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Jerry and Marge Go Large

Jerry and Marge Go Large

Jerry and Marge Go Large is a captivating comedy-drama film that tells the extraordinary true story of Jerry and Marge Selbee, directed by Marco Calvopina. This heartwarming movie takes viewers on a thrilling ride that explores the relentless pursuit of the American Dream, starring an exceptional cast including Oscar-winning actors Jack Nicholson as Jerry Selbee and Helen Mirren as Marge Selbee. The film was released in 2022, delighting audiences with its unique blend of humor and inspiration.

Jerry and Marge Go Large follows the lives of Jerry and Marge Selbee, a humble couple with a passion for playing the lottery. Set in the small town of Evart, Michigan in the early 2000s, the story depicts their everyday struggles as they find themselves on the brink of financial ruin. Jack Nicholson delivers a remarkable performance as Jerry, a retired high school math teacher who discovers a secret flaw in the state lottery system.

Driven by his love for numbers, Jerry teams up with Marge, his devoted wife played by the incomparable Helen Mirren. Together, they embark on a journey to exploit this unanticipated opportunity. As the couple starts winning massive prizes, their lives take an unexpected turn. They quickly find themselves in the center of a nationwide scandal, surrounded by critics and admirers alike, all eager to uncover their secret.

The film masterfully captures the dynamic between Jerry and Marge. Nicholson's portrayal showcases Jerry's dry wit and intellect, while Mirren brings Marge's determination and unwavering support to life. Their on-screen chemistry is palpable, making every scene a joy to watch. The story not only chronicles Jerry and Marge's rise to unimaginable wealth but also delves into the strains this newfound success places on their personal relationship.

Jerry and Marge Go Large is a rollercoaster of emotion, effortlessly shifting from lighthearted comedy to poignant drama. The screenplay by Daniel Bowman weaves a compelling narrative that explores themes of love, integrity, and the pursuit of happiness. As the pressure mounts, Jerry and Marge face difficult decisions and grapple with the consequences of their actions.

One of the film's highlights is the stellar supporting cast, including Sarah Paulson as investigative journalist Lisa Baker, determined to expose Jerry and Marge's secret. Paulson delivers a powerful performance, adding depth to the movie's dramatic undertones. Other notable performances include Michael Shannon as Jacob, a devoted friend and fellow lottery enthusiast, and Octavia Spencer as Sylvia, a skeptical neighbor who becomes an unexpected ally.

Jerry and Marge Go Large features a remarkable soundtrack that heightens the film's emotional impact. The original score, composed by John Williams, perfectly complements the on-screen action, enhancing both comedic and dramatic moments. The film also incorporates popular songs from the era, transporting audiences back to the early 2000s with nostalgic tunes that will leave them humming long after the credits roll.

If you are eager to experience the magic of Jerry and Marge Go Large, you can find the film at your local theater or play and download the soundtrack on all major streaming platforms. Brace yourself for a thrilling ride filled with laughter, tears, and a newfound appreciation for the lengths people will go to in pursuit of the American Dream.

A fishing boat. What...
A little over four.
About drawing a logo for Pop Pop's business.
Actually, I'm gonna get them first.
Ah. That's way more stupid.
All right, folks, check those numbers. We wish you the best of luck.
All right, guys, it's gonna be a big one. It's all of us now, so make it count.
All right, let's break this guy.
All right, night.
All right, old man, suit yourself.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. Aah.
All right. I'll be right there.
All right. You grab that.
All right.All right, what?
All these bright, young people helping you get rich.
Also, I'm gonna need you all to fill out about 300 lottery slips,
Always happy to meet with our loyal players, Mr. and Mrs. Selbee.
And a one in 1,500 chance of hitting four.
And announced they will phase out the game after tonight's drawing.
And call everything port and starboard.
And don't worry, we left you two the counting part.
And everybody starts betting, and Benjamin Button gets in his truck.
And everyone you play with.
And get started.
And hardly anybody was winning the jackpot,
And he would know.
And how many WinFall tickets did you sell at your store?
And I found us a small town to play in.
And I had to find out if I was right.
And I hope you find your frog.
And I realized that I wasn't really angry at you.
And I started calculating how fast the bobber was moving
And I'll be right out.
And I'm not about to gamble with it.
And it was at that moment that I realized
And let me tell you from experience, being here all day sucks.
And Massachusetts isn't that far.
And nobody gets six numbers.
And now you have a boss who's going to let you sleep in.
And our very last number for today is number 23.
And she didn't ever think I'd be able to afford it.
And so far we kind of suck at it.
And sweat, and passion, okay?
And teach my wife how to grade papers?[ALL CHUCKLE]
And tell me what I'm doing wrong? Oof.
And that doesn't work for anybody but you.
And that is how much we brought.
And that's where my buddy, Darryl, comes in.
And that's why everyone in town trusts you to take a chance.
And the Downtown fund will cover the rest.
And the two number winners just gives us free tickets,
And their womb can have babies.
And then I hear him ask me, "What do you think, Dad?"
And then we bet a million in one day. I mean, we own the game.
And then when it hits two million, we know a roll down is coming in,
And then you finally took your shot, and you brought us all with you.
And then, the last letter...
And they missed it.
And they won't even know that we have a duffle bag full of cash.
And to care about all these people the way you do,
And took advantage of it, to the tune of millions of dollars.
And we discovered a flaw.
And we don't know how long this game is gonna last.
And we hope you're a winner.
And we lose $1 million?
And we will.Well, that's easy for you to say.
And we would like two machines at the Liquor Hut in Sunderland.
And we'll handle all the betting.
And were wondering if you could stop by.
And what would you do?
And where do we get $1 million?
And with more capital, we can control the game.
And won't yell at me.
And you are killing the ambience of our liquor store.
And you brought this town back from the dead
And you flipped it 1,000 times,
And you show me what you can do
And you, for keeping a secret.
And, boy, sent your profits through the roof.
And, Old Frank can sure use a mail truck he doesn't fall out of.
And, uh, we're gonna give him an extra share, but here you are.
ANNOUNCER ON TV: Cross those fingers, our very last lucky number is 21.
ANNOUNCER ON TV: Forty three.So, how'd it go with the boat?
ANNOUNCER ON TV: Our next number is 46...
ANNOUNCER ON TV: Thirty one.
ANNOUNCER OVER MICROPHONE: Ladies and gentlemen,
Any questions?
Anyhoo... tractor's running.
Are they upset?
Are you aware there's a player in Michigan winning millions every month?
Are you depositing a penny?
Are you having a stroke?
Are you sure?Hmm.
As you can see by our returns, it works.
As you might have imagined it,
At a good garage sale.
Aw, you're disappointed in me?
Bathroom lights?No. That'd be stupid.
Because he calculated that was a smarter purchase.
Because I will do that.Well, that is fun.
Because I'm here all day.
Because it looks like a "1",
Because it's an adventure.
Because it's not fair to the regular players.
Because it's what you need to dig a grave.
Because nobody at the lottery figured out what I did.
Because right now we're losing
Because she knows it'll work.
Because the day would come when you could help them.
Because they were free.
Because this is mine.
Because you don't do anything.
Because you had calculated there was,
Because you knew that once everybody saw it,
Been better.
Before you realized there was a flaw in the math.
Believe me, I wanted to.
Best euro I've ever spent.
Beyond dropping out of school because I blew my entire tuition?
Bill just wants to keep his share of GS Strategies.
Bill, I'd like to introduce you to GS Investment Strategies.
Bill, you need a new frog.
BILL: But they're not hoping to get lucky.
BILL: Come on!
BILL: Hey!
BILL: I'm gonna get you first.
BILL: Jerry and Marge dissolved our betting group
BILL: Jerry did finally give in and buy himself a new truck,
BILL: These are my friends, Jerry and Marge Selbee.
BILL: We doubled it!
Bill?BILL: Hey, Jerry. Hey, Marge.
Binomial distribution only considers two factors.
BOTH: Whoo!
BOY 1: I told you we should have...
BOY 2: Did you get the pretzels?GIRL 3: Yeah.
BOY 2: Yeah.
Boy, oh, boy.
BOY: Bathroom vacancy grid.
Brats and... Oh.HOWARD: Cheddar?
Bring in the whole town.
But anybody that wins above 60,000 is in the public record.
But binomial distribution doesn't consider the third factor.
But by using it, we've introduced a variable that changes it.
But I hid it behind the Yoo hoo this morning so that nobody would get it.
But I'd rob a bank if it gave us something to talk about.
But I've been running simulations during the drawings, and it's right.
But if we create a roll down when nobody expects it, we take it all.
But if you flipped it 5,000 times, the probability gets closer to 50%.
But in the end, you're just seeing less.
But instead...
But it only works if you can bet big.
But it took a long time for me to figure people out.
But it turns out it's this room that matters.
But it's also like being retired,
But it's going to take time,
But it's online,
But it's over.
But last time I checked, my father never made $1 million in a night.
But look at this guy. Wins big every three weeks.
But on the roll down weeks,
But the game has been a huge success for the state.
But the reason you won't share the pot is because you have nothing else.
But then I thought, "Heck, the prom ends at midnight,
But then on the long drive here,
But there are dividends that you can access.
But they said you're only allowed one per location,
But they'll still turn your mouth blue.
But this story doesn't start there.
But this... this popcorn's very stale. Ugh.
But we're behind on our bills, and don't have enough for a share?
But we're so close.
But what the hell? Put me in for 1,000. [LAUGHS]
But, uh, I just can't have customers in here.
But, you know, every system can use an improvement.
By the way, a bunch of us are pooling money
Bye bye.
Can I get dressed first?
Can that be right?
Can we show Pop Pop?
Can you get money from your dad?I'm not asking him for shit.
Can you stay open later?
Card was declined, Helen. I'm sorry.
Cashing tickets for people who owe child support, or have a warrant,
Come on, pull over.We're only a mile from home.
Come on.
Darn right.DOUG: Are you going to also come by
Darn!JERRY: Whoa!
Depends which ocean you're on.
Did that woman just rob you?
Did you check for other claims?Yes. There was one.
Did you ever think maybe the world wasn't passing you by?
Do I like fishing? I do? Okay.Yeah, you took me once.
Do you accept other forms of payment?
Do you have 10 grand?No.
Do you not see all these empty cubicles?
Do you really think we're the only ones who know?
Does it?
Does laughing at you count?
Doesn't look like much.
Doesn't mean they won't.
Don't need a logo.Logos help.
Don't need an appointment.Okay.
Doug, put it on top there.Yup. All right.
Doug, the Porters lost power in their barn and they want you to come take a look.
Doug, would you watch the grill for a second?
DOUG: Dad...
DOUG: Jesus.
DOUG: Oh, God. Here we go.
DOUG: Okay, talk to me. So you wanna renovate it?