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Howard Jones Soundboard

Howard Jones Soundboard

Howard Jones is a renowned English musician who gained massive popularity in the 1980s with his unique blend of synth-pop and new wave music. Born on February 23, 1955, in Southampton, England, Jones quickly rose to fame with his catchy tunes and heartfelt lyrics. His contribution to the music industry is truly unforgettable, and his songs continue to resonate with fans around the world.

One of Howard Jones' most iconic songs is "Things Can Only Get Better," which was released in 1985. This upbeat track captured the optimism and hope of the era, becoming an anthem for many. The infectious melody, combined with Jones' distinctive vocals, made it an instant hit. The song's driving rhythm and catchy hooks still invoke a feeling of positivity and perseverance. To this day, it remains a staple in '80s playlists and a beloved favorite among fans.

Another notable song from Howard Jones is "No One Is to Blame," released in 1986. This heartfelt ballad showcases Jones' ability to convey raw emotions through his music. The song explores the complexities of relationships and the longing for love and understanding. Jones' honest lyrics coupled with the haunting melody stirred deep emotions in listeners, making it one of his most memorable tracks.

In addition to his solo work, Howard Jones was also a member of the band 'General Public,' formed in 1983. The group consisted of Jones alongside fellow British musicians Dave Wakeling, Ranking Roger, and Andy Cox. Their self-titled album, released in 1984, achieved great success, with hit singles like "Tenderness" and "Never You Done That." 'General Public' showcased a fusion of different music genres, incorporating elements of new wave, reggae, and pop. Their catchy and energetic sound attracted a wide audience and solidified their place in the music industry.

Howard Jones' musical journey continued throughout the years, with numerous albums and collaborations. His versatility as an artist allowed him to experiment with different styles while maintaining his signature sound. Songs like "What Is Love" and "Like to Get to Know You Well" highlighted his ability to create infectious pop tunes that resonated with listeners.

If you're feeling nostalgic or simply want to delve into Howard Jones' discography, you can easily access his music. Playing and downloading these sounds has never been easier! Whether you prefer streaming platforms or digital downloads, Howard Jones' vast catalog is readily available. Listeners can explore his iconic hits, discover deeper album cuts, and immerse themselves in the musical journey of this talented artist. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the sounds of Howard Jones.

Jones' contributions to the music industry have left an indelible mark, transcending decades and inspiring countless artists. His unique style and ability to blend catchy melodies with meaningful lyrics have secured his place in music history. Howard Jones continues to captivate audiences worldwide, with his live performances and enduring songs.

So, if you're a fan of '80s music or simply looking for uplifting tunes, delve into the sounds of Howard Jones. His music, with its infectious beats and introspective lyrics, will transport you to an era of optimism and self-reflection. You can play and download these electrifying sounds here, relishing in the musical brilliance of Howard Jones.

And do you feel
And do you feel scared I do
And not to spend the time just doubting
And she wants you
And she wants you
And you want her
And you want her
Can anybody love anyone so much that they will never fear
Does anybody love anybody anyway
Does anybody love anybody anyway
It's the last piece of the puzzle but you just can't make it fit
No one, no one, no one ever is to blame
Security throw through the wall
Sometimes I find you doubt my love for you
What is love anyway
What is love anyway
What is love anyway
What is love anyway
Why should I mind
Wow wow wow oh, wow wow wow oh oh oh oh
Wow wow wow oh...
You're the fastest runner but you're not allowed to win