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And this kid is ready to go
And you got it going on there
But I hear you yeah
But I would have a
Do a couple of problems with yet some pitching spots here and there you know what I mean you lost a melody a little bit
Dog pound we got another hot one right here
Great song choice perfect anna song
Guess who I think was the best one of all the all the boy right there was the best of all Y all
It was definitely a little bit on the pitch E side
It was pitch in spots I don't know I didn't feel it
Listen I always love your voice been a fan since day one
Now I know who's gonna be tall
So you gotta love dogs right
Way too big for you
What was that I was like this is the dog wander fall is the dog wind up
Yeah I like this
You got it and I love it and it was hot tonight
You would have bombed tonight baby that was hot