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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A Fish Called Wanda Soundboard Sound
Alright alright I apologize i'm really really sorry I apologize unreservedly I offer a complete and utter retraction the imputation was totally without basis in fact and was in no way fair comment ...
Are you totally deranged
Are you totally deranged? #deranged #demented #lunatic #crazy #insane
At home
Avoid the green ones are not ripe yet
Disappointed #a fish called wanda #disappointed #disappointment #kevin kline #otto #jamie lee curtis #wanda
Dogs ever ever ever call me stupid
Don't Call Me Stupid #kevin kline #jamie lee curtis #insult #stupid
Don't call me stupid right to call you stupid would be an insult to stupid people i've known sheep that could outwit you i've worn dresses with higher iqs but you think you're in an actual don't yo...
Even if you were my brother i'd still want to fuck you
For the middle thing about the police
He was sorry about my brother can I know he's insensitive had a hard life tends to beat him up good
He's spineless bimbo
I got slimy fish
I guess you can tell you parking job just unpacked no title
I love watching your ask when you walk is not beautiful or want
I'm coming stupid
I'm harvey man friend simpson
I'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry
I'm telling ya baby they checked in last there boy they looked your high real good
It's alright it doesn't bother maine
Oh you english or so superior aren't you well would you like to know where you'd be without us the old USA vader protect you i'll tell you the smallest fuqing province in the russian empire that's ...
Okay #a fish called wanda #okay #stay calm #deep breath #take a deep breath #jamie lee curtis #wanda #kevin kline #otto #exhale
Otto DISAPPOINTED! #disappointed #otto #a fish called wanda #wanda
Q pompous stack up snot nosed english giant twerps come by but they stick head asshole
So next K red twenty seven technique
Sorry i'm sorry I ain't your friend OK
To Call You Stupid Would Be An Insult to Stupid People #jamie lee curtis #insult #stupid
What about my chips in to handle them yeah that's my forecast i'll stand by that nothing I think twenty million dollars is worth a little muzzling eighty percent chance that sucking my thought you ...
When you say friendly what are we talking about here portugal courteous supportive but I don't know let's just see what happens so friendly might include actual penetration
You pompous, stuck up, snot nosed, English, giant twerp, scumbag, fuck face, dickhead asshole! #insults #name calling #pompous #arrogant #dickhead #stuck up #scumbag #rant
You pompous, stuck up, snot nosed, English, giant twerp, scumbag, fuck face, dickhead asshole! #kevin kline #insult #asshole
You're a true vulgarian aren't you
You're smart you got wonderful bones great eyes and you dress really interesting lee