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The Last Duel

The Last Duel

"The Last Duel" is a gripping historical drama film that was released in 2021. Directed by Ridley Scott, this intense and captivating movie brings to life one of the most legendary duels in French history. Set in 14th century France, the film tells the story of two knights, Jean de Carrouges and Jacques Le Gris, who engage in a deadly duel to settle a dispute.

The cast of "The Last Duel" is filled with incredible talent, ensuring an outstanding performance. Leading the way is Academy Award-winning actor Matt Damon, who plays the role of Jean de Carrouges. Damon's portrayal of this determined and courageous knight is remarkable, bringing depth and intensity to the character. Alongside him is Adam Driver, known for his roles in "Star Wars" and "Marriage Story," who plays the cunning and enigmatic Jacques Le Gris. These two actors' chemistry and talent truly shine as they bring their characters to life onscreen.

Another key figure in "The Last Duel" is Marguerite de Carrouges, Jean's wife, portrayed by Jodie Comer. Known for her exceptional work in the hit series "Killing Eve," Comer delivers a powerful and moving performance as a woman caught in the middle of a fierce conflict. Her portrayal of Marguerite showcases her range as an actress and draws the audience into the emotional turmoil faced by her character.

The film also features notable performances from other talented actors, including Ben Affleck as Count Pierre d'Alençon, comically portraying the role of a flamboyant and wealthy nobleman. Additionally, Harriet Walter brings strength and wisdom to the character of Nicole de Buchard, Marguerite's mother, while Nathaniel Parker skillfully brings to life Sir Robert d'Thribus, an influential figure in the court.

"The Last Duel" is a visually stunning film, brilliantly capturing the essence of medieval France. The attention to detail in the set design, costumes, and cinematography is mesmerizing, transporting the audience back in time. Ridley Scott's masterful direction ensures that every frame is filled with atmosphere and suspense, further immersing viewers into the world of this historical tale.

Music is a crucial element in enhancing the emotions and atmosphere of any film, and "The Last Duel" is no exception. The soundtrack, composed by Harry Gregson-Williams, perfectly complements the narrative, accentuating the intensity of the duel and the dramatic tension that unfolds. The epic orchestral compositions create an immersive cinematic experience, making the audience feel every beat of the story.

Good news for enthusiasts of "The Last Duel": you can now play and download the sounds of this incredible film! The official soundtrack is available for purchase and streaming on various music platforms. With just a few clicks, you can immerse yourself in the epic score composed by Harry Gregson-Williams, reliving the emotional journey of Jean de Carrouges, Jacques Le Gris, and Marguerite de Carrouges.

In conclusion, "The Last Duel" is a must-watch film for history buffs and cinema lovers alike. With an exceptional cast, stunning visuals, and a mesmerizing soundtrack, Ridley Scott's retelling of this legendary duel grips audiences from start to finish. Experience the intensity and emotions of this compelling story by watching the film and diving into its captivating soundtrack. Play and download these unforgettable sounds today to relive the magic of "The Last Duel."

A child needs his mother
A coincidence.
A cold, callous man who does not love you as I do.
A cold, callous man who does not love you as I do.
A fact not lost on Pierre, I'm certain.
A good soldier and good fortune are not long parted.
A healthy child in these times
A libertine after my own heart.
A little color on one's face proves they're alive.
A love...
A most unspeakable charge has been brought against you.
A name.
A **** cannot cause a pregnancy.
A tragic result, Jean,
A woman
A woman I would devote my whole life to.
About the kissing.
Absolutely not.
Adam Louvel, milady.
Adam Louvel?
Adam Louvel?
Adjudicating this matter who,
Against a man I once considered a friend.
Against any and all enemies of my king.
Against my wife,
Ah, hear me say I'm in love with you.
ALICE: Milady, we've returned.
All 32 members of Your Majesty's court.
All of France is talking about this, and I'm innocent.
All right, let us look at the map.
All right, men! Make preparations for battle!
All the aforesaid charges,
All while speaking of duty and honor.
All you have done is bring shame to our family.
ALL: Amen.
ALL: For the king!
Allow me to introduce my daughter.
Almost so low that one might see the queen's pierced nipples.
Although I am not certain I am experiencing
Among others,
An affair?
An heir to the family name.
And a verdict will be rendered by your overlord
And absolutely none of this is your concern.
And accuse Le Gris to hide this.
And all of France?
And all other manner of people.
And any other,
And at great risk to her name and reputation,
And be tried by the Church
And because I once stood godfather to his late son!
And carnally
And carnally
And command its garrison as captain
And despite my protestations and my revulsion,
And do not look so sad.
And do you experience pleasure at the end?
And drink you all under the table.
And every night hereafter.
And everything that comes with it.
And extends all the way to the hill beyond.
And from what I have heard,
And gifted to my most faithful of squires
And he does not like to kiss me.
And he will be hanged.
And he will.
And he'll stay that way if he knows what's good for him.
And hereby do accuse this squire
And how often they want.
And how would you have done that in my household?
And I am your friend.
And I do hereby deny
And I further maintain, saving the honor of Your Majesty,
And I further maintain...
And I know
And I may not live to see him grow.
And I would do anything for you.
And I've forgotten the name of it, um...
And if this said Jacques Le Gris
And now, you insist upon me?
And now, you've made an enemy of Count Pierre.
And now...
And on the peril of damnation of my soul,
And otherwise, call himself a man of arms.
And our allies have failed to take the port at Brest.
And our sovereign lord,
And Pierre simply gave it to you.
And prolific.
And ready to honor the marriage.
And reveal you for having borne false witness.
And risks nothing!
And shortly after, a man came, unannounced.
And show the good faith of the house Carrouges.
And stricken from the record.
And such an act did, in fact, take place,
And summarily burned alive.
And that could render our child an orphan.
And that he is false
And the collection of rents?
And the cost of labor has now risen.
And the truth will prevail.
And there are many others like me who would prefer you not perish.
And there is no end to my decency.
And there was Le Gris,
And to render him dead at an appointed time.
And to stand before me for the second time in as many years,
And we have been wronged.
And we need to be ready.
And what else?
And what of Aunou le Faucon?
And what of the bride price?
And what of you?
And what said Pierre?
And when they say they do not have it?
And wholly without guilt.
And wicked to say this thing.
And wickedly lied!
And with Our Lady,
And with the aid of God,
And without five of the nine squires under my command.
And yet, here you are,
And yet, under extraordinary pressure
And you are saddled with a terrible burden.
And you are six months pregnant.
And you know as well as anyone our enemy's present.
And you will confound
Any arms that have been forged with spells,
Apparently fruitless.
Apparently, he's letting her out of the dungeon for one time only.
Appreciation of one another's extraordinary good looks.
Are there any more questions?
Are you gonna let your wife speak to me in a tone like this?
Are you ill?
Are you not happy for me?
Are you Squire Jean de Carrouges?
Are you telling me the truth?
Are you telling me the truth?
Are you telling me the truth?
Are you... Are you all right?
Armed in the manner that pleases him,
Arriving in the village next week?
As an appellant in your court
As captain here at Belleme.
As does yours.
As he has in the past.
As I have put the books in order, as well as everything else.
As I say, starting at the hunting grounds.
As if by magic.
As long as you are fulfilling your wifely duties.
As the fates would have it,
As to the sworn testimony of Lady Marguerite,
As well as the lessons learned.
As well as your knighthood.
As you wish. Take your leave. Do as you like.
At the task of producing an heir.
At what cost?
Attempts to flee Paris,
Aunou le Faucon.
Axe, axe!
Aye, great,
Badge of honor.
Badge of honor.
BAILIFF: God be with you, milady.
BAILIFF: His Majesty, King Charles VI!
Be thou a knight in the name of God.
Be thou a knight in the name of God.
Bearing an heir.
Because a feud between your lordship's vassals
Because what happened to me is wrong.
Because you gave it to me.
Bed more,
Before my king and all of France.
Before my master left, he had told me to do so.
Before nightfall.
Before they are dead.
Before this insouciant knight troubles our king any further with this nonsense.
Bernard is a frugal man
Besides a bountiful harvest,
Best be in there when she does.
Between victory and defeat,
Bitter taste in the mouth?
Brings naught but trouble and distraction.
But at what cost?
But Aunou le Faucon is worth twice what I owe.
But by which old man will tire first.
But do not let your loyalty blind you.
But does he know you to be the most exquisite,
But does he know you to be the most...
But he was not alone.
But he was not alone.
But he's illiterate, though, isn't he?
But I cannot return empty handed.
But I count him as a friend.
But I do not complain of ****.
But I must defend my name.
But I spied candlelight, and I knew it must be you.
But I swear to you, this charge of **** is false.
But I will miss you.
But if you find it pleasurable, then you are.
But in this hall
But is love a sin, Father?
But it is no trouble.
But my honor compels me to speak.
But my husband does not trust him.
But that's not all this Pierre wants.
But the common mind has no capacity for this sort of nuance.
But there was much about this world that he understood.
But what of my name?
But you are ill. You must stay here, indoors.
But you cannot change right from wrong nor wrong from right.
But you have not been yourself of late.
But you see
But you would die happy.
But, instead, it's become more repulsive.
By this squire
By whomever marries your daughter.
Can he not simply be tried for his crime in the courts?