want false hope or not?
Low? It was zero, you fungo. You went your whole career without getting a hit.
Ma, Pa, our precious ranch!
Making off with the contents of over three lockers.
Man, I don't wanna hurt Bender's feelings...
Martians have no land. They've been gently encouraged..
Maybe we could escape by setting fire to the distillery...
Mets a? Short a stop a?
Mm mm mm!
Mm. Mm!
Mm. Mm.
Mm. Those peewees think I'm God, huh? Hard to blame 'em.
Mmm mm!
Mmm. It's a good start.
Mmm. Why didn't anyone tell me tasting things tasted so good?
Most important of all is the big screen TV.
Never heard of that brand. What you want is the Gas Princess.
No, actually, I did mean to offend a little. This is awful.
No, don't be. It turns out you were an inspiration after all.
No, I was better than great. I was the home run king.
No! I'm afraid the smell a scope isn't powerful enough.
Noseward, ho!
Not even if we rub the engine with cheetah blood?
Not only do you not deserve a Nobel Prize...
Not really. We own so much stuff..
Now pinch hitting for the Poindexters, Jackie Anderson!
Now please, please retire immediately.
Now, the first order of business...
Now, this is the high life...
Now, who wants brunch...
Of any dish to blossom forth.
Oh, okay. I thought you said "romo."
Oh, thank you, magic biped!
Oh, this is the worst crazy sect I've ever been in.
Oh! Oh!
Oh! We got some no good rustlers to... ooh! ...catch.
Oh. She won't leave me alone
Okay, let's see what you can do.
Okay, try it again. But this time, keep your eye off the ball.
One thing she can do is lodge a ball in the dead center of your brain.
One, two, three! Pull!
One, two. One, two, three.
Oof! Ay! Ah!
Ooh, a bot mitzvah! Shalom hunger.
Ooh, and a cherry!
Ooh, boy.
Ooh, customers!
Ooh, delicious
Ooh! Ooh! Saddle up, men.
Our enemy shall be eaten by scorpions.
Our experts have reassembled the parts from the alien ship...
Our new pharaoh... Bender!
Ow. What?
Pathetic humans, prepare to write down the recipe!
Pero yo soy muy bueno en comer frijoles.
Please, step into the war room.
Powerful strokes of the ass.
Question. Do you have to have been cryogenically frozen to get the free...
Quickly! To the escape tunnels.
R. J., this is my boyfriend, Kif.
Raise fat, spoiled Earth kids,
Raspberry vinaigrette.
Realizing that, it was a simple matter to reverse the process.
Scrumptious! Morbo will store this in his sack for future digestion.
Seriously, though, we stink out loud.
Sir, I'm outfitting an expedition to a monastery high in the Himalayas.
So she can gut the company and eliminate us as competitors.
So the real gift Spargle gave you was confidence...
Speaking of which, try these nachos.
Stee rike two!
Stop interfering with history. I don't want to have to memorize new kings.
Strike one! A personal best
Sure. Me?
Tell the slaves they can all go.
Thanks, soldier. I'm off to make sarge's lunch
That guy is nothin' but a flashy con man...
That is why I decline the title of Iron Cook...
That'll be hard to top!
That's what I call a hostile makeover.
The challenger's ugly food has shown us...
The hardest thing was seeing my wife on display in the British Museum
The loser is doomed to scrub.