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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Ah, good
All I do is I give
Am I a fool
Are you a bipedal human
Are you ready to spill the tea
Are you serious
Because make no mistake
Bitten by a radioactive art student
But I can't stand this
By golly Miss Molly
By Jove
Calm yourself down
Can we calm down please
Can you see the tears in my eyes
Can you speak less
Chris being british
Chris fighting noises
Clap sync clap sync, 1 2 3
Come cringe with me
Couldn't give a damn
Crisis averted
DJ Ray
Do you know these people
Do you know what OJ stands for
Do you remember when things were nice
Everything is radioactive
Excuse me whoever you are
Five million degrees
God's abandoned everybody
Good luck with this
Gosh dang silly nanies
Guess what happens
Hairy eyes
Have you seen the DOW Jones recently
Hell yeah it does
Here's some maths for you guys
Hey everybody, it's me
How am I suppose to advertise pharmaceuticals
How is this pleasant
I couldn't believe it
I don't care who is who
I don't like this at all
I don't want to be invaded by Youtube
I donated my nerve endings
I failed idioms in high school
I followed my gut
I found a loophole
I found this beautiful little gem
I have an announcement to make
I hope you dumble
I hope you get flung off this planet
I like that one
I long for nuclear conflict
I need a shower after that
I too, had brain damage
I want you to take Paul outside
I will not be satisfied
I would cry
I'm a clever wizard
I'm a comedic genius
I'm befuddled
I'm from the wild west
I'm going to ask you a simple question
I'm not a big fan of this at all
I'm not a skin walker
I'm not sure I understand this
I'm not your daddy
I'm really overwhelmed
I'm sick and in pain
Is that possible
Isn't that reward enough
It's a mixed bag
It's the worst thing I've ever seen
Just bad taste
Let me remake the world
Like a seething homunculus
Listen to me
Look at this nearly finished cow
Look me in the eyes
Man what is wrong with me
Massively Unloved
May god have mercy
My hands turn into yams in the summer time
My least favourite sound
My posture has gotten so emaculate
Not what I signed up for
Nothing is good any more
Oh it's my favourite
Oh no, it's happening
Oh what a sad day
Oh what I got
Ok good job there
Oreo scoop your face
Papa needs some cheddar
Pew Pew
Phenomenal gift
Put that down
Quentin Quarantino
See what I meant to do
See you later
Somebody needs to check this out
Stay outta my way and know your place
Stupidest thing I've ever seen
Tekken kick
That is the tea
That was a bit of a tangent
That's a bad idea
That's a good point
That's a nice horse you got
The devils lettuce
The economy
The power this yard stick bestowes me
Their scary
There is no turning back
There you go, good as new
There's something majestic about it
These uzi's are making we woozie
This is not complicated
This man is the shape of racist
Tickle your soul
Tom Sweeney isn't real
Voitual Reality
We're abandoned by God
We're living among a generation of trolls
We're talking double digits
Welcome to my den
What a bunch of malarchy
What are you waiting for
What are you waiting for 2
What does it look like, Paul
What you see is what you get
What's that saying
When you wish
Where am I
Why is everyone dumb
Why is this happening to me
Why you always acting like a boomer
Wow, what a salient observation
You dolt, you daft fool
You ever been so woke
You go by a bunch of different names
You have possible slave labour
You know what they called me in high school
You selfish person
You sickly imp
You're gonna have to do better than that
You're in prison, get doomed
You're just a Bill
You're never going to see