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American Housewife - Season 1

American Housewife - Season 1

American Housewife is a hilarious and heartwarming television show that first premiered in 2016. Created by Sarah Dunn, this popular sitcom follows the life of Katie Otto, a feisty and unapologetic mother of three, as she navigates the challenges of being a housewife in the wealthy town of Westport, Connecticut.

The show features an outstanding cast of talented actors who bring their characters to life with genuine charm and wit. Leading the ensemble is the brilliant Katy Mixon, who portrays the fierce and lovable Katie Otto. Mixon's comedic timing and relatable performance make her the perfect fit for the role. Katie's loving and supportive husband, Greg, is played by the talented Diedrich Bader, known for his roles in comedies such as Office Space.

The Otto family wouldn't be complete without their quirky children. Taylor, the eldest daughter, is portrayed by Meg Donnelly, who delivers a delightful performance as the ambitious and fashion-focused teenager. Daniel DiMaggio brings his comedic skills to the role of Oliver, the brainy and often misunderstood middle child. Rounding out the trio is the adorable and scene-stealing Anna-Kat, portrayed by Julia Butters.

American Housewife also shines a spotlight on the eccentric and affluent neighbors of Westport. One of Katie's closest allies is her hilarious best friend, Angela, portrayed by the wonderful Carly Hughes. The show also introduces memorable characters like the overzealous Doris, played by Ali Wong, and the peculiar "Third" and "Second" moms, Greg's co-workers played by Nikki Hahn and Jeannette Sousa, respectively.

Season 1 of American Housewife introduces viewers to the Otto family and their daily adventures in Westport. Katie Otto is no ordinary housewife, as her rebellious personality clashes with the perfectionist attitudes of her neighbors. She refuses to conform to the mold of the typical Westport mom and embraces her true self throughout the season.

Each episode is filled with hilarious mishaps, sarcastic remarks, and heartfelt moments that resonate with audiences. From Katie's attempts to fit in at school events to her comical battles with her sassy teenage daughter, the show captures the joys and struggles of modern motherhood in a relatable and light-hearted manner.

American Housewife - Season 1 tackles various social issues, often through the lens of Katie's unique perspective. The show offers a refreshing take on body positivity, shedding light on the unrealistic beauty standards prevalent in society. Katie challenges these norms and advocates for self-acceptance and self-love, embracing her curves and encouraging others to do the same.

Throughout the season, viewers are treated to an incredible soundtrack that enhances the show's comedic and emotional moments. The catchy and upbeat tunes perfectly complement the lighthearted nature of the show. The soundtrack is available for download and can be enjoyed while playing or downloading American Housewife - Season 1.

In conclusion, American Housewife - Season 1 is a delightful comedy series that showcases the trials and tribulations of being a housewife in the affluent town of Westport. With its talented cast, witty writing, and relatable storylines, the show has captured the hearts of audiences since its premiere. So why wait? Play and download the sounds of American Housewife - Season 1 and join Katie Otto on her hilarious journey as the not-so-ordinary housewife.

A business owner wants to modify a sign
A dead moose head on the wall, we got Mom!
A death obsessed 7 year old a pet with a high mortality rate.
A defective shirt from the outlet mall.
A downstairs bathroom with reliable plumbing?
A human second grader?
A leisurely half hour dump every morning?
A lot of people would think that that is too much information, but not us.
A nine volt battery, and a small pile of cheese puffs.
A science textbook? A doctor?
A single tubby person in this place all afternoon.
About blowing off the family camping trip?
About myself and my well nourished body?
About the challenges with our children.
About your dirty secrets.
Across the street drinking champagne with Viv?
Acting like a 40 year old trying to act like a teenager.
Actually, I sustained some burns that aren't visible,
Actually, somebody did get hurt.
Actually, sweetie, Mommy and Daddy stole your ponies.
Adorable, really.
Against my will?
Agreed. I regretted it the moment I said it.
Ah, Dr. Ellie's really helping Anna Kat with her OCD.
Ah, whittling accident.
Ah, would you look at that.
Ahh. [Gasps]
All of her friends are just so attractive.
All right, fine. Fine, you win, okay?
All right, I'm just gonna say it true.
All right.
All the housekeepers in town are friends.
All the roads are closed.
All those horrible women in this town.
Am I in?
Am I that good, or is he that dumb?
An awkward disaster?
An expensive shirt for 40 bucks
And a total waste of feminine energy.
And act like part of this family?
And all of her posts are about what a perfect mommy she is.
And Anna Kat will not only be the weird kid,
And Anna Kat's reputation is safe.
And are you sorry?
And by any chance, do you have
And catch nothing...
And Christmas at Katie's,
And don't say that you love it.
And don't use any of the words Mama screams
And double time, just like you suggested.
And ever since then, Luz and I have been business partners.
And fast.
And fired her.
And gays raising kids together?
And get her into Fat Pam's house,
And go home to my crappy house, my sweet husband,
And Greg wants to join the stupid Historical Guild.
And he just didn't get that his thing really wasn't my thing
And he was super into model trains.
And his stupid camping.
And I actively avoid people with three names.
And I booked us a three bedroom suite at the Velvet Zen Spa.
And I brought the fish back.
And I really don't want to hear
And I refuse to participate
And I saw you unbutton your pants at that stoplight.
And I'll turn right back around.
And I'm back.
And I'm going to be
And I'm gonna love getting my hands on you.
And I'm not afraid of cookies, Luz!
And immediately start chopping wood for the fire.
And implied that it was my fault.
And it never crossed your mind to share that?
And it sure doesn't help that we're living
And it sure doesn't help that we're living
And it's like stepping into a really bright spotlight.
And it's making me feel really bad about something
And it's not really even the trains,
And it's tearing this country apart.
And let me talk about Nathan Fillion's hair.
And mother to mother, I promise you
And never pee at a state fair.
And no one can drop one in your downstairs bathroom.
And on the playdate...
And once Fat Pam is gone, I am going to be the s...
And operate the switch track,
And rehire your housekeeper, and I won't tell anyone
And ruin it for Greg.
And ruining your marriage.
And screw over your partner.
And she made a playdate with a second grader.
And she's bigger than me, right?
And someday, you're gonna have a gazillion friends
And Stan won't let you into the Historical Guild?
And start texting all of Westport
And take the shoelaces out of your shoes.
And that is a direct order.
And the truth is, Two Fitbits was right.
And then Anna Kat will never have another playdate again.
And then there's me.
And then try to slap some sense into Oliver.
And then you just run.
And then you walk and then you run.
And there it was again...
And there it was.
And there's good stuff and there's crappy stuff, like this.
And they always end up more like Ocean's Twelve.
And they're just totally giving...
And they're made to feel bad about themselves.
And this is the only weekend that we could get Ed's cabin.
And this is what happens.
And those eyes... I don't think she blinked the entire time.
And those stupid green drinks.
And try to get out of it.
And unless you want our daughter
And we are so sorry that we let the lie go on for this long.
And what principle is that?
And when he does wear clothes,
And when you two put the candlestick back,
And where are you getting your information?
And who are you dressing up for, Oliver?
And yet, now she's fighting me
And you actually screamed?
And you can't do what's best for you
And you didn't even hurt yourself.
And you have to be honest.
And you might just like it.
And you ruined it.
And your legal name isn't Chloe Brown Mueller.
And your mom's interested.
And your sisters are interested.
And, Stan, I remember you saying that you had actual cannonballs
And, to be honest, I don't care if you're not interested.
Anna Kat did.
Anna Kat has a touch of the anxieties
Anna Kat told me about scaring away
Anna Kat, close the door, honey.
Anna Kat, honey,
Anna Kat, we know that you're lying.
Anna Kat! Do not pee in the yard!
Anna Kat's a criminal
Anna Kat's finally old enough to camp with us,
Anna... Ah, forget it.
Another one of your bled through my pants stories.
Any skinnies who seem interested,
Anyway, I'd like it if you joined us.
Apology accepted.
Apparently, I could.
Apparently, today, he brought in a single can
Are you sure?
Are you sure?
Are your floors heated?
Aren't you home here?
Around my neck and have no friends.
As a leading onion producer alive, huh?
As a leading onion producer in America.
At least now I can stop suppressing my thick Norwalk accent.
Aw, that's great, sweetie.
Be at Ed's cabin by noon,
Be right back.
Because I can't tell if she's kidding.
Because I don't want to catch people's invisible germs.
Because I thought it would be easier for Luz to care for,
Because we're not going camping.
Because your mom can never find the mopping cloth refills,
Because your mom can never find the mopping cloth refills,
Before I even knew about it...
Being fat.
Being with someone I can't stand
Besides, your whole life is camping.
Both: She's Chloe Brown Mueller.
Boys trip.
Brand new bag of flour.
Breakfast, Taylor.
Bring in some damn cans of food for the food drive tomorrow,
Bring me my money, Oliver.
Bring us champagne in the living room!
But Angela needs me.
But Anna Kat has a playdate at the house
But Chloe lied.
But deep down, I love it!
But do you have anything to drink?
But every time I look at that chair,
But for now, cheers. To the low road.
But how do you get a racist homophobe
But I didn't listen.
But I drove him to it.
But I flipped off that switch years ago.
But I got some errands to run.
But I got the fire started.
But I hate the thought of you guys being on an adventure without me.
But I thought you said Alan brought you flowers yesterday.
But if I don't get 100 likes a day, I can't sleep.
But it'll all be worth it.
But it's not coming soon enough to help me.
But it's not in the family newsletter.
But memories.
But she's growing up to be one of them.
But she's wearing two of them.
But shouldn't you be focusing on your kids who needs focusing?
But still, it's a victory. We should celebrate.
But Taylor is a teenager.
But the least I can do is help them
But there's Evelyn, there's Pam,
But this is gonna be great.
But this year, Angela's divorce got you out of it,
But we both know the second that we leave here,
But we're partners
But when we look in each other's eyes,
But why are you such a liar?
But you can't leave. We've got a good thing going.
But you have to dress for the life you want,
But you're not really sick?
But, evidently, camping with me is worse than