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Home > Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Jake Peralta...
A skibba skob skoop
Aha, noice
Barrel of laughs
Boobies bounce
Boobies on my vest
Butt enhancement surgery
By using my big fat brain
Bye Nikolaj
Captain Dad
Captain Holt!
Celebration candy bars
Champage, mountain range, hugs
Clown booby
Cool cool cool cool cool cool cool
Cool cool cool cool no doubt
Cool cool yeah
Crucial as hell
Dat really bummed me out
Didn't work
Four kilos
Give them a public dressing down
Gross, gross, gross
Guilty cool
Hey, my croissant
Homeland security
I was kinda thinking about asking you out
I'm stuck
It will be good and professional
Just breathe, baby
Just urinal water
Let's break into the FBI
Let's do this
Literal chills
Lost your objectivity
Name of Amy's sex tap
No longer made
No no no no no no no
No spoilees
Now number 5
Now that it's just us
Number 1 or number 2
Oh cool
Oh cool cool cool
Oh my god I forgot about that part
Oh wait
Potato Potato
Pull up
Santiago broke the glass!
Sex tape (ass bite)
Sex tape (get to sexual)
Sex Tape (kind, sober, fully-dressed)
Sex tape (not your fault I was terrible)
Sex tape (what is taking so long)
Sex tape (why doesn't your mouth work)
Sex tape (with someone)
She meant it
Something funny
Tell me why
Telllllll me why
The Pontiac Bandit
This B needs a C in her A
Three perps in the three-perp cell
Time to party
Title of my sex tape
Was it cool it felt very cool
We did it!
Well, guessed wrong
What, how
Why do you have to ruin everything
Wife and dad
Yeah how cool
You sick son of a bitch
You suck man
You're lactose intolerant