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Captain Phillips (2013) Soundboard

Captain Phillips (2013) Soundboard

Captain Phillips is a gripping, intense thriller film released in 2013. Directed by Paul Greengrass, the movie tells the remarkable true story of Captain Richard Phillips, who was taken hostage by Somali pirates during the hijacking of the Maersk Alabama in 2009.

Tom Hanks delivers an outstanding performance in the titular role of Captain Richard Phillips. Known for his versatility and incredible talent, Hanks skillfully portrays the courageous captain caught in an unimaginable situation. His raw and compelling performance earned critical acclaim and garnered him an Academy Award nomination.

Alongside Hanks, the cast features a talented ensemble of actors who bring the story to life. Barkhad Abdi, in his debut role, impresses audiences as Muse, the leader of the Somali pirates. Abdi’s searing portrayal of a desperate hijacker searching for a payday earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. The remaining pirates are portrayed by Faysal Ahmed, Barkhad Abdirahman, and Mahat M. Ali, who also deliver memorable performances.

The film takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster as it explores the harrowing events of the hijacking and the subsequent hostage situation. Greengrass, known for his expertise in crafting tense thrillers, masterfully builds suspense throughout the narrative. The tension reaches its peak during the climactic rescue scene, which keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

As every scene unfolds, the film highlights the stark reality of the dangerous world of modern piracy and the impact it has on those directly involved. It raises thought-provoking questions about the human condition, ethics, and morality, compelling viewers to reflect on the lengths people go to for survival.

In addition to its captivating storyline, Captain Phillips is also accompanied by an outstanding score composed by the brilliant Henry Jackman. The soundtrack perfectly complements the on-screen intensity and magnifies the emotions of each scene. From heart-pounding moments to tender moments of reflection, Jackman’s music enhances the overall viewing experience.

For those interested in experiencing the captivating saga of Captain Phillips, the movie is available for streaming and download on various platforms. Through its enthralling plot, exceptional performances, and powerful score, the film invites audiences to witness a real-life story of heroism and survival.

To immerse yourself further in the soundscape of Captain Phillips, you can find the score by Henry Jackman on various music platforms. With its evocative melodies and powerful compositions, the soundtrack captures the essence of the film and transports listeners back to the intense moments of the hijacking and the heart-wrenching struggles faced by Captain Phillips and his crew.

Whether you choose to watch the film or engage with its captivating score, Captain Phillips offers an unforgettable and impactful cinematic experience.

After this, I go America.
Alabama lifeboat, come in.
Alabama lifeboat, if you harm the hostage, we do not have a deal.
Alabama lifeboat, this is negotiator. We'll pull you into our wake.
Alfa green, Bravo green. Two green, one red.
Alfa team green. One green, two red.
All right, now, that handle, see? You're gonna move that up and down.
All right. Send him on in. I'm coming out.
Amen. Yeah, that's right. They're coming back.
America, I kill hostage now!
And kidnapping people.
And you'll be on the first flight home out of Mombasa.
And you're fighting the current. Gotta take that into account
Andrea's a champ, one kid gone, another kid going.
Anything happen, he die. I tell you.
Are you crazy?
ASTAC, TAO, I need a status at Halyburton's helo
Bainbridge to lifeboat, you must surrender.
Bay 17. I'm on it. Shit.
Be careful. I'm on Channel 3.
Be strong, man.
Bilal, hold the gun on him.
Bow thruster full starboard.
Boxer and Halyburton have arrived.
Break, CICWO. TAO. Send that to CTF 151 and SOCOM.
Bridge. Bridge, come in
Bring him up so they can see him. He's on his way.
Captain Phillips, please come in.
Captain, it'll be over soon. Hang tough.
Captain's in Combat.
Chief, bring the guy up now. It's gonna be okay. Bring him up.
Coalition Warship 237, this is Maersk Alabama.
Come on, let's go. Move it.
Come on, man.
Do something!
Do you copy?
Do you understand?
Don't kill him! Better to kill him than let him escape!
Don't shoot him. Don't shoot him. You're gonna shoot somebody, shoot me.
Don't shoot!
Enjoy your coffee. Let's get back to work.
ETA on the SEAL team is 0400.
Even Somalis.
Everybody, get back to work now!
Everything they told you was a lie!
Everything. Ken, you're the duty officer?
Everything's different, and big wheels are turning.
Faster, faster!
Four pirates on board.
Get ready.
Get those hoses on.
Give me the other one.
Gun drawn. Gun drawn. Stop the tow.
He's got bare feet.
Hello, Cap. Let me get that for you. Morning
Hey, captain, I got a uniform, a clean uniform.
Hey, go right here.
Hey, let me clean out that cut.
Hey, Shane. Do you have the captain? Where is he?
Hey, we're alone out here.
Hey, you. Who are you?
Hey. Hey.
How about the kid? Can I look at his foot?
How long till you can shut her down? Five minutes.
How old are you, anyway? What are you, 16, 17?
Hufan, do you read me?
Hurry up, Bilal
I always wanted to go America.
I am now gonna read you your rights
I don't know. I'm here with you.
I don't like the look of that.
I got bosses
I got you.
I hear what you're saying
I heard something!
I kill him! I kill him! Now! I kill him!
I love America.
I need to hear it from him.
I understand, admiral, but we're gonna need some time.
I wanna see. You will.
I want everything closed, locked, even in port
I want him.
I want to search every lock and hold of the ship now.
I want you to lay down nice and gently. Nice and gently.
I'll have two beers and a bucketful of sin, please.
I'll shoot you!
I'm all done.
I'm the captain. I'm the captain, not them.
I'm the captain. Who do you think you are?
I've got him, don't worry
If anyone moves, kill them.
If you harm the hostage, we do not have a deal.
In the engine room. Bring him up so they can see him.
Is anybody hearing this?
It wasn't enough?
It's a gift.
It's like hell in here.
It's not that easy
It's okay, take your time
Keep those hatches locked down.
Let me get the first aid kit, clean that out. It's gonna get infected.
Let's go, let's go!
Look out. There's broken glass. Be careful.
Make sure you're breathing. Okay.
Must've been tracking us
My name is Nemo.
Navy good. They protect us. Back to Somalia.
No one comes out until you hear the nonduress password, suppertime.
No, I'm doing the best No play. No play
No. Where is the crew?
Nobody shoots unless there's a clear shot.
Not with him.
Oh, hey, captain,
Oh, you wanna see in here? This is cold storage.
Okay, get it off of him.
Okay, Irish. Deal.
Okay. Let me see it really quick.
One point seven miles, captain.
One seventeen meters. Two green, one red.
One thirty five meters. That's 44 out from optimal
OSS, TAO, I need eyes on the RHIB. I need eyes on the RHIB
Push the track on the link.
Put the gun inside. We'll take you to your elders.
Put your hand over his mouth.
Put your weapons down and put your hands up.
Request to have pilot ladder lowered and someone standing by.
Right now you are putting them in jeopardy.
Roger that.
Shane! Hose seven has slipped.
She's really big! Get ready!
She's winking at me. But it turns out that's what they do
Shut up and fix it for your crew of women.
Shut up!
Shut up!
Sir, one Somali is extracted. RHIB is headed inbound. Towline is attached
Sir, they're gonna shoot him
Sit! Sit!
Sixteen B ready. Take it up.
Someone's shooting at us
Spread out!
Stop him!
Stop the games.
Stop the ship.
Stop whining. You sound like a little girl.
Stop! Stop!
Stop! What are you doing?
Stow the gangway.
Take his flashlight.
Take his radio.
TAO, where we at?
Target in the hatch. This is Bainbridge out.
Tell my family I love them.
Ten million dollars, sahib.
That way the pirates know we're aware of them and are ready to defend the ship.
That's all I have.
That's enough!
The Navy's not here to protect you.
The ocean was rough. Really rough
The other ropes.
The ship performed well
Then engine room. Go. Okay.
There you go. Very good. Unh.
They got rules.
They think I'm playing games, huh?
They were moving. We cannot outrun these guys.
They'll fix him when we get back.
They'll have access to every door on this ship.
They're at a quarter mile now.
They're coming back in.
They're here!
They're treating us like children.
This is the Maersk Alabama
This way.
Too much waves!
Travel down the coalition corridor to Djibouti.
Two skiffs, both with armed intruders.
Two skiffs. Can't tell how many they're carrying.
Urn, Rich. Rich Phillips.
We all got bosses.
We are just fishermen.
We are preparing our weapons now but request air support if possible.
We have two skiffs approaching at a distance of 1.5 miles
We should be heading northwest.
We'll straighten everything out later. Just get me out of here.
We're working our way down, so we should try the cargo deck.
Well done, everybody.
Well, I feel the same way, Ange.
What do you mean?
What is it?
What? What'd you do?
What's up?
What's wrong with you?
What's wrong with your ship?
When we get a big ship, you will be well paid.
Where are elders?
Where's your boss? He should be with us by now.
Why don't we open up that hatch and get a little more air in here?
With a possible mothership following
Yeah, open the hatch so your crew..
Yeah, we got one down.
Yeah. We're all on double shifts until we make it through these waters.
You are useless. I should have taken it from you.
You cannot win this
You had a plan to take my ship. That didn't work, so you thought you could take me?
You know the drill.
You need to be strong.
You'll never find them. We'll never find them.
You're good. Bring her on up.