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All the bids are back.
Am I? It'll be the first one in six weeks.
And finish.
And that we had a mime routine as part of this week's show.
And the second weird thing was that you, Sam, were jealous of me for going out with him.
Another chick safe.
Another one safe.
Are we sure?
Are you OK?
Are you serious?
Awesome dancing.
Back to planet Jugaron.
Behold the noses.
But did you press OK?
But what if he tries to ruin iCarly again?
Come on, Freddie, let's have a look.
Come on, guys.
Come on, let's go get some food in this movie.
Come on, Sam. We can do it. We'll just make it work.
Cool dancing.
Decision made.
Deep breaths. Go.
Doesn't look good. It's welded solid.
Don't grab robots.
Don't tell me. Everything on the hard drive is gone.
Don't touch that.
Don't try this at home.
Either that or he's hiding.
Exactly. I don't want our viewers gagging.
Excellent grab.
Expertly grabbed.
Extreme recycling.
Freddie, it's almost time.
Freddie, we're about to go in the air.
Freddy, how did it go? Did you track down Neville?
Frog spotted.
Get ready to play.
Go, go. Go.
Good catch.
Good catch.
Good catching.
Good choice.
Good grab.
Good rescue.
Good splat.
Good whack.
Got one?
Great new videos uploaded by our fans.
Great. But growth?
Gross. I don't want that.
He tried.
He's safe.
Here, chickie.
Here, froggy.
Here's the plan we do this week's show from outside Neville's House.
Hey, Freddie, why not?
Hey, where is it?
Hey. Thanks, Freddie.
Hi, chick.
Hi, Freddie.
Hmm, interesting choice.
How long have you been in there?
I accidentally stepped on him.
I am Carly and even I think my show is lame.
I can hear you, but I can't see you.
I can't watch.
I can't work out if this is cute or just weird.
I didn't see it either.
I don't know what any of that meant, but let's do it.
I don't think I've ever been so nervous.
I don't think we have a choice.
I have no idea what that all means.
I like this new one better.
I love doing iCarly, but Neville's ruining all the fun of it.
I love making this show.
I see one.
I think it means you're always hungry.
I was thinking that one too.
I'll get the sticky tape.
I'm down with that.
I'm sorry Spencer, there's only one option left.
ICarly website up and running.
Impressive recycling skills.
It was close.
It was just a nightmare. It didn't really happen.
It'll blow you away, Sam. It's one of the best fits I've seen.
It's about to end.
It's about to finish.
It's nutritious and zany.
It's over. And relax.
It's safe.
Just a few seconds left.
Keep doing your thing.
Keep going.
Keep going.
Keep going.
Keep trying.
Last few seconds.
Left. No your other left.
Let the segment begin.
Look out.
Maybe we can feature Mr Mango next week.
Messy, but cool.
Mr mango.
Nearly got it.
Nearly there.
Never mind.
Neville app destroyed.
Nice hit.
Nice moves.
Nice try.
No way.
No way.
No way. That's totally Iggy. It has to be the surfer. He's hot.
No, leave the stinky objects.
No, that's just you.
No, wait a minute. I've got an idea.
No, wait. Spencer, come up here.
Not cool.
Not here.
Not long left.
Not much time left.
Not quite right.
Not that one.
Oh, nice, flat.
Oh, sorry, wrong.
Ohh good idea. But I lost him.
Ohh yeah, the guy chewing a Boo.
Ohh, robot.
OK, people, it's payback time.
OK, that was weird.
OK, we're ready to go.
OK, you're right. Neville was just a bug.
OK. Suggestions for the password?
One of the options was edit, so Freddie and I did some editing.
Oops, missed.
Perfect rhythm.
Protect the pie.
Quick reactions.
Remember last time you picked up a camera?
Sam, what are you saying?
Save the food noodles.
Segment complete.
Segment finished.
Sir Neville.
So we're having this debate about a video.
So which one's the best?
Spencer, what do you think?
Take that.
Tastes like chicken.
Thanks Spence.
That nearly got it.
That surfer is a dream.
That was cool.
That was fast.
That's funny, but wrong.
That's it.
That's not to be sniffed at.
That's weird, you reminded me. Neville was in my dream too. He was trying to take over iCarly.
That's why Freddie and I have been working on a plan.
The dog that can whistle.
The score of 1.
There's a chick.
There's one.
They got the pie.
This is awesome.
This is random, but awesome.
This is tasty, but disturbing.
This really is gross.
This show.
Tick sided.
Totally unrehearsed.
Try again.
Try it again.
Wait, maybe we can find out where they went.
Watch out for the robot.
Watch out.
We did it.
We figured that we can't stop Neville. So we'll send Neville to stop Neville.
We know where you are, Neville.
We'll get you out.
We're done here.
We're done.
We're going for this one.
We're going to have to do this week's show without any videos.
We're nearly done.
We're trying to decide on the last video to feature this week.
We've got to find that password.
Weird dreams.
Well, come out.
Well, first Freddie was my boyfriend.
Well, it was close.
Well, that was random.
What does that mean?
What? Who said that?
What's that?
Where are you then?
Why not?
Why not?
Yeah, and he was really small and had a body like a cockroach.
Yeah, but where is it?
Yeah, great dancing.
Yeah, I'm not quite so cool.
Yeah, I'm OK. I had another nightmare though.
Yeah, just a little tired. I had this weird dream last night.
Yeah, literally what happened, Spencer?
Yeah, not a good idea. And we can't melt away the iron without melting him too.
Yeah, you designed SIM Neville, now you're going to have to live with him.