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Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Season 3

Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Season 3

Aqua Teen Hunger Force, also known as "ATHF," is an animated television show that aired on Cartoon Network's late-night programming block, Adult Swim, from 2000 to 2015. Created by Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis, the series follows the misadventures of three anthropomorphic fast food items: Frylock, Master Shake, and Meatwad, who live together as roommates in a suburban neighborhood.

Season 3 of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, which aired in 2004, introduced even more bizarre and hilarious storylines than its predecessors. The cast of this imaginative season showcases the voice talents of:

1. Carey Means as Frylock - The intelligent and level-headed floating box of French fries, who acts as the voice of reason among the trio.
2. Dana Snyder as Master Shake - A selfish and often irrational milkshake, constantly causing chaos and inventing harebrained schemes.
3. Dave Willis as Meatwad - A naive and childlike wad of meat, possessing the unique ability to shape-shift into various forms but often struggling to understand the world around him.

Season 3 of Aqua Teen Hunger Force features thirteen episodes, each filled with the show's trademark absurdist humor and offbeat storytelling. Here's a glimpse into some memorable episodes:

1. "Video Ouija" - The Aqua Teens unknowingly release a demonic presence while playing a cursed board game, turning their house into a vortex of supernatural events and mayhem.
2. "Remooned" - After wandering into a secret room in their house, the Aqua Teens find themselves battling the Mooninites, two pixelated aliens with a knack for mischief.
3. "Gee Whiz" - Shake befriends an enchanted toilet, unaware of its malevolent powers, leading to a hilarious chain of events involving clones and time travel.

In addition to the regular cast, Aqua Teen Hunger Force often features cameo appearances by various characters and entities throughout the series. These include the Mooninites, the Plutonians (Oglethorpe and Emory), the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future, and Dr. Weird, among others.

The show's unique blend of absurd comedy, pop culture references, and surreal storytelling has garnered a dedicated fan base over the years. The characters' distinct voices and catchphrases have become iconic within the Adult Swim community, contributing to the show's lasting popularity.

For fans looking to relive the wacky adventures of the Aqua Teens or discover the series for the first time, the sounds and soundtrack of Season 3 are available to play and download. The show's soundtrack encompasses a range of genres, from hip-hop and punk to electronic and rock, further enhancing the show's eccentric atmosphere.

In conclusion, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Season 3 delivers a wild, unpredictable, and hilarious animated experience. With its memorable cast of characters and offbeat storylines, the show continues to entertain audiences over a decade after its initial airing. Fans and newcomers alike can immerse themselves in the bizarre world of the Aqua Teens and enjoy the sounds and music that accompany their outrageous antics. So grab your snacks and get ready for a surreal journey through the minds of Frylock, Master Shake, and Meatwad. Play and download these sounds here and prepare for a good laugh!

A bi... why are we trying to cash a bill, Err?
A body needs nutrients.
A little tart, but you could fix that...
A load?! What could you possibly have in there?
A message, comma, Err, not a messenger.
A prowler broke in here...
A totally different Hulk that we made up.
A true warrior would have jumped on it like a beast...
A zombie
Aagh! I know not what I didith!
Aagh! You shot my arm!
Aah! Aah! Ow! Aah!
Aah! I'm sorry, Gee Whiz! Forgiveth me!
Aah! Suck on this!
About a duck in a bar.
About reversing the rays on the microwave?
About the woman having sex with a bee?
After the Gatlin Brothers concert...
After these messages.
After they've been drinking.
Ah, come on, Shake.
Ah, it feels good to stretch my legs.
Ah! God!
Aha! The treaties only go up to 103
Ain't got... up there, man. It's the moon.
Alert him to the fact...
All gone. Start up the chainsaw.
All I read are the zeros on my paycheck.
All over town for you guys?
All prime directives have been achieved by 4:00.
All right, all right!
All right, all right!
All right, all right. Fine. What kind of crazy...
All right, all right. Whatever.
All right, come over here, boys.
All right, crybaby. Tears can dry.
All right, everyone, just stand back...
All right, look, let's just go with something simple first.
All right, now put on your e helmet.
All right, one more.
All right, stop. This is my shirt...
All right, we'll work a deal, but you gotta promise me.
All right, well, you know...
All right, wh whatever you say.
All right, whoa.
All right, you see the homeless guy...
All right! That was incred...
All right! We went... damn it! What the hell's your problem?
All right. Fine. The money's in there.
All right. Hang on.
All right. Here you go. Drink this.
All right. Here's something simple.
All right. Is that it? Has he been faced?
All right. Just plug that in and let me think about it.
All right. Just step back, please.
All right. Look, for the record...
All right. Phil from Killyourself.
All right. What about this one? A year later, you were a cow...
All you get in there is, "Wah, wah, wah!"
Alone, in a pile of your own filth.
Although not nearly as funny...
And a banana suit, too.
And a four year old would definitely run from this.
And a handkerchief and a chapstick...
And all I hear from you is...
And as you can see...
And asking for wrong information.
And barks at them to... to get nude.
And blow it... over there.
And brings home the... ice cream!
And buy yourself a real damn pizza!
And called out to him with my brainwaves.
And didn't reek of fluids. I mean..
And digested, so it can battle hunger and taste good.
And do this job there..
And don't go out and get knocked up...
And Donna took Pancho's body to the bean wizard.
And edumacationist for my brain...
And etch in your mother... forehead!
And forced your cupcakes in my mouth...
And gave Spider Man his powers and stuff.
And he got a stone cold groove
And he needs to be resituated every three hours.
And he says that he's too crazy to go on much longer this way.
And he says that he's too crazy to go on much longer this way.
And he snipped the nose hair from her breathing cavities.
And he snipped the nose hair from her breathing cavities.
And he still won't stop!
And he's kicking it... elderly school
And her name is Wear a hat made out of foil.
And how long have you two lovely people been married?
And I could get them to bite into my neck...
And I don't know how he did it.
And I don't know if it's the song...
And I done got a bun in it. Hee hee hee.
And I get slapped.
And I keep getting these freakin' e mails.
And I know we've all asked ourselves that...
And I need that chip, Meatwad, one way or the other.
And I open my mouth, in a helpful way...
And I want to know what he's up to.
And I want to win that rain poncho.
And I will tear ass all over their galaxy...
And I'll make it happen!
And I'm a Taurus
And I'm a Taurus
And I'm a Taurus
And I'm a Taurus
And I'm a Taurus
And I'm a Taurus
And I'm afraid you might be infected by hypnogerms.
And I'm going through a lot of... right now...
And I'm going to lie down.
And I'm looking for Holden McGroyne.
And I'm not the best guy in the world, you know.
And if I remember correctly, he wants a wooden train.
And if I see him, I'll leave it for him.
And if you think I got that from Star Trek...
And inject me into Meatwad so I can get that chip.
And it had Lance Henriksen?
And it will change the way you think and live forever.
And it's all free.
And it's always night on the moon.
And it's covered with hypnogerms!
And it's heavy as hell.
And it's really not the high end model.
And it's two months past due.
And keep your little ass in line.
And let him use the internet, he'll shoot me.
And let me find some chicks and upgrade their butts...
And let Meatwad and I enjoy the exhibit, OK?
And made Frylock blow the door off that truck stop bathroom...
And make this a foot long.
And max... oh, there you are.
And maybe Immigration would like to know about this.
And maybe prank us and order us a bunch of pizzas?
And most of the second quarter.
And now for the first time, instructional video.
And now he gets surprises! Yippidy doo!
And now he says if you don't leave the room...
And now you say you don't know?
And now you will pay it.
And now you're gonna say it smells like ass.
And people are seeing the face of Je... uh, you know who.
And please bring a side of wings while we wait.
And please bring a side of wings while we wait.
And prepare to make history.
And Satan will send me back here as something worse.
And so the bean zombie terrorized the countryside...
And so, she was imprisoned in the flabby epiglottis...
And somehow, someone gets a Ferrari.
And start working at a job.
And sued his ass for custody of them.
And that goes on forever.
And that was for you, and you threw it out.
And that was the last Donna ever saw of Pancho...
And that's why most of the dead...
And that's you, so go ahead.
And the beans drove the hypnogerms...
And the fate of the entire galaxy
And the girlies want to scream
And the girlies want to scream
And the girlies want to scream
And the girlies want to scream
And the girlies want to scream
And the girlies want to scream
And the girlies want to scream
And the girlies want to scream
And the girlies want to scream
And the girlies want to scream
And the girlies want to scream
And the girlies want to scream
And the instructional video... Hiw ti Wirk Stickers.
And the other, which is a vampire, is impossible.
And the smell does not come off, Fryman.
And then I could become immortal.
And then I made them get divorced.
And then I'm gonna so hose him... Ha ha ha!
And then if something goes down, which it will...
And then not cash any of your friggin' checks!
And then tell me about it afterwards.
And then the doll was a robot...
And then we're gonna get to see the first look at...
And then, you know...
And then... you know, we do something with it.
And they're claiming to be healed.
And this is MC Pee Pants. He's come back again.
And this is the check?
And this is us at dinner right before we sent you to the slaughterhouse.
And this is what I get... food service?
And those EMTs ain't gonna want to be..
And totally trench their galaxy!
And try to cross the freeway.
And turning it off is simply not an option.
And view Egypt's pathetic and ignorant attempt...
And we ain't even done the eastern seaboard yet.
And we don't respond to threats.
And we won't have to vote you out of office, lowly scumbag!
And when he reached the top...
And who's this with you? Rrrrowrrr!
And you are in direct violation of Space Treaty 109.
And you are not abusing it properly.
And you have no right to talk to her that way.
And you know that.
And you make him delicious sugary energy shakes...
And you're a disgusting perv for having it.
And you're just giving 'em out? How much is gum?
Andale, andale!
Any chance you were gonna...