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The Other Sister

The Other Sister

"The Other Sister" is a heartwarming 1999 romantic comedy film that touches on the themes of love, acceptance, and the power of family. Directed by Garry Marshall, the movie stars an exceptional ensemble cast that brings the story to life.

The film follows Carla Tate, played by the talented Juliette Lewis, a young woman with an intellectual disability who, after spending several years in a special needs school, returns home to live with her parents. Carla's desire for independence leads her to attend a vocational school, where she meets and falls in love with the charming and kind-natured Danny, portrayed by Giovanni Ribisi.

Portraying Carla's overprotective parents, Diane Keaton and Tom Skerritt deliver compelling performances as Elizabeth and Radley Tate. Their internal struggles between allowing Carla to live her life and fearing for her safety create meaningful and heartfelt moments throughout the movie.

Supporting the main ensemble, Sarah Paulson takes on the role of Heidi, Carla's sister, who is dealing with her own issues of insecurity and constantly seeking her parents' approval. Also, veteran actor Hector Elizondo shines as Dr. Radley, a therapist who helps Carla and Danny navigate their relationship and challenges societal norms surrounding intellectual disabilities.

With its lighthearted tone and well-written script, "The Other Sister" manages to address important social issues without losing its comedic core. The film touches on the discrimination faced by people with disabilities, showcasing the need for acceptance and inclusivity in society.

The movie's soundtrack further enhances the storytelling experience, featuring a diverse range of songs that perfectly capture the emotions of each scene. With iconic tracks from the late 90s, the music adds depth to the narrative, enhancing the film's overall impact.

If you're looking to experience the magic of "The Other Sister," you can easily play and download the movie or stream the soundtrack. Immerse yourself in the heartfelt story and powerful performances that make this film a memorable and uplifting experience.

"The Other Sister" is a testament to the power of love and family bonds, transcending societal expectations and proving that everyone deserves a chance at happiness. With its engaging storyline and exceptional cast, the film remains an enduring classic that reminds us to embrace our differences and break down barriers for a more inclusive world.

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A A A And she... she does not have hat hair.
A a about not giving me the money, just 'cause...
A a and they... they all chipped in and they paid this girl...
A A And...
A lot of kids run away, we never hear from them again.
A nation's turns its lonely eyes to you
A public vocational school? Is that what you're talking about?
About $50.
Actually, Carla and I, we're gonna... we're gonna do our own vows.
Ah, Dr Longhurst, master of the root canal.
Ah, good morning. Jason, thank you for calling the auto club.
All aboard!
All aboard!
All right, fine. Just...
All right, guys, what do we think about this for the country club, hmm?
All right, Jeff, get the girls home. We'll call you later.
All right, let's start the rehearsal.
All right, perfect. Once again from the top.
All right. No, no. No more cake. No. No.
All right. Now, I want you to close your eyes. Close your eyes.
All right. Okay. Heather! Hang up!
All right. Thank you. Let's watch it.
All she want to do is walk right in, yeah
Alone? You live all by yourself alone, Danny?
Also, for those interested...
An Another reason I got mad is 'cause I I didn't want you to think I was dumb.
And a beautiful, clear day.
And be a girl
And Carla will retire as a bridesmaid...
And Carla, who thinks she can conquer this whole terrifying world that we live in.
And cookie making.
And Daniel, this is my mother and my father.
And do some other stuff, you know.
And don't worry!
And for the gift and heritage of children.
And for the health and and comfort...
And four ounces.
And he lives down in the basement all alone.
And here's our song.
And here's to you Mrs Robinson
And how are you doing over here, Mr Garbis?
And how there's 50 billion sperms in one shot, and that...
And I been... I been thrown off most of them too.
And I can't tell you where they go
And I did fall in love with her, very much in love.
And I don't have a clue
And I don't have a clue
And I don't think I could do it myself.
And I don't understand
And I have never had that before.
And I I I changed my mind, and I want... I wanna go back to San Francisco.
And I I usually sit there, but it's usually empty.
And i i... it looks pretty good.
And I just wanted to know if you really know what that means.
And I love Daniel, and he loves me very much.
And I need to be responsible...
And I take you as my husband...
And I take you as my wife...
And I wanna make you happy.
And I want her to... I w w want her to come along with me.
And I want to look special, with nice make up on...
And I want to make you happy...
And I want you to select a few paintings that we can discuss later. All right?
And I wanted to let everybody know...
And I, for one, I like the fact that she never quits.
And I... I'm in love with a girl too.
And I'd like to stay that way
And I'm sure that some of these visitors are going to be...
And I'm sure you're gonna want to have visitors come over...
And if I said it was love at first sight, that would be disingenuous.
And if you don't like Daniel, I don't care. Don't come.
And it was... it was so beautiful.
And it... and it just... it just doesn't have that Thanksgiving feeling.
And listed this as her home address, so they threw her back here.
And Mom... Boy, she's just so excited.
And Mrs Matthews, the health teacher and the cafeteria monitor...
And my... my dad...
And next month she's going to make me...
And no matter how long I wait...
And nobody's going to tell me how to do it, not even you, Radley. No!
And not only are you judged as a person, but you're also judged by how well your children are doing.
And now I would like to dance to our favourite song...
And now this school, her regular school won't even take her back.
And now, by the power vested in me...
And page 84...
And really, she may never be ready for an apartment. My God!
And see that guy right there with the big baton?
And she did some of the cooking too, right, Winnie?
And she had... she had a reputation...
And she helped me do all my laundry that I brought from school.
And she love... s s she loves me too.
And she will come and join us with Daniel, and we will finalize these vows.
And she won't even tell me.
And she... she... 'Cause she's the... she's the only one that makes me feel like a person.
And smile. Perfect! Beautiful.
And some other school friends are coming too.
And television freaks show cops and robbers everywhere
And th this one takes you...
And Thanksgiving is coming up soon...
And that he... he said... he said it's my mother's turn.
And that they'll try to coitus us.
And the baker, Danny's boss.
And the sand at my feet
And the sock really accentuates your feet.
And then he gets all confused and, and mixed up...
And then it... it's my turn.
And then s she goes off to get, get married to somebody else, and see... and see...
And then she... and she smokes a cigarette.
And then the dip thing!
And then the other one is, he's a music... works in the music department at the university.
And then what?
And then you could say anything you want...
And then you don't talk about it ever again in your whole life.
And then... and then he goes and he tries to rescue her.
And then... and then I I just come here.
And then... And then on Mondays, um, uh, I get... I get to clean out the tubas.
And then... And then...
And then... See, 'cause the thing was, I... 'Cause I finished before I was supposed to. See?
And there was a... there was a lot of rubbing.
And there was a... there was a lot of, um, hugging...
And they back up.
And they... and they try to get them into the tubas.
And they... and they... and they never... and they never talk to me, Ernie.
And this is my child's life. Carla's not ready for an apartment.
And this is where all the bus people come.
And this one right here.
And today the dogs are here to be seen...
And we are both responsible for putting Carla in that place.
And we came up with our own vows now, at the last minute.
And we decided it would be great to hear the band from the audience.
And we love each other so much...
And we thank You that we are all here together again for the first time in many years...
And we were lucky this time. She came back here.
And we'll explore your options later.
And we're going to be married...
And with all that I am and all that I have...
And with all that I am and all that I have...
And won't it be fine
And you can stay up as late as you want, and you can watch TV.
And you don't forget your pepper spray.
And you walk right out, hmm
And you were always beautiful.
And you yelling in the background is not exactly good for business.
And you'll see, I'm sure that you will grow to like them very much.
And your big, ugly centrepieces.
And, actually, Carla, I have kind of a surprise for you because...
And, and, and he's a drum major, and they, they, they call him Walkin' Wally.
And, anyway, Dr Johnson said that, uh, that these are your favourite colours.
And, Caroline, I'm very proud of you.
And, Radley, you'd better get going, otherwise you're gonna be late.
And, uh, I, I take you as my wife...
And, uh, somethin' like this. How are ya? See?
And, uh... See See, 'cause, uh... I... I even got ones that glow in the dark.
And, you know, serial killers, so...
And... and I... my promise and my, my joy...
And... and my... and my rent's 500 dollars a month.
And... And these are my CDs.
And... And... And see, they... 'cause they made me practise on a banana.
Animals and children tell the truth They never lie
Any boyfriends over for a while, all right?
Any old time
Any old time
Any old time
Any old time
Anybody's ever said that to me before.
Anyway, dear, with this apartment, I just don't think that you should have, um...
Anyway, I never meant to insinuate anything against you.
Are you getting the pepper spray?
Are you kidding? We wouldn't miss this for the world.
Are you r ready?
Aren't you?
At last
At last
At last
At last
At last
At my special school they taught us...
At someone else's apartment?
At the family planning place.
B But Dad pays the bills here, and you're the boss.
Because Daniel will be there for sure.
Because holidays are special...
Because I got out of school early today.
Because I wanted to tell you the good news...
Because someday I'm gonna have a job, too...
Because there's this special exhibition...
Because those are lies. Now, Radley, we have to do something.
Because you learned the easy stuff first.
Because... 'cause... 'cause I only make 350 dollars a month...
Before I came to this class, I just didn't even know the difference...
Behave! Mom!
Between, like, a ROM or a RAM or a bit or a byte.
Body and mind is...
Body! Body! Body! Body!
Body! Body! Body! Body!
Bring Tickles. Come on.
Bus 45, express service to Sacramento...
But all you have to do is be brave...
But anyway, I want to see a couple of sweater sets.
But be on time.
But could I have a pet too?
But Cupid's arrows overcame her dishevelled coif...
But Daniel never asked for the money.
But do you have the one song that goes...
But don't worry. You don't have to come to my wedding.
But honestly, Radley, sometimes I think that there must be some mothers out there in the world...
But I don't feel it
But I don't want to be the one who always says no to her. I really don't.
But I don't want to do page 155...
But I got a job in New York, and Caroline went to college.
But I had to. I had no other choice.
But I I, see, I don't... I don't want any soup.
But I know how to do some things.
But I liked all your letters that you wrote, Heather.
But I think we should look at our Sister Wendy, because she's going to be in Florence this week. I'm very excited.