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Key and Peele - Season 2

Key and Peele - Season 2

Key and Peele - Season 2: A Laughter Riot

Release Year: 2012

- Keegan-Michael Key
- Jordan Peele

Attention comedy aficionados! Get ready to roll on the floor with laughter as Key and Peele return for a hilariously riotous second season. Key and Peele, created by and starring Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, is a sketch comedy television series that was first introduced in 2012 and quickly became a fan favorite.

Season 2 of Key and Peele brings back the dynamic duo, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, known for their impeccable comedic timing and unique blend of satire and absurdity. Together, they create a concoction that tickles the funny bone like no other. With their unmatchable chemistry and undeniable talent, Key and Peele have cemented themselves as masters of comedy.

In this season, Key and Peele continue to explore various themes and topics with their signature brand of humor. From hilarious sketches centered around race, pop culture, and social issues to exaggerated characters and outrageous scenarios, the second season of Key and Peele has something for everyone.

One of the strengths of Key and Peele - Season 2 lies in the versatility of the duo. Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele effortlessly transform into a multitude of characters, each as unique and side-splitting as the last. Whether they're portraying eccentric substitute teachers, gangsters attempting to out-insult each other, or even President Obama and his anger translator, Luther, Key and Peele's range knows no bounds.

The sketches in Season 2 tackle a wide range of subjects, often using humor to shed light on societal issues. They fearlessly take on topics such as racial stereotypes, discrimination, and cultural differences, using laughter as a tool for introspection and understanding. With each sketch, Key and Peele challenge viewers to question their own beliefs and biases while simultaneously providing endless entertainment.

Season 2 of Key and Peele is filled with timeless sketches that have become instant classics. The East/West College Bowl sketch, featuring an array of hilariously absurd football player names, has garnered millions of views on YouTube and has become a cultural phenomenon. The Substitute Teacher sketch, in which Key's character hilariously mispronounces student names, has also achieved viral success and has been widely referenced and parodied.

What makes Key and Peele unique is their ability to find the perfect balance between humor and social commentary. They manage to entertain and provoke thought simultaneously, using comedy as a medium for dialogue and change. This fusion of laughter and insight is what truly sets Key and Peele apart and makes Season 2 a must-watch for any comedy enthusiast.

So, if you're ready to embark on an unforgettable comedic journey, grab your popcorn and get ready to laugh until your sides hurt with Key and Peele - Season 2. Whether you're a longtime fan or new to their brand of comedy, prepare yourself for outrageous characters, clever wordplay, and moments of pure comedic genius.

Relive the hilarious sketches from Key and Peele - Season 2 and enjoy the uproarious performances by Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. You can play and download the sounds of laughter here, as each skit and moment is guaranteed to have you in fits of uncontrollable giggles.

Key and Peele - Season 2 is a timeless gem that continues to captivate audiences with its bold and fearless approach to comedy. With their impeccable comedic timing and unparalleled chemistry, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele cement themselves as comedic legends. Don't miss out on the laughter-filled antics of Key and Peele - Season 2!

A glorious death on the battlefield,
A nice, little Civil War reenactment here.
A way of life so pure and beautiful
Actually, you know, they get requested a lot.
Against the Union army, we must remember
All I got left is Mary, a cripple, and two blind chicks,
All right, check this out. Check this out. Check this out.
All right, fellas, just just ignore 'em.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much.
All right, look.
All right, stop it! Stop it! That's enough!
All right, the most important thing
All right, this this is
All right, well, Be careful with that.
All right!
All right?
All right? So just watch This is how you're gonna do it.
All right? You guys feeling good?
All right. Thank you, Joseph.
All the preteen children out there, listen to my voice!
And and and I know I know that there's
And anything that is an actual collector's item.
And Charlie, did you think that that game
And found that whereas I was not incorrect,
And have a friend drive you onto the freeway!
And he was more handsome than I thought he was gonna be.
And I just want to say...
And it was amazing,
And make a beeline for the next ramp to the freeway, y'all!
And my favorite thing about going down to the South
And my man said Like this...
And now this is how you repay me?
And that no one is actually immortal, nobody at all.
And then you can do anything! You can do anything!
And what's next for Charlie Sanders and the orange
And who is this?
And you want me to hit you on the other cheek?
And you're all going to Hell. Okay.
Any ole which way you want us to.
Apartheid is totally gnarly. It's a gnarly institution.
Are we so obsessed with the Revolutionary War
As Jefferson Da Okay, I know what you're doing. I get it.
As much as you desire
Because a hurdle's not a jump. Hurdle is not jumping.
Because he was cooler than I thought he was gonna be,
Boom, fireworks. Fourth of July. That's for you.
Born in a coffee can under a bridge.
But And that You know another thing I love?
But it was great, 'cause after the meeting,
But, Jesus, how can I be forgiven?
By renting my body out as a heroin suitcase.
Carpenter? (scoffs)
Charlie Sanders, how does it feel?
Check this out.
Check this out.
Come get your ticket to Vegas.
Come now, Mary Magdalene.
Dad, where the [bleep] were ya?
Do not play Scrabble with this guy.
Do we, Sam?
Do you know what he talkin' 'bout, Sam?
Doesn't mean we're pro slavery?
Don't ask me how that works.
Don't do it, Joseph.
Don't ever sleep on Barry O.
Don't just stand there like a bunch of lazy [bleep].
Don't let me do anything too crazy."
Don't sleep on Barry O.
Everybody focus up. Look.
Except for the ****, who are already going to Hell.
Fantastic. Charlie Sanders, Fresh off of his, uh, victory.
Fine. You're part of it.
First and foremost, I just want to say
For the way that the world should work.
Gentlemen, give us your cash
Get a friend on your back,
Get in the caravan and make me some money.
Get outta here!
Go Go fetch us some munitions and everything else that
Guys, you you know,
Has he started yet?
He did that, yes. Very funny guy.
He goes to one of his aides, he goes,
He just gave us like He's on his way out,
He says that to the secret security.
He was taller than I thought he was gonna be,
He's keeping the secret service...
He's speaking figuratively, folks.
Hell, no, brotha, she's mine.
Hell, yeah, it's all about money, brotha.
Hey, boys and girls, ages 8 through 12!
Hey, kids!
Hey, yo, I wanna say somethin' to everybody watchin'.
Hi, Joseph.
His anger translator. (cheers and applause)
Hold it.
How many times do I have to tell people,
I [bleep] your daughter. I [bleep] your daughter, so...
I ain't got no formal trainin' or nothin' like that.
I already lost three bitches to leprosy, all right?
I am Keegan Michael Key.
I been lookin' all over for you!
I can fly! Anybody can fly!
I cleaned you up and got you out to work,
I don't know what you talkin' 'bout.
I don't see any British teeth in this situation.
I don't think you understand.
I got hearing damage in this ear.
I guess he saw the Luther sketch.
I had sex with your black daughter. It's okay.
I have a saying. It goes like this.
I have subsequently looked up
I I I don't care where they come from.
I just feel like he's ready to touch the Moon.
I just want to talk about the fact
I know, I have that wig at home. I have it at home.
I know, I know.
I like to, uh, dabble in the athleticals.
I live on the streets.
I love I love no athlete ever thanks his dad.
I mean, that's a lo Hundreds.
I might run for office someday.
I rescued you from that fishing village,
I think I'm pretty sure this is it.
I think it's my pimp. I think he found me.
I'm a prostitute.
I'm getting goosies over here. I'm getting goosies. I I am.
I'm gonna stay here with Jesus.
I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding."
I'm not a pimp. I'm a carpenter.
I'm not going with you, Galileroy.
I'm really [bleep] frosty right now, by the way.
I'm smoking crack too. It's good. We're good.
I'm smoking crack.
I'm so [bleep] high.
I'm staying here with Jesus, and I'm warning you,
I'm totally stoked to the max about it.
I'm way ahead of you, bro. I'm already done.
I've been busy with non carpentry work.
If I had found my real father.
If I win this competition, I could put a roof over my house.
If you believe in yourself
In literally the last second.
In that sketch.
Is that Are you out She's right in front of us.
Is that coming to me?
Is that we don't get too far apart.
Is that white people will come up to you, and just,
It was like, I I wouldn't have been happier
It's it's definitely a no for me.
It's 12 men.
It's a no. I'm sorry.
It's a no. I'm sorry.
It's eas You know, why don't you pass your own
It's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle
It's exaggerated walking. It's not jumping.
It's exaggerated walking. It's not jumping.
It's gonna start canoeing and everything.
It's happening right here! But I mean...
It's just a piece of paper.
It's not not really relevant.
It's real hard.
Jesus has, like, 12 followers.
Jesus says we don't need things.
Joseph, it doesn't matter.
Joseph, please, we we do have other dancers here today,
Joseph, thank you very much, but
Just beaming.
Just because we're dressed like Confederate soldiers
Just one little thing, though.
Kids, you can actually fly!
Let me just grab that.
Look, fellas, we're trying to have
Look, I've I've stolen your purse.
Looked like Katt Williams had a finger roll moustache.
Looking down their no We won that war!
Man, [bleep] you, man. Come on!
Man, took me forever to find yo ass!
Mary Magdalene! Where you at, bitch?
Me and you, we we gotta be close.
Men, as we launch the counterattack
Mom, I love you, man!
Mom, I love you! I love you, ma!
Mother[bleep], I slap you,
My [bleep]. That was my [bleep].
My man goes like this. He goes, "All right, thank you.
My sister shot my brother while my cousin beat my uncle.
My statements were irresponsible.
No No, not oh, not literally, of course.
No, child.
No, I'm not going with you, Galileroy.
No, Joseph, let her come onstage.
No, my friend. You're confused.
No! And I don't have any stuff to pack.
Now get your ass in that caravan!
Now, trust me, I think that this party can be
Now, we're here to preserve our way of life.
Oh, [bleep]. What was I saying?
Oh, Dennis, what, are you shooting video?
Oh, lordy, lordy, lordy! We sorry, boss!
Oh, my God, I'm so [bleep] blazed.
Oh, we so sorry!
Oh, who is this right here?
Oh, yeah.
Okay, no Well, that's just a metaphor, kids.
Okay, nobody's gonna whip anybody, just stop it.
Okay, right on. That's right. Here we go.
Okay, thank you. Thank you.
Okay, that's it. Bitch, pack your [bleep].
Okay, we we gotta have a system in place to get everybody weed.