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The Goldbergs (2013) - Season 2

The Goldbergs (2013) - Season 2

The Goldbergs (2013) - Season 2: A Hilarious Journey into 1980s Nostalgia

The Goldbergs, created by Adam F. Goldberg, is a beloved American sitcom that first aired in 2013. Set in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania during the 1980s, the show offers a hilarious and heartwarming look into the life of the Goldberg family. Season 2 of The Goldbergs continues to capture the essence of 80s nostalgia, taking viewers on a journey through the ups and downs of the quirky and lovable Goldberg clan.

The main cast of The Goldbergs comprises talented actors who expertly bring the characters to life. In Season 2, we follow the comedic adventures of the following characters:

- Jeff Garlin as Murray Goldberg: The gruff yet endearing patriarch of the Goldberg family, known for his love of sports and reluctance to express his emotions.

- Wendi McLendon-Covey as Beverly Goldberg: The overprotective and fiercely loving mother who constantly meddles in her children's lives, often causing hilarious chaos.

- Hayley Orrantia as Erica Goldberg: The oldest Goldberg child, a rebellious teenager who dreams of becoming a rock star and navigates the challenges of high school life.

- Sean Giambrone as Adam Goldberg: The youngest Goldberg child and the show's narrator, whose love for video games and filmmaking leads him on countless misadventures.

- Troy Gentile as Barry Goldberg: The middle child, known for his enthusiastic demeanor, love of rap, and idolization of his older brother.

- George Segal as Albert "Pops" Solomon: Murray's eccentric and wise father, who serves as a source of guidance and comic relief for the family.

The Goldbergs (2013) - Season 2 continues to captivate audiences with its witty writing and engaging storylines. Each episode is filled with pop culture references, iconic 80s fashion, and a fantastic soundtrack that truly transports viewers back in time. Whether it's Erica's rock band aspirations, Adam's filmmaking dreams, or Barry's attempts to fit in, the Goldberg family's hilarious and relatable experiences keep audiences entertained and longing for more.

Season 2 of The Goldbergs explores various themes and adventures. Viewers witness Beverly's attempts to keep her children close as they grow older, often leading to humorous clashes between her and Erica. Meanwhile, Adam embarks on a journey to create his own horror movie, facing his own fears and insecurities along the way. Barry's quest for popularity leads to outrageous situations, serving as a reminder of the universal struggles of adolescence.

One of the highlights of The Goldbergs is its exceptional soundtrack, featuring an array of iconic songs from the 80s. From nostalgic tunes by Cyndi Lauper and Duran Duran to rock anthems from Van Halen and Queen, the music is a vital component of the show's nostalgic atmosphere. Fans of the series can play and download these sounds and instantly be transported back to the vibrant era of big hair and neon fashion.

In Season 2, the chemistry between the talented cast is undeniable. Each actor perfectly embodies their character, delivering exceptional comedic timing and heartwarming performances. The Goldbergs has garnered a dedicated fanbase due to the genuine and relatable portrayal of family dynamics, creating a special bond between the viewers and the show.

In conclusion, The Goldbergs (2013) - Season 2 is a delightful continuation of the beloved sitcom that takes viewers on a nostalgic journey to the 1980s. With its talented cast, witty writing, and iconic soundtrack, the show offers a perfect blend of comedy and heart, making it a must-watch for fans of all ages. So sit back, relax, and allow the Goldbergs to transport you to a time filled with laughter, love, and leg warmers. You can play and download the incredible sounds from this season, available here, and immerse yourself in the nostalgia of the 80s.

A bat against a plasma cannon?
A blue banana, and this glittery thing.
A brand new record!
A bunch of chickens.
A career in music, it's absurd.
A connecticut between us. Pass.
A country divided, coming together
A decision I would quickly regret.
A disc surrounded by a case
A fake id,
A few years ago, john calabasas saw me in the mall
A genius little boy.
A girl from your class, not mrs. Rubin.
A goopy eye is well worth
A gung ho ex jock filled with stupid sports cliches.
A guy like that belongs in a gym yelling at kids. It's in his blood.
A hotel?
A hoverboard?
A hug would feel good on my body!
A liar is, if nothing else, a salesman.
A little co**** of confidence.
A little something I like to call "barry goldberg charm."
A little time away was the best thing for him.
A little?
A long time.
A lot of (bleep) smoke
A man who had been sitting on his ass
A movie about a kid who hacks his way
A music video is one part thumping bass,
A ninja of love!
A noid knocking a noid down.
A parking lot full of philly tailgaters.
A plate? Ha.
A presentation has nothing to do with knowledge.
A prestigious summer music program.
A puppet? Is fozzie bear just a puppet?
A real man would find dana himself.
A real, grown up, ice cold beer!
A red skirt suit like us.
A refill on this delicious, exotic tea.
A regular kid,
A rival wannabe posse from the next town over.
A spare pair of underpants in your locker.
A story not about people,
A supermodel had to be perfect,
A symbol of my respect.
A thank you for standing up for me...
A tie so we can be with you all day long at work.
A time to appreciate the people you love...
A typical day for my mom...
A typical Saturday night.
A veritable love letter for the ears,
A very famous theme song.
A very special love boat is almost on!
A video game with people running and jumping.
A what, now? A self gift.
A white stallion down here.
A woman in the white house.
A world where sons just say no to drugs
Aah! Aah!
Aah! Brain freeze! We're insane!
Aah! I touched something wet! I touched something wet!
Aah! Ooh ooh ooh!
Aah! What the hell?
Aah! What the... Stop it!
About a boy who wins a fortune
About a lady who never got married,
About an old girlfriend.
About bevy dancing gave me hope.
About driving all night and islands in the stream
About herself, like, um...
About how much I've won.
About how she snaps necks and takes no prisoners.
About loss and yearning,
About my mantra...
About ninjas and robot sharks is actually good,
About some beautiful dame from my past, but...
About that, there were some rewrites.
About that...
About the messy incident that took place
About the outside world,
About the threat of communism in 1953?
About turner and hooch.
About what?
Absolutely not! We'd love that.
Absolutely not. You've got your sense of humor from me,
Absolutely. She's more than fine.
Absolutely. That is correct.
Access granted. We're in.
According to bushido code, yes.
According to the bushido code, you must repay me.
According to the way of the samurai,
Ace. Two!
Across the street from the school.
Acting all, "I don't like you."
Activate those legs
Actively destroy her dreams. Thank you so much.
Actually found something that we both enjoyed.
Actually I do.
Actually, I already did.
Actually, I got lunch plans with vic.
Actually, I have,
Actually, I know a mighty talented girl named dana
Actually, I thought today I'd be the one to do you a favor.
Actually, I was just so overwhelmed. Why?
Actually, I'm not a freshmen.
Actually, I've been thinking.
Actually, pops reminded us about
Actually, somebody does win...
Actually, they killed all the good guys.
Actually, um, a bunch of people
Actually, um, we're not supposed to get any
Actually, you know what would be even more fun?
Actually, your mom's not so bad.
Adam and barry: ¶ we ain't gonna take it
Adam and barry: ¶ we're not gonna take it anymore
Adam can learn six languages,
Adam f. Goldberg. Pleasure.
Adam forgot his lunch. I just brought it to him.
Adam frederick goldberg!
Adam is starring in a rival play.
Adam is very enthusiastic, and he works so hard.
Adam won't let me live with him when I'm old.
Adam, everyone knows what's going on
Adam, I thought you destroyed the tape.
Adam, if you need to make, call me!
Adam, let's just go home.
Adam, look at me.
Adam, we're getting mohawks!
Adam, you can't buy a girlfriend.
Adam: (on phone) have you checked on the cards?
Adam: Ahh!
Adam: Excuse me. I'm sorry. Adam?
Adam: Hey, it's me.
Adam: Hi, dana.
Adam: I can't believe I'm doing a rival play!
Adam: I got you covered in here, big guy!
Adam: Look how tough you are, man.
Adam: Miss cinoman!
Adam: Optimus! No!
Adam: That's just tickling me. (emmy laughs)
Adam: That's the autobots.
Adam: There's just a small paragraph.
Adam: This is in chinese!
Adam: This is not a celebration!
Adam: We gather here today to witness the burial of optimus prime.
Adam: Why are you like this?
Adam: You know what? Yeah. That's perfect.
Adam: You won, gosh! Dang it! Ahhh!
Adam! Come down here and show your mother your hand!
Adam? I thought you were grounded.
Adam? We need to talk.
Adam. My name is adam.
Adam's my favorite.
Admit it. Admit you're the cameron.
Admit it. You complain about doing mom stuff,
Adorned with a poorly painted red stripe.
Adult adam: 'cause in the end, it's not about labels people give you.
Adult adam: "grandma," "gam gam," "bubbie"...
Adult adam: A good yenta can dish anytime, anywhere.
Adult adam: A man could only dream.
Adult adam: A sane man would have listened,
Adult adam: A yenta is a nickname for the world's most intrusive,
Adult adam: Across town, my mom was desperate
Adult adam: After a bit of a shaky start,
Adult adam: After a half day of rigorous training at the pizza depot,
Adult adam: After a lifetime of taking barry beatings,
Adult adam: After a quarter of agony,
Adult adam: After a surprisingly fun night
Adult adam: After my dad's horrible day at work,
Adult adam: After pops made me realize I was a winner,
Adult adam: After three awesome hours of video games,
Adult adam: Ah, the toy crazes of the '80s.
Adult adam: All erica wanted to do was teach my mom
Adult adam: All I'd wanted was to bring everyone closer together,
Adult adam: All it took was a cd player
Adult adam: Although winning never came easy to me,
Adult adam: An hour later, their musical opus was ready.
Adult adam: And absolutely nothing was accomplished.
Adult adam: And at that moment,
Adult adam: And barry wasted no time
Adult adam: And bring the pain he did.
Adult adam: And even though erica refused to admit she was a yenta..
Adult adam: And for 30 seconds, he had slightly fooled my mom.
Adult adam: And for all the hard work,
Adult adam: And go we did, but not to tennis or a museum, no.
Adult adam: And grounded it was.
Adult adam: And I may not have been the class clown,
Adult adam: And if it wasn't gonna happen on its own,
Adult adam: And in a moment of sheer stupidity,
Adult adam: And it felt great.
Adult adam: And it wasn't a goldberg thanksgiving
Adult adam: And it would change everything.
Adult adam: And just like that,
Adult adam: And just like that,
Adult adam: And just like that, barry had his new identity.
Adult adam: And just like that, my mother realized
Adult adam: And she was right. He really did.
Adult adam: And so began the first
Adult adam: And so ended the worst losing streak
Adult adam: And so we did get a sitter...
Adult adam: And so, I pulled out all the greats.
Adult adam: And so, my climb into greatness began.
Adult adam: And so, they got to work.
Adult adam: And some of his sayings we just found confusing.
Adult adam: And sure, I borrowed heavily