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Anyone got a pin (Bubbled)
Attack 1
Attack 2
Bring that statue back, Krang! (Intro)
Cool off, sucker (Hydrant Spray)
Cowabunga! (Stage Clear)
Forgot the sun cream (Burned)
I feel seasick (Dizzied)
I'm trapped (Snared)
Let's kick shell! (Start Game)
Man, I just had a shower (Soiled)
My nose (Raked)
My toes
Now I'm too cool (Frozen)
Pizza power! (Multi)
Pizza power! (Single)
Pizza time (Energy)
Shell shock (Loss)
That hole's our way home
This cave is creepy (Fallen)
Where's my rattle (Babality)
(April) Reporting (Intro)
(April) The Turtles Have Overcome Shredder (Outro)
(Baxter Stockman) Terminate the Turtles
(Boss) Laugh 1
(Boss) Laugh 2
(Boss) Laugh 3
(Boss) Laugh 4
(Cement Man) Cement Man loose
(Krang) Prepare to die!
(Krang) You shell heads are dead
(Krang) You're going to pay
(Leatherhead) Oh goody fresh turtles for lunch
(Metalhead) I'm going to mangle you green slimeballs
(Narrator) Alley cat Blues
(Narrator) Big Apple, 3 AM
(Narrator) Bury My Shell at Wounded Knee
(Narrator) Neon Night Riders
(Narrator) Prehistoric Turtlesauras
(Narrator) Sewer Surfin'
(Narrator) Skull and Crossbones
(Narrator) Starbase Where No Turtle Has Gone Before
(Narrator) Technodrome The Final Shell Shock
(Shredder) Time Warp Banishment
(Shredder) Turtle soup, my favorite
(Slash) You're history, slime balls
(Super Krang) Face the wrath of Super Krang