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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Snd bodyfall1
Snd bodyfall3
Snd bone boss soul
Snd boss hit
Snd boss hit
Snd boss hit
Snd boss hit
Snd bucher jump new
Snd bucher touchdown
Snd f cough
Snd f pl attack1
Snd f pl attack2
Snd f pl attack3
Snd f pl attack4
Snd f pl attack5
Snd f pl attack6
Snd f pl death
Snd f pl hit1
Snd f pl hit2
Snd f pl hit3
Snd f pl jump1
Snd f pl jump2
Snd f pl jump3
Snd hermit lightning
Snd hermit storm idle
Snd hit1
Snd hit2
Snd hit3
Snd hit4
Snd hit5
Snd hit6
Snd hoaxen cast
Snd hoaxen tentacle hit1
Snd hoaxen tentacle hit2
Snd hoaxen tentacle hit3
Snd low cough
Snd low pl attack1
Snd low pl attack2
Snd low pl attack3
Snd low pl attack4
Snd low pl attack5
Snd low pl attack6
Snd low pl death
Snd low pl hit1
Snd low pl hit2
Snd low pl hit3
Snd low pl hit4
Snd low pl jump1
Snd low pl jump2
Snd low pl jump3
Snd m cough
Snd m pl attack1
Snd m pl attack2
Snd m pl attack3
Snd m pl attack4
Snd m pl attack5
Snd m pl attack6
Snd m pl death
Snd m pl hit1
Snd m pl hit2
Snd m pl hit3
Snd m pl hit4
Snd m pl jump1
Snd m pl jump2
Snd m pl jump3
Snd super hit1
Snd super hit2
Snd super hit3
Snd super hit4
Snd super hit5
Snd titan attack1
Snd titan attack2
Snd titan attack3
Snd titan attack4
Snd titan death
Snd titan hit1
Snd titan hit2
Snd titan hit3
Snd titan hit4
Snd titan laugh
Snd titan loose
Snd titan swish1
Snd titan swish2
Snd titan swish3
Snd titan swish4
Snd titan throw hit
Snd wall3
Snd wasp fly end
Snd wasp fly mid
Snd wasp fly start
Snd widow teleport end
Snd widow teleport start