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And that accent you've tried so desperately to shed pure west virginia
Another orphan of a bankrupt culture who thinks he's john wayne rambo marshal dillon
Are you a typical american I think it's important that I should know
But you're an american citizen sure and at one minute after five i'm going to be a very rich american citizen
But your so curious costumes don't be put off by them ma'am under this garb we're perfectly ordinary americans
I know americans you see a girl with the type breasts they like and they put her in a fancy car and they buy her some expensive food and then lie about money and then try and take her into a bed
I understand perfectly you american shit
I'm an american honey our names don't mean shit
Listen real americans
Perhaps it might be better mr president if you were more concerned with the american people than with your image in the history books
Show me an american who can keep his mouth shut and i'll eat him
Still the cowboy americans all alike well this time john wayne does not walk off into the sunset with grace kelly
Tired of years of violence corruption and loss of personal liberty americans go to the polls and overwhelmingly rout the dry forces
We are here to help the vietnamese because inside every gook there is an american trying to get out
We're just good patriotic americans like yourself
Well it's nothing any american with balls of steel wouldn't do for his community
While you americans you are fighting for the biggest nothing in history
Why don't you americans learn from us from our mistakes
Yeah that's true the viet cong were invented by the americans sir
You americans you're all the same always overdressing for the wrong occasions
You give him credit for too much cleverness my impression was he's just another blundering american
You know i've seen americans on the street and in the cinema of course but uh i've never talked to one before
You know my name but who are you just another american who saw too many movies as a child