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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A conspiracy personified by the yellow man.
A man does what he believes in.
All of them, all of them were communists.
Am I to understand that you're going to lock us out of this hall because of a couple of weeks rent?
An old lady. Who had no marbles in their head.
And by foreigners who come in and infiltrate into our economic structure.
And suddenly the Russians had it.
And this minority will not stop until it is the majority.
And when they find out how is he sold him out and how Rast his sold him out and how Pancho sold him out.
Anything else?
Are you one of us?
Because love of country is the minority.
Because patriotism is a minority.
Because to live in a free white America seems to be of a minority opinion.
Because you were gentle with me and you talked to me and you fed me and you took care of me.
But it was the Russians who got there first.
By the black man.
Do you want the United States of America to remain free?
Do you want your homes infected with the vermin from foreign shores?
Drunken father used to slam me against the wall.
Examine the phenomenon of foreign control.
He was a fat pig with no guts.
I wanna ask you a few questions.
I want you to dwell on this, just dwell on it.
I'm sick and I'm tired and I don't need to be lectured.
If it's a minority opinion. That we have to survive.
It was the Russians who exploded theirs.
It's not hate, it's it's a point of view. It's a philosophy.
Just answer yes and no to the following.
Let me tell you something right now.
Let me tell you something, neighbors.
Ohh, they're coming. Morning. Yes, there will. There will come a morning when these men have taken over your home. They've taken over your daughters.
Patriotism is a minority.
Right on the top.
Shall I tell you who the minorities are?
She didn't even recognize me half the time.
Someday this country's going to wake up. They're gonna wake up.
That the lines lead directly to Palestine.
That they can sell out your flag and your birthrights.
The minorities.
The United States of America.
Then we are the minority.
There is a conspiracy, there is a insidious, enveloping conspiracy.
They lead directly to Africa.
They lead directly to the Vatican.
They'll be sitting right there on your doorstep.
They're gonna make up a list of all the people that get paid back and you know where you're gonna be? You're gonna be right on top of that list.
This is the promise. And this, this is the legacy.
This minority will not give up the fight.
We are the minorities.
We had the atom bomb.
We had the hydrogen bomb.
We wanted to send men into space.
We, we, we, we are the minorities.
We're friends.
We're still struggling. We need time to grow.
Well, I believe certain things.
What are you?
What difference does it make if we don't think alike about the same things?
What have I ever had to look? What?
What seems to be the problem?
Who gave them the bombs?
Who is it?
Who sold us out? Who stabbed us in the back?
Why don't you come out in the light?
Why don't you come up here alongside of me?
Why don't you give me a name and a face and a reason why?
Won't you just forget about it? Then we can handle this ourselves.
You direct traffic from the darkness.
You examine it and you will note with absolute clarity.
You let me come here.
You let me come here. You never sent me away.
You plan the battles and you're never there with their fault.
You said that you had something to talk about.
You think it's pretty funny that your country can be sold out?
You think that's funny, huh?
You think that's pretty funny, don't you?
You're like a father.
You're the only thing in the world that I've ever loved.
You've known me since I was a kid.