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Person of Interest - Season 5

Person of Interest - Season 5

Person of Interest - Season 5 is a thrilling television show that aired from 2016-2017. Created by Jonathan Nolan, the show boasts a talented cast including Jim Caviezel as John Reese, a former CIA operative, and Michael Emerson as the enigmatic Harold Finch. This action-packed series follows Reese and Finch as they use a secret surveillance system to prevent crimes in New York City. With its intelligent storytelling, complex characters, and intense action sequences, Person of Interest - Season 5 keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Relive the excitement by playing and downloading the sounds of this exceptional series here.

A bespoke suit.
A couple of presidential assassins.
A couple of years back.
A deal.
A few months later.
A flood is coming.
A front row seat to the sclerotic political gridlock.
A good friend of mine was killed with a 6.5 round.
A hearse will pass your way in three, two...
A liaison will be down shortly to escort you upstairs.
A little less morbid.
A lot of trucks going in and out.
A machine that spies on you every hour of every day.
A man who sold the world.
A man who wanted to improve
A modem?
A network to reach Finch.
A presidential assassination would destabilize regions,
A purpose.
A real connoisseur's choice.
A replacement compound
A response team's been dispatched.
A Russian satellite in a Molniya orbit.
A small minority, Mr. Finch.
A system you asked for to keep you safe.
A Torus antenna.
A vicious cycle engorging
A wireless modem. Here.
About my organization?
Across that arc.
Across the globe scramble to contain the damage.
Across the world are experiencing its effects.
Actually, there's been a slight change of plans.
Advance recon complete, Mr. Pierce.
Advanced science, changed the world.
Affecting public works, transportation systems,
Afraid I'm all too well aware.
After 9/11, the government wanted a system
After a potential terrorist attack
After Jessica turned him away,
After Samaritan uploads its copy to the satellite,
Again, Detective.
Agent LeRoux, remember?
Agent Wickham, Homeland Security.
Ah, there we go.
Airtight that way, right?
Alison Sterling, Congressman Joe Sterling's wife.
Alison Sterling.
All it takes is a couple of concerned citizens
All items in the bin, please.
All of Fort Meade will be on our asses in seconds.
All right, Lionel,
All right, plant this along the tunnel.
All right, you've done it.
All these memories,
All those people over the years,
Allow me to reach my full potential.
Almost there.
Although I have made another choice of sorts
Although the retinal scan could get tricky...
Am I speaking to you now in this moment,
Ammonia, propane.
An arrow.
An ASI is the only thing that can save this planet.
An exit strategy.
An off the books operation outside of your jurisdiction.
An unfortunate side effect?
An unwillingness to see the world has changed.
And 100% security.
And afterwards, he said something that I remembered.
And all I can do is watch,
And all my crimes have gone unpunished.
And all personnel have been permanently reassigned.
And all to effect a greater good.
And are you prepared to fight the Secret Service?
And each time, that name turned out to be the key
And eccentric tech billionaire Logan Pierce
And global databases.
And Harry,
And he pulled four people out.
And how we fought back.
And I am.
And I do.
And I know I can't change your mind.
And I must confess...
And I was saying you can't have 100% privacy
And I was there with all of them.
And I'm ready to start again.
And I've begun to fear for my safety.
And if I'm right, then somebody really built the damn thing,
And in your case, Riley,
And increased efficiencies
And ISA just let it happen.
And it fits the description of a stolen vehicle.
And it hasn't gotten us very far.
And it understands that some sacrifices are as unavoidable
And it usually doesn't end well for them.
And just make you disappear?
And local law enforcement alike.
And Maria will receive his heart.
And maybe...
And notify the FBI, I'd be most grateful.
And our assassins are counting on it.
And protect the Machine from Samaritan's men.
And right now, I need to borrow a few things.
And Samaritan is building an ark for us to board, two by two.
And say those words, and I will.
And she hasn't stopped shaking since she raised her gun.
And so funny looking.
And surrounded by gold,
And tell your colleagues to focus on their jobs
And that is why I will not join you
And that proved to be very difficult indeed.
And that took some of the fun out.
And the countries they'd visit along the way.
And the door, if you will.
And the middle?
And the National Guard's on call.
And the next step on the evolutionary ladder.
And then I heard something.
And then something else.
And then, uh, just wait for me in the lot.
And then...
And they taught me the value of life.
And this is a thermonuclear weapon.
And thoroughly background checked at the door,
And threats never stop coming.
And wait for him to text us.
And we dodged a bullet
And what did you decide?
And what I found was
And what I found was that the moment that often
And what is love if not being seen?
And what might those be?
And will be dead in five weeks.
And yes, I am married to the Congressman Sterling.
And yes, I am married to the Senator Phillips.
And you can bet
And you chose to sign their death warrants.
And you just said it,
And you know full well it wasn't the Chinese.
And you wound up one of his victims.
And you, Fusco,
And you've always known,
And your aforementioned propagation module.
And your home alarm system is disabled.
And your solution is to rip it apart?
And your timing at that fund raiser was impeccable.
Another off book case, Riley?
Any ideas how to do that?
Any luggage, sir?
Any one of these people could be a mole.
Any regrets?
Apparently I was a fussy baby and the only way to calm me down
Are allowed inside the building.
Are always the ones with something to hide.
Are fully operational.
Are Mr. Reese and Ms. Shaw in danger?
Are we clear?
Are we gonna bust some heads open or what?
Are you okay?
Are you starting to worry about them, Charlie?
Are you still with me?
Are you sure, Harold?
Are you there?
Are you there?
Are you there?
Are you...
Aren't reunions nice?
Armed and dangerous, use extreme caution.
As is life.
As is life's evolution.
As it stretched into its second day, financial markets plunged,
As much as I'd like to continue this conversation,
As systems across the globe continue to break down,
As the virus spread,
As they are necessary.
At a presidential fund raiser last night,
At ease.
At first, well, I had been trying to save the world
At least under her real name.
At the expense of the current one.
At the federal museum.
Atta boy, Bear.
Atten hut!
Aww, Harry,
Baby Samaritan hiding in plain sight.
Bad news: this is as close as I'm getting
Be at peace, Harold.
Be quick about it.
Bearing news of resistance
Because in addition to this being now,
Because it never had your trust.
Because of what it would mean for me.
Because the Intel is never wrong.
Because there would be nothing and no one
Because you can't experience it like I do,
Because you don't feel things the way other people do.
Because you will never know
Because, you know, Olivia invited
Been there, done that.
Before the digital age.
Before they turned up in the tunnel.
Behind you, John. Now.
Bet I know why he made such a bad waiter.
Better, actually.
Big sister.
Blackout was a nice touch.
Bonjour, Harold.
Building manager said half a year.
Bunch of bodies turned up in some demo'd tunnel in Queens
Burn bag chutes for classified docs.
But after a while, I came to appreciate it.
But at least we get to take down
But Carter lived. Prospered.
But do you understand, Harold?
But does your Machine know the password?
But either way, it's over.