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Ah yeah, I love the smell of exploding parade floats in the morning.
All right, now you got to get this clown to a warehouse in Metairie. They're expecting it.
All right, we'll grab the cash and install some fireworks. Hang tight.
Alright, we stopped by. Jackson Barracks, borrow their chopper and then.
And show what I found. Show what I found.
And where?
Any what? Uh, we figured since we're like members of your crew and stuff, ohh, but you'd want in on the action.
But we're still crashing the party, right?
Captain Shrimpy smuggler here says there's definitely someone pulling Duke strings.
Did as good as I could hooking it all up, but um.
Got it. Go find Smith. I'll leave the Popo away.
Here we did it.
Him We gotta capture and deliver to this real estate lady.
Hmm, OK, pictures of naughty time must be blackmail material.
I know. Just like Mama's pancakes.
Man, don't be trolling me like that. It breaks my concentration and gives me frustration.
Munson's in hiding or some such, So what we're going to do is we're going to find his crew and follow him to their safe house.
Ohh Dang.
Ohh, I, I I know a guy who knows a girl who's with the guy who says they're transporting some Miami kingpin, some real badass moonshine dude.
One of the biker gangs is using carnival floats to smuggle money. Got a tip on ones route?
Our moonshine chef got hopped up on Pixie dust and fed himself to Gators. True story.
Same diff. Anywho we follow them back to their safe house, probably take them all out except for the guy we need.
Smith and I have been hired by some real estate lady to nab some hog rider named Alex Munson.
Smith got a theory that Duke isn't acting alone.
So that meeting our friend JD was attending, nothing on this Roger Glacier dog. If he was there, he was a ghost.
Some of them wires are kind of wonky. You best be gentle with that thing unless you want to get blown up.
Something about this dude blackmailing or something I I don't know.
Something tells me those people don't work in real estate.
Technically, Sir, we're dead men driving, OK?
Tell him about Duke.
That he and his whole crooked crew of cops, that their bars something bigger, that they're like chest pieces and stuff.
This man, you know what I'm saying? It sounds better to say Barrow.
We hit the prison and bust out our moonshiner.
We're serious, B. We'd be like valuable asses.
Well, we got a name at least.
What she does with him after that don't care. We're just a delivery boys.
What? This this wasn't a real kidnapping. Who Who are you people?
Who? All right, got the rendezvous point meeting on a bridge. Let's go.
Word. We're still digging around about that meeting with Duke and his overlords, but in the meantime we got a new tip.
You get the float and then find us. We'll be prepping stage 2 digs out.