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Resident Alien - Season 2

Resident Alien - Season 2

Resident Alien is a captivating television show that premiered in 2021. The series follows an extraterrestrial being named Harry who crash lands on Earth and assumes the identity of a small-town doctor. Based on the Dark Horse comic book of the same name by Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse, Resident Alien beautifully blends comedy, drama, and sci-fi elements to deliver a unique and entertaining storyline.

In Season 2, the adventures of Harry, played by the talented Alan Tudyk, continue as he struggles to maintain his secret identity while being entangled in various hilarious and suspenseful situations. Tudyk's portrayal of Harry is nothing short of brilliant, capturing the essence of an alien trying to blend in with clueless humans flawlessly.

The ensemble cast of Resident Alien is equally impressive, with amazing performances from Sara Tomko as the insightful Asta Twelvetrees, a nurse who becomes suspicious of Harry's true nature. Corey Reynolds plays Sheriff Mike Thompson, who is constantly torn between trusting Harry and investigating the peculiar occurrences in the town.

Season 2 also introduces us to new characters, including Mandell Maughan as D'Arcy, a clever and independent woman who becomes romantically involved with Harry. Their chemistry provides a romantic thread that adds depth to the storyline.

The writing and storytelling in Resident Alien - Season 2 are both witty and thrilling, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats and eagerly anticipating each episode. The show expertly balances comedy and drama, effortlessly transitioning between hilarious comedic moments and intense plot developments.

Fans of the show will be thrilled to know that the soundtrack of Resident Alien - Season 2 is an absolute delight. The music perfectly complements the tone and atmosphere of the series, enhancing every scene. From suspenseful, orchestral pieces to catchy, upbeat tracks, the soundtrack is a treat for the ears.

If you're a fan of Resident Alien - Season 2 and want to relive the gripping moments or simply enjoy the fantastic music, you can play and download these sounds here. Immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of Resident Alien and let its captivating story and phenomenal performances continue to entertain you.

In conclusion, Resident Alien - Season 2 is a must-watch television show that effortlessly combines comedy, drama, and sci-fi elements. With a stellar cast, brilliant writing, and a captivating soundtrack, this series is bound to leave viewers eagerly awaiting each new episode. So, sit back, relax, and prepare to be enthralled as Resident Alien takes you on an unforgettable journey through humor, suspense, and otherworldly adventures.

A baseball cap to be a home for your head.
A cortisone shot before the race?
A couple big city cops playing in a tiny town.
A duet with Bigfoot.
A few of them believed in you as mayor,
A handsome, rugged sheriff keeping the streets safe
A human being.
A Jessup murderer lights a firecracker,
A lot of stuff to do.
A lot of...
A plant in front of your security camera that night,
A portal, I guess, is the closest thing you could say.
A portal.
A sense of belonging to a place,
A tiny monster. It attacked my cows.
A way to contact the Alpha Draconians.
About everything you miss about D. C.
About me moving, it’d be you,
About one man’s opinion?
About that new lunch lady, Agnes?
About the Alpha Draconians. Mm hmm.
About what's best for the town.
About your feelings instead of stuffing them
Actually, I voted for myself, so that's eight.
Actually, I will have two donuts.
After the presentation is over, thanks.
After your presentation, I told you
Against their will. I'm not resisting.
Ah, ah. Oh!
Ah, don’t worry about them.
Ah, I don't know why.
Ah, so this is Jay.
Ah, thank you.
Alien emojis.
Aliens can also live in cabins with meat freezers.
All alone like some weirdo.
All humans do it.
All mining companies do it.
All my siblings had already died.
All right, Bloom, you got this. Do your thing.
All right. [chuckles]
All right. Thank you. [clears throat]
All the money's gonna go to big corporations.
All: * She carved her name, she's one of us *
Also, are they poisonous like Komodo dragons?
Also, do you have any eggs?
Also, Gerard Hundemer needs you to do a house call
Also, I need you to refill this prescription for me.
Also, unrelated, I would like to make a motion
Also, you are very old,
Am I beginning to care about all humans?
An expansion plan to add a golf course...
An expansion plan... How about now?
And "HMBP,"
And a jug of mead in my hand.
And a piazza with shops and restaurants.
And after everything you did to help me with the presentation
And after so many decades,
And all the buildings will be full...
And carve our names.
And definitely not somewhere else who knows where.
And degrade you if it keeps you alive.
And do what you think is best for the town.
And fly away with your ham.
And Greensoul Properties is known for their commitment
And guilt and fear.
And have a bite before you go trick or treating?
And have tea ready for me before I went to work.
And he can't know we have the baby.
And he parks it there so we don't expand the dig.
And he’s probably already swiping right
And hot, sexy worm breath,
And how are they gonna respond to that?
And I am already hungry.
And I am attached to it the way I was attached
And I damn sure can’t write them no ticket
And I enjoy watching children cry...
And I fell down in the grass.
And I may never find it.
And I still I still don't really know anybody.
And I teach him to speak English.
And I think 40 of those were Hawthornes,
And I will walk forever if I have to
And I wouldn’t have been a good one.
And I'm hungry.
And I'm just a lady who knows how to drive a backhoe.
And I'm just spitballing here, right,
And I’m not moving anywhere. What?
And it gave me a message telepathically.
And it has nothing to do with environmental justice.
And it is like a
And it might be time to move back to DC.
And just thinking out loud if a certain someone
And let Jessup take the reins on this investigation.
And live the way I was born to live
And maybe maybe she would have wanted me.
And never think of her again,
And not in the road
And now I've come in to spread the joy.
And now it is time for you to guide them, okay?
And now this?
And now you're using food to make yourself feel better.
And on the way down, all I can think is,
And part of the living is feeling it all.
And please, stop sending them messages.
And remember, look both ways when crossing the street.
And rip off our bean bags.
And ruined your lunch with Jay.
And satanic worship.
And see what's upstream that could cause this.
And she's not like you know, like us.
And sneak cigarettes.
And sometimes the hardest things in life
And sometimes you gotta face life head on.
And take you one step closer to happiness.
And that actually makes me extremely happy.
And the biggest case I ever had here, it just ended.
And the murals were made for you,
And then he would say something humans say
And then I called up some favors
And then nobody gets any churros.
And then the whole town piled in here
And then we all have to guess what it is.
And then your brilliance allowed
And then, I exercised. Ugh.
And there's Kayla and Liv.
And there's something called Insectoids,
And they've been trying to hide it.
And this mustache was expensive.
And those three yogurts you stole.
And trust me, as a Hawthorne,
And used the DNA to take over his body.
And we could just go back to normal.
And we could talk on the phone forever about nothing?
And we feel it's our duty to try to make it right, okay?
And when Sam refused to play ball,
And why are there extra feet in here?
And why are you all grassy and sweaty?
And wind blowing through the feathers in their hair.
And you being so supportive, it's the least I can do.
And you smoke a lot of 1960s hash.
And you will not die for many years.
And you're gonna go out with him again.
And you’re not supposed to shame the patient.
And your body is falling apart
And, you know, if he can't talk to me,
Another stall in the bathroom.
Any deeper here in Patience.
Apparently, you weren’t listening to him?
Are consistent with my initial theory.
Are you allowed to tie a baby to a chair, over?
Are you hungry? Because I've got stew, babe.
Are you in?
Are you kidding me? You’re amazing!
Are you sure it's not something else?
Aren't you sad, Sheriff?
As an alien.
As hard as you try to hide it,
As I start acting like an alien.
As I was saying, it will be one of the most exclusive resorts
As it prepares for your death.
As just a little bit magical?
As long as I am on this planet,
As long as they die in a ditch
As much as they are objects in the sky.
As the accelerating atoms speed up,
Asta gave her up because her husband was punchy.
Asta has the day off.
Asta’s mother is just like me.
At least now, the hole is filled.
At my old stomping ground at the NYPD.
Attachments to things, to places.
Aw, a Patience snow globe.
Aw, that’s sweet, calling my mom shit.
Babies are expensive.
Baby, I told you not to eat your toys!
Baby? Baby?
Baby? Baby?
Baby? Baby? Over here.
Bad baby! [grunts]
Bam, dead guy, killer with three fingers.
Based on his patients' illnesses.
Because Harry is breeding these things to be evil,
Because he should be arrested for being too handsome, right?
Because I gave it to you for Christmas.
Because I told Harry about the baby.
Because I'm sitting on the seat.
Because it reminds me of the way things used to be
Because of the resort?
Because someone keeps stealing it.
Because then if I moved,
Because we don't live in a police state.
Because we will destroy you and everyone you care about.
Because you pushed it too far.
Because you're not as alien as you used to be.
Before a preliminary injunction hearing.
Before D’arcy’s race, we might as well spend it
Before everything changed.
Before he could tell me
Being in human form must be allowing emotions
Ben Hawthorne says he doesn’t want
Besides, I'd like to listen to some music
Bobby, where are you?
Bobby? Bobby?
Both served time. Both have ties to the mob.
Both: ♪ You gotta be cool ♪
Both: He did? Who...
Both: Team D’arcy!
Both: That's not true.