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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Ah, right, OK then.
All the best and.
All the best.
And I've also told you the same problem with your telephone.
And somebody on YouTube keeps ringing you up today.
And you keep thinking I'm American?
Are you by any chance of guest house in Windermere?
Are you talking to somebody in Chattanooga Choo Choo, are you?
Because, strangely enough, this happened last week. May remember in fact it was on another line. It was on another telephone altogether that I've got in the premises, and in fact it's not even on t...
Call Mike Elliott
Did they tell you you were going to be on YouTube?
Did you say you were a microbiologist?
Did you? Did you at some stage talk to somebody who insulted you all swore at you on the phone?
Do you want to pay for that?
Don't have a go at me pal, it's nothing to do with me.
Exactly what I've done.
Forgive me.
Good day.
Good Lord.
Ha ha.
Hello, it's me again.
I charted accountant.
I didn't understand.
I didn't want any case at all.
I didn't want any other day.
I do understand what you're saying.
I do.
I don't have any drugs.
I don't have any.
I don't want you to think that I'm in the least bit insulting. I've three people listening to this conversation and not one occasion. Have I said anything to you even slightly filthy.
I don't. I don't need a room.
I expect they'll be interested. You were making drugs.
I guess a fairly major problem on your line, then Chief.
I have not called you either. My telephone just Rang and I just picked it up so have a bit of understanding. Will you for goodness sake be civil?
I haven't called you. I've simply responded to my telephone ringing.
I haven't got any, I'm afraid Chief.
I hope it gets sorted.
I hope that's not costing you.
I hope you get your problem resolved.
I know you're not.
I promise you, it categorically wasn't me, I I give you my word, but I did come in at some stage during the conversation with you in a filthy manner.
I said I simply picked up my telephone.
I say all that's interesting then.
I suggest you get the problem solved. You know PPT because they won't be able to sort something out.
I was just explaining to you that we've had this problem last week that I've got a fellow mouth.
I will ring BT and I'll report it and ask him to check what's going on. Do you think that would be OK?
I, I haven't rung you again
I'll see if there's a problem they send.
I'm a particular ones. Have you been making?
I'm an upstanding pillar of the community chief.
I'm in Cardiff, which is in South Wales.
I'm in Cardiff.
I'm not conversational go viral on YouTube.
I'm very delighted to hear it.
I've never called you, I know.
I've not said anything in the slightest bit insulting to you.
In Cardiff.
In Oklahoma
Is there anything I can help you with?
It is extraordinary, yes.
It wasn't me.
It's neither of neither of ours. Fault is a purely a technical problem I guess.
It's not a train.
It's nothing whatever to do with me, Chief.
Keep your hair on.
Maybe you should carry on doing that then instead of wasting your time talking to me.
My friend from Windermere.
My guest house in Windermere.
My telephone Rang. There are three people here sat with me watching me an listening, listening to me, talking to you.
No, I don't buy that.
No, I don't think I want the room chief.
No, I'm not American chief.
Of course you can.
Oh my God, I'm afraid.
Oh my golly ho.
Oh, good Lord.
Oh, I don't want any other dates chief.
Oh, really.
Oh, right.
Oh, right.
Perhaps I could ask you a similar question.
Respected gentleman.
Same with me. I mean, you've you've obviously reported it yourself, have you?
Strange how people are brought together so I I hope we get it resolved. I hope you get it resolved.
That must be what it is then.
That should be interesting then.
That was an entirely different telephone number on a different network.
The average toilet cleaner.
They want to come to your house for the weekend today.
This is the world.
Unfortunate that it's happened. It's happened to the two of us, although with respect I would say you may just have a short fuse chief.
Very nice to talk to you anyway.
We have to report it.
We'll have to see if the telephone company can square it Chief.
We're hooked up together.
Well done well done.
Well, apparently yes.
Well, good for you Chief.
Well, I I, I assure you chase, it's nothing whatever to deal with me.
Well, I'll try.
Well, I'm glad you think you are.
Well, Interestingly enough, my telephone is just wrong, but I've just picked it up kind of malfunction on the line chief.
Well, my telephone is just run two and I just picked it up so I'm repeating myself.
Well, you tell me you were making drugs and you wanted to swap 'em.
Welsh Chief V1 Soundboard Sound
Welsh Chief V1 Soundboard Sound
Welsh Chief V1 Soundboard Sound
Welsh Chief V1 Soundboard Sound
Welsh Chief V1 Soundboard Sound
What are they chief?
What was that?
When did they tell you you were going to be on YouTube?
Where hooked up with each other chief.
Which is in the UK, that last time I looked
Why do you think I've got a foul mouth?
Why do you think I've got a foul mouth?
Why don't you say you'll probably remember it did happen. I think last week.
Why on Earth did you say that?
Will you be famous then?
Yeah, OK.
You are.
You did mention that they made.
You did tell me, and you're a very respected member of the Community.
You did.
You have a nice day.
You have my word I'll call BT an I'll report it as a fault.
You have.
You might be a famous celebrity.
You're on drugs.