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Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009)

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009)

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs is a hilarious animated movie that was released in 2009. This fantastic adventure takes viewers back in time to the Ice Age, where Manny, Sid, Diego, and their friends encounter a whole new world filled with dinosaurs. The brilliant voice cast includes Ray Romano as Manny, John Leguizamo as Sid, and Denis Leary as Diego, among many other talented actors who bring these beloved characters to life.

If you're a fan of the movie and want to relive the laughter or hear the delightful sounds of the Ice Age universe, you can now play and download these sounds here. Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and let the fun begin!

A fortress of solitude.
A little dull.
Across the chasm of death.
Actually, I've been thinking, that soon, it might be time for me to head out.
Ah, uh, uh! No peeking.
Alone, lonely loner..
Alright now pile on everyone, couldn't be easier.
Alright, I'll help ya. But I got rules. Rule number one:
Alright, let's do it.
Alright, preggers. Don't get your trunk in a knot.
Alright, you guys get some shut eye, I'll keep watch.
Always listen to Buck. Rule number two:
Am I okay? Do you know anything about child birth?
An ugly pineapple.
And I'm sure you're gonna grow up to be giant, horrifying dinosaurs.
And the scores all tied up.
And we didn't even know it.
And you're gonna have to go through me to get them!
And, and those three... and her.
Anybody here?
Are you a kid? Don't answer that.
Are you hungry? Maybe you're hungry. I know just the thing.
Are you nuts! We're not getting on that thing!
Aren't you?
Baah, baaah! Ahhhh!
Baby proof nature? Get outta here.
Back... and forth and back. Until finally I let go and shot right out of his mouth.
Bad eggs, rotten eggs! A heart attack you almost gave me.
Better friend? Are you plucking my whiskers?
Better luck next time, snowflake. This isn't gonna hold him long. Let's go!
Boy, you're starting to sound like Diego.
Breathe in the toxic fumes and you'll probably die.
But I loved her.
But you're getting a little carried away.
Can we keep him?
Come here, kids. Well let me tell you something. You're where you belong now.
Come on, inside, inside, inside.
Come on, mammoth. You supposed to have a good memory.
Come on, Sid. I don't want you touching anything. This place is for kids.
Coming up baby! Coming up baby! I'm coming, Ellie!
Crash and Eddie are coming with us?
Crash? Eddie?
Daddy fall down cliff and go boom, boom, boom. Silly daddy!
Diego, there you are. You missed the big surprise.
Diego... Catch!
Dinosaur attacked Sid, Sid fights back with piece of broccoli.
Do earthquakes, shriek?
Don't ever, yabba, dabba, do that again!
Don't let my boring domestic life hit you on the bottom, on your way out.
Don't panic! Just some, technical difficulties. Keep holding it in boys.
Don't say that, when you're pressed up against me.
Don't worry about a thing. You're doing fine.
Don't worry, Buck, we got this.
Don't worry, it's just lava. Deadly,
Don't worry. He's where he wants to be.
Doom and despair. Yadda, yadda, yadda!
Dude, you're awesome! You're like the brother I never had! Me too.
Eating kids is not a discipline issue.
Ellie wait, maybe the deranged hermit has a point.
Ellie! Ellie! Wait up!
Ellie! Whoa!
Ellie! You saw that thing? This is gonna be dangerous.
Excuse me. I'm trying to have a conversation here.
Face it, Sid. We had a great run, but... now it's time to move on.
First sign: stealing someone else's eggs.
For the record, I blame you for this.
Goodbye, Sid!
Grab that ammo.
Guys don't talk to guys, about guy problems.
Ha! Score one for the sloth!
Half eaten carcass! Hunk of... Oh, no!
Having a family, that's huge. And I'm happy for you, but...
He who has gas, travels at the back of the pack.
He'll bounce back, it's one of the advantages of being Sid.
He's alive.
Hello, Rudy!
Hello? No, no. I can't really talk right now. I'm trying to recover a dead sloth.
Here I am!
Here, boy. Here, come on!
Here's what I think happened:
Hey why aren't I up there?
Hey, get off my lawn! Go on shoo!
Hey, no biting!
Hey, where you going?
Hey! Me amigo's. Que pasa?
Hi, neighbour!
Hmm, it smells like a buzzard's butt fell off.
Hmm. How about Aaah! The baby's coming! How's that?
Hold up, guys!
How about we get Sid first, and then go back for Roger.
How do you know, oh, great and wisely, weasely one?
How you going to become big and strong dinosaurs?
I am not.
I call him Rudy.
I can have them on Sundays to Tuesdays? Wednesdays to Fridays? Weekends!
I could use a little compassion.
I don't believe it! You're trying to baby proof nature.
I don't know, being a parents, a lot of work.
I don't want to panic anybody, but who's flying this thing?
I feel tingly.
I forgot what it was like to be part of a family.
I got it! I got it!
I got tracks.
I got you.
I gotta say sweet heart, you really got timing...
I grabbed hold of that, roast pink fleshy thing that dangles at the back of the throat.
I hung on to that sucker, and I swung back and forth, back and forth.
I knew that guy when he was a caterpillar. You know, before he came out.
I knew you would agree.
I liked you guys better, when you were extinct.
I love it.
I love peaches, they're sweet and round and fuzzy.
I may have lost an eye that day. But I got this.
I need to get to her.
I never thought of going back. I've been down here so long, it feels like up to me.
I saw that, tough guy.
I say Can we talk about this?. You say Grrr.
I say they're vegetarian. You say Grrr.
I smell something.
I told you to take them back, and you kept them! Now look what they've done.
I told you! It was just a kick.
I wouldn't do that, if I were you.
I'd like to present, Eggbert, Shelly and Yoko.
I'll have them out of there before they're digested.
I'll make my own herd. That's what I'll do!
I'm a mommy.
I'm fine, don't worry about me. I'm just taking my...
I'm not pregnant!
I'm not really built for chaperoning playdates.
I'm not sure how much of that you could hear?
I'm responsible, loving, nurturing. What do you think?
I'm so lonely.
I'm sorry, but you can't go in. Manny says, It's just for kids.
I'm sorry, no, it's okay, it's okay. Don't cry! Why you still crying?
I'm sorry. I just wanted to keep you safe, and
If it wasn't for me they'd be... Egg sickles.
If you eat me, it will send a bad message.
If you go in there, you'll find your friend... in the AFTER LIFE!
In the ice, for ever!
Is he going to be okay?
Isn't Ellie supposed to be the one with the hormonal imbalance?
It's a healthier lifestyle. I mean look at me.
It's amazing.
It's an old saying. But uh, it's not a very good one.
It's either this dinosaur, or that one!
It's going great. Ah, excuse me.
It's good to have you back, Sid.
It's happening!
It's not poison.
It's Okay, It's okay, mamma's here!
It's okay, mommas okay!
It's right, sweetheart. Welcome to the Ice Age.
It's Rudy I'm worried about.
It's Sid!
It's so disturbing.
Just before, Rudy could suck me down his gullet.
Just Crash? Just Eddie?
Just don't break anything!
Just go with the pain. It's just a contraction.
Just like your mother.
Let me just dry you off.
Let's get our...
Let's go.
Like I'm going to be afraid of a pretty flower.
Like I'm going to be afraid of a pretty flower.
Listen these things get complicated. Maybe we can work something out.
Listen, I'll protect, Ellie. You stop those guys.
Long for Buh!.
Look, who are we kidding, Manny? I'm losing my edge.
Mamma, mama, mama!
Manny, I know you're excited. I am too.
Manny, if they reach her, it'll be to late. You have to trust me.
Manny, this is the world our baby's gonna grow up in. You can't change that.
Manny, wait! No one has to leave.
Manny, wait! No one has to leave.
Manny, you take care of Ellie, until we get back.
Maybe I'm not ready.
Mayday! Mayday! We're losing altitude! Hold these.
Me? You should hear you.
Missing my friends. Probably are not missing me.
Momma's coming right back.
Mommy, his not sharing.
Mummy dinosaur carrying three babies, and... some floppy green thing?
My bad.
My hooves are burning, baby! They are burning!
My paws are burning, baby! They burning!
Nah, too long. We need something short and punchy, like, uh... peaches!
Never had I felt so alive, than when I was so close... To death.
Never mind!
Never thought I would say this, but... I missed you, buddy.
No dependence, no limits, the greatest life a single guy can have.
No wonder you're single.
No, go! Go find some adventure, Mr. adventure guy!
No, I'm sure everything's fine.
No, no, no! That's not for us kids. Way to feathery, and fleshy, and...
No, no, no! We do not eat live animals, period.
No, no, no... That's... You're taking this the wrong way.
No, no, that last dino caught my eye with a claw and...
No, not really. I saw 'em come through here earlier. She's headed for Lava Falls.
No, they were underground, in ice.
No! I'm too young to be eaten.
No... I raised them vegetarian.
Not one! It's incredible.
Now go, fly. Be free.
Now I wish my kids were here. You could have been friends.
Now let me tell you about the time I used to sharpen, clam shell to turn a T Rex.
Now, they're following me! I know, they think I'm crazy.
Now! Eyes forward! Back straight... and... uh, yes...