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Troy (2004) Soundboard

Troy (2004) Soundboard

Troy is a 2004 epic war film directed by Wolfgang Petersen and based on Homer's ancient Greek epic poem, The Iliad. This grand production brings to life the legendary Trojan War, showcasing the heroic deeds, tragic love stories, and the devastating consequences that unfold when empires clash.

The film boasts a star-studded cast that brings the epic characters to life. Heading the cast is Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt, who portrays the fierce and mighty Greek warrior, Achilles. Pitt's mesmerizing portrayal captures the essence of Achilles' courage, intense demeanor, and relentless pursuit of glory. Alongside him, Eric Bana delivers a powerful performance as the Trojan prince, Hector. In this enthralling battle between the two formidable warriors, the viewers witness the clash of two worlds, each driven by their own ideals and beliefs.

Adding to the ensemble cast, Orlando Bloom takes on the role of Paris, the Trojan prince whose love affair with Helen, portrayed by Diane Kruger, becomes the catalyst for the brutal conflict. Peter O'Toole brings a regal presence to the role of Priam, the wise and aging king of Troy, while Brian Cox delivers a chilling performance as Agamemnon, the powerful King of Mycenae and leader of the Greek forces.

The film beautifully captures the grandeur of ancient Greece, showcasing sweeping battle scenes, colossal sets, and intricate costumes. It transports viewers to a time when honor, loyalty, and fate were the driving forces behind every warrior and ruler.

The story follows the Greeks' siege of Troy, a city protected by seemingly impenetrable walls. As the great war unfolds, alliances are forged and broken, heroes rise and fall, and the eternal clash between hubris and destiny is explored. Through breathtaking visuals and intense performances, viewers are immersed in the epic struggle for power, love, and survival.

Troy not only captivates the audience with its powerful storytelling but also boasts an extraordinary soundtrack that enhances the film's emotional impact. Composed by James Horner, the score resonates with both grandeur and melancholy, perfectly capturing the highs and lows of the characters' journeys. The soundtrack features epic orchestral arrangements, haunting melodies, and evocative choral pieces. You can play and download these incredible sounds from reliable sources to immerse yourself in the world of Troy.

Troy, released in 2004, remains a remarkable cinematic achievement, breathing new life into an ancient tale of love, honor, and war. With its stellar cast, breathtaking visuals, and unforgettable storytelling, this film continues to captivate and entertain audiences to this day. So sit back, press play, and prepare to be transported to an ancient world of legendary battles, tragic love stories, and the timeless struggle for power.

A lovely creature.
Achilles is the past.
Achilles! Achilles!
Achilles. Son of Peleus.
Ajax, you need to see this.
All the same, I go with her.
And who sang lullabies to you tonight?
And you know nothing about love!
As long as it's in the hands of a Trojan, our people have a future.
Back to the city! Back to the city!
Begin anew.
Burn it! Burn it for Menelaus!
But we have them on the run!
Call me Father, dear child.
Careful who you insult, old king.
Come with me.
Cousin, I can't fight the Trojans if I'm concerned for you. Guard the ship.
Don't go tomorrow.
Even Agamemnon is no match for the gods.
Fall back into line!
Fancy swordplay.
Father, we can't win this war.
Fight for me.
Fight me!
For Troy!
Forgive me, Father, but you won't be the one fighting.
Form up!
Have you no honor?
Helen, what are you doing?
How many battles have we won off the edge of his sword?
I build the future, Nestor. Me!
I can't ask anyone to fight for me.
I love Helen. I won't give her up and neither will you.
I need my armor.
I suppose fighting for love makes more sense than all the rest.
I swear by the father of the gods, I will gut you here if you don't telI me!
I thought you wanted peace with Troy.
I'll carve Agamemnon in the stone.
I'm asking you to fight for Greece.
I'm not talking about the land.
I've killed men, and I've heard them dying. And I've watched them dying.
I've seen too many of my men struck down with this arm.
If they can't walk, carry them.
Is there no one else?
It's a beautiful night.
It's a long way. Quick.
It's all right.
Keep forward!
KilI me, make me his slave, I don't care.
Kings did not kneel to Achilles.
Let them say...
Look what he did to us today.
Make it sooner.
Maybe we should.
Menelaus is a bull.
Menelaus won't give up. He'Il track us to the end of the world.
Menelaus would kill us both.
No more palaces for us. No more servants. We don't need any of that.
No one wilI stop you. You have my word.
Not yet, brother.
Patroclus, my cousin.
Perhaps you should fight him.
Prepare for battle!
Rouse the men. You're taking them home.
Should I be?
That walk back to the palace was the longest of my life.
The boatman waits for us.
The fever had broken.
The gods won't fight this war for us.
The last time you spoke to me like this...
The Thessalonian you're fighting...
They desecrated the temple of Apollo...
They envy us because we're mortal.
This will be the greatest war the world has ever seen.
To lead you has been my honor!
To the gate!
To Troy!
Tomorrow morning, I will challenge Menelaus for the right to Helen.
Very good dream.
We need the greatest warrior.
We sail in the morning.
We wilI never be here again.
Weak? They're ready to swim home.
Where should I go?
Which does the sea god prefer?
Why are you telling me this?
You can end this war with a swing of your sword.
You do understand why we're in Sparta.
You don't know his brother.
You fight for me, Eudorus, or Agamemnon?
You lost your cousin.
You love alI of Troy.
You understand, for making little princes. Come enjoy yourself tonight.
You'd think their prince had never died.
You're a far better king than the one leading this army.
Back! Retreat!
Do you know how to use a sword? Yes.
For now. For the Greeks!
If I die No.
Our men are too close to the walls. Pull back.
Please. The women, they'll take as slaves.
Where is she? Who, my king?
...and my brother needs you tonight.
...but I was just a ghost.
...forgive me for any offenses.
...I will burn their city to the ground.
...sit with me.'d be burning a son's body, not welcoming a daughter.