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Coach Carter (2005) Soundboard

Coach Carter (2005) Soundboard

Coach Carter is a powerful and inspiring sports drama film that was released in 2005. Directed by Thomas Carter, the movie tells the true story of Ken Carter, a high school basketball coach determined to make a positive impact on his players both on and off the court.

The film stars Samuel L. Jackson in the lead role as Coach Ken Carter, a former basketball player who returns to his old high school to coach the struggling team. Jackson delivers a brilliant performance, capturing the essence of the influential coach who believes in discipline, education, and teamwork. His portrayal of Carter is both tough and compassionate, showcasing his ability to command respect and motivate his players to reach their full potential.

The rest of the cast includes Rob Brown as Kenyon Stone, a talented player with immense potential; Rick Gonzalez as Timo Cruz, a troubled young man who finds solace in basketball; Robert Ri'chard as Damien Carter, the coach's determined and intelligent son; and Channing Tatum as Jason Lyle, a player struggling to balance his responsibilities.

Coach Carter explores various themes throughout the film, including the importance of education, responsibility, and overcoming adversity. As the team faces their own personal struggles and societal pressures, Coach Carter instills a sense of discipline and accountability, pushing his players to strive for greatness both on and off the basketball court. The movie highlights the impact a strong leader can have on a group of individuals, emphasizing the importance of guidance and mentorship.

The film's soundtrack features a collection of highly energetic and motivational songs that perfectly complement the intense basketball scenes and emotional moments in the film. The song "Hope" by Twista featuring Faith Evans is one particularly memorable track that captures the essence of the movie, conveying messages of resilience and perseverance. Other notable songs from the soundtrack include "All Night Long" by Red Cafe, "Boom" by Anjulie, and "Time to Shine" by Lil Wayne featuring Mack Maine.

If you want to relive the thrilling moments and powerful message of Coach Carter, you can play and download the sounds from the movie here. Whether it's the uplifting melodies or the intense beats, these songs will transport you back to the world of high school basketball, where dreams are formed and challenges are conquered.

Coach Carter is a true testament to the power of sports as a vehicle for personal growth and change. It serves as a reminder that with hard work, discipline, and determination, we can all overcome obstacles and achieve greatness. The film's exceptional performances, engaging storyline, and impactful message make it a must-watch for sports enthusiasts and movie lovers alike. So grab your popcorn, gather your friends and family, and prepare to be inspired by the incredible journey of Coach Carter and his team.

A lot of people pleased to learn that at least somebody...
All of whom, I think, can play basketball at the college level.
All right, Richmond on three.
And find one of your little girlies to freak with.
And I agree with them. I'm not here to argue with your rules.
And I look in your classrooms, maybe only one student...
And I'm all right and shit, it's just...
And the team, it's so bad.
And they got a box full of ties for 50 cents apiece.
And your job is to educate these kids.
As soon as the season is over, I will be here for you.
Ball, Damien.
Ball, man!
Basket's good!
Before you can go. That's everybody.
Benson Chiu.
Box out.
But I think that... I think you should go to school...
Can we all just get along?
Come on
Come on.
Cruz. In for Kenyon.
Dad, I'm a freshman!
Damien Carter. Get your ass out of that pool
Don't be no punk. Say what you gotta say
Don't forget that these projects are due at the end of this week.
Don't you have someplace to go? Something to do?
Dummy and dumb and dumber. I mean, what the hell...
Exactly. I don't have any time.
Excuse me.
Finds the host team, Bayhill, trying to win the championship...
First of all, if you need to know my credentials...
For you to go and lock up this gym like this...
Force him left.
Four months ago, when I took the job at Richmond, I had a plan.
From what I can see, a very confused and scared young man.
Gentlemen, report to the baseline.
Gentlemen, this is a new player, Damien Carter.
Get back.
Get on him!
Give me five. Five. Push.
Go on.
Go Richmond.
Go to war, Miss Margaret, this is a tight one.
Good shot, baby.
Got some paper for you.
Got something for me? That's what I'm talking about.
Guys, now, listen.
He's in the car.
Hello? I passed the pregnancy test, Kenyon.
I am so proud of you.
I came to teach boys...
I can't believe this, man. He was just standing there.
I can't get parents involved. And I'm done chasing kids...
I cannot teach you the game of basketball...
I don't have it this week, man.
I don't know.
I don't see Junior Battle in this class.
I dropped a 20 piece. Kobe played his game.
I got it.
I had my boys sign contracts...
I have scouts coming to watch my boy play.
I mean, one of the top in the whole school...
I remember once she tricked me into stealing brownies...
I took this job because I wanted to effect change...
I took this job with the understanding I could do it my way.
I want the other coach back!
I will do everything in my power...
I wish you would. Yes, ma'am, I'm here all week.
I'll do some, too.
I'll knock all of y'all off.
I'm not gonna stand here and say I know how it feels to lose a son...
I'm sorry, ma'am, but I don't agree with you.
If the answer is yes, I'll see you here tomorrow.
If you were any bigger, you'd be my bigger ******.
In the fourth quarter and Bayhill up by six.
It ain't even like that. Some girl just danced up on me.
It doesn't change our plans for your future, all right?
It's Malcolm X from St. Francis. Malcolm.
It's not gonna be easy. It's gonna be a long road.
Junior, get back!
Just open up the gym, man. Let them boys play.
Ken Carter.
Kenyon's mom tonight
Knock his bitch ass out.
Kyra, what are you thinking? You can't drink. You're pregnant, girl.
Ladies and gentlemen, I now present the 22nd Annual Bayhill Tournament...
Let's go, guys!
Let's go! Linda!
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go. And call out them picks.
Let's see how many you can do in...
Linda is smart, she's political.
Look, I appreciate everything you do.
Look, me and Coach been talking, and he thinks I can play college ball.
Man! I can't keep this shit up, man. I can barely walk.
Matter of fact, she still is.
Maybe Junior will kick your dumb ass out.
Move your feet!
Mr. Carter, is there anything you need from us?
Mr. Carter, Richmond graduates 50% of its students...
Mr. Gesek tells me he doesn't see you in his classroom very often.
Mr. Lyle.
My father's in jail, sir.
No, ma'am, I have no idea.
No, one more pass.
No. Take some, please.
Nowhere in my contract does it say that I have to do so.
Of the sports section tomorrow.
Oh, and here's the best part: Your second favorite man was MVP.
Okay, cool.
Okay, young sirs, we're gonna take it to the next level.
On the real, Hercules is weak, and y'all barely beat them.
On the real, that was the worst game I've ever seen in my life
One of you is gonna get arrested.
Or algebra?
Pick him up.
Please! Quiet, please!
Put him back on the bench.
Rafeca, I see you looking.
Ref, you gotta call that. This is my house.
Richmond uses their last time out with 1:20 remaining...
Right here. Get this dude right here.
Right there!
Right wing, Kenyon. Wing!
Run it back.
Run motion. Motion 44.
Saturday is a long way off. We'II see what happens
Say, Hi, Uncle Kenyon.
She was always in my face. So when I call Diane...
Since when is winning not enough?
So do you. Considering.
So give it up for the new kings of Richmond, y'all!
So look at the guy on your left. Now look at the guy on your right.
Somebody help me!
Stay with your man.
Still cares about the concept of the student athlete.
Sub, for five. Let's go.
Tell everyone out there what it feels like to be the next LeBron James
Thank you, sir.
That's a charge! Driving!
That's good. I wish I could go with you.
That's great. Great school.
That's me, baby. I did that! I drew that up!
That's right, 16 0.
That's right. We 1 0, bitch.
That's some bullshit, Cruz! I'm gonna visit you in County, dog
The ball's coming to you Kenyon. Run Linda
The basket counts and the Cougars have tied the game.
Then I guess we'II have new leading scorers this season, huh?
There he is
There is no more baby.
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking...
There's a Goodwill and a Salvation Army store...
They're standing on the edge of a cliff...
This is bullshit! We won those games, not you.
This isn't about losing games, Kenny.
Time, ref.
Time, sir.
To win that state championship, sir.
Ty Crane outscored our whole team by himself.
Until your conditioning is at a level that allows me to do so.
Was negated when they ended the lockout.
Watch him.
Way to go, Lyle.
We don't even know if there's a baby yet.
We have six players failing at least one class.
We still in this game. Come on, fellas.
We too good to shop at the Goodwill and Salvation Army? Is that it?
We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same
We're gonna play straight man to man pressure defense
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the first round of the CIF playoffs.
Well, I'm looking for my son.
Well, losing is hard, sir.
Well, when...
What are you doing? Give me.
What's up?
With trash talk and taunting?
With you in your bikini. I can't take that job.
Worm! No, sir. Look at your defensive posture.
Yeah, that's what I'm talking about, baby. Yeah!
Yeah! Give it up, baby.
Yes, sir.
You can't guard me, can you? What you gonna do?
You don't want me to have this baby. You wanna leave Richmond?
You got everything figured out, right? So tell me what comes next.
You guys coming?
You guys were awesome!
You know, everything's been crazy, with the lockout.
You know! Y'all gonna wanna see the look on the faces...
You loved me when it came to that.
You might think I'm wrong But she's got these thongs
You must pay an exit price of 50 made free throws...
You owe me 80 suicides and 500 pushups.
You promised to take your girlfriend to Mexico in January.