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Cinderella choke1
Cinderella choke2
Cinderella held1
Cinderella held2
Cinderella idle1
Cinderella idle2
Cinderella idle3
Cinderella idle4
Cinderella melee1
Cinderella melee2
Cinderella melee3
Cinderella pain1
Cinderella pain2
Cinderella pain3
Dungeon keeper held1
Dungeon keeper on ground1
Dungeon keeper on ground2
Dungeon keeper on ground3
Dungeon keeper pain1
Dungeon keeper pain2
Dungeon keeper pain3
Dungeon keeper torture1
Dungeon keeper torture2
Dungeon keeper torture3
Dungeon keeper wakeup1
Giant rat chase1
Giant rat on ground1
Giant rat on ground2
Giant rat tossed1
Giant rat tossed2
Jester01 choke1
Jester01 held1
Jester01 pain1
Jester01 pain2
Jester01 tossed1
Jester01 wakeup1
Jester02 chase1
Jester02 choke1
Jester02 choke2
Jester02 held1
Jester02 held2
Jester02 pain1
Jester02 pain2
Jester02 pain3
Jester02 tossed1
Jester02 tossed2
Jester02 tossed3
Knight01 block1
Knight01 block2
Knight01 block3
Knight01 held1
Knight01 on ground1
Knight01 on ground2
Knight01 on ground3
Knight01 tossed2
Knight01 tossed3
Knight01 tossed4
Narrator mission 1 p1
Narrator mission 1 p2
Narrator mission 2 p1
Narrator mission 2 p2
Narrator mission 3 p1
Narrator mission 3 p2
Narrator mission 4 p1
Narrator mission 4 p2
Prince charming choke1
Prince charming choke2
Prince charming held1
Prince charming idle1
Prince charming idle2
Prince charming idle3
Prince charming pain1
Prince charming pain2
Prince charming tossed2
Prince charming tossed3
Prince charming wakeup1
Prisoner choke1
Prisoner choke2
Prisoner freedom1
Prisoner held1
Prisoner idle1
Prisoner idle3
Prisoner pain1
Prisoner pain2
Prisoner pain3
Prisoner tossed1
Prisoner wakeup1