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A bat?
A battle.
A bit odd of late.
A blind man teaching an android how to paint?
A change of mind, doctor.
A child.
A complicated light refracting mechanism.
A correct rate of rotation, and a balanced day and night.
A creature against whom we seem to have no defense.
A cure was found in a plant indigenous only to Brekka,
A damaged vessel, sir. That could explain it.
A deadly, infectious virus which, at that modest level of knowledge,
A diplomatic courtesy call is neither expected nor required.
A dissatisfied customer?
A dissident group of terrorists
A Federation vessel last visited this planet 62 years ago, Captain.
A feeling of great joy.
A few easily answered questions about it
A fixed program could not have done that.
A gift in honor of that occasion.
A great poet once said:
A great starship on the far reaches of the galaxy.
A hard rain.
A hiccup is a spasmodic inhalation with closure of the glottis,
A highly respected scientist, considered a visionary.
A human idiosyncrasy,
A hundred light years away at warp factor 8.
A joke, brother.
A joke.
A justified precaution, counselor.
A Klingon vessel has arrived.
A little sleep,
A long time I thought you were dead too.
A long time to be alone.
A man could have died.
A man your age must work to keep himself in shape.
A matter of minutes.
A member of my crew was being held unjustly.
A moral judgment from a machine?
A natural electrical charge?
A new day dawns between us.
A new society there.
A Newtonian truism which you've obviously neglected.
A nice arrangement for the Brekkians.
A nice, soft, painless lie.
A parasitic being has invaded Quinn's body.
A perfect match for my mind, my body.
A planetoid in elliptical orbit around the binary system.
A pleasure to meet you, commander. Well, excuse us.
A pleasure, commander.
A powerful mind.
A product for which you have no use,
A projection.
A rat's maze.
A reason enough for anyone to go to war.
A reclusive insect like race
A resident diagnostic program is running.
A routine maintenance check of all systems will be made,
A scout ship reported two inhabited planets,
A sensible precaution, Picard. Make it so.
A series of program instructions, as it were.
A significant beginning.
A slip in the pronunciation of the greeting caused a 20 year rift.
A small demonstration of our power...
A small payment for your son's misdeeds.
A sphere.
A star in the Bynar system went supernova, and they miscalculated.
A starship has its customs, just as we do.
A stick or a branch.
A strike?
A sure thing.
A system designed to compensate for limited human ability.
A tug will rendezvous with us and tow the Stargazer
A useless ball of mud, a worthless chunk
A valid assumption. Who is your first competitor?
A vegetation graph.
A very old joke
A very potent substance.
A very serious kind of probation.
A vessel in the Picard Maneuver might seem to disappear
A vessel, perhaps.
A what?
A whole new world to plunder.
A window into another dimension.
A woman out of another place who insists that she knows you.
A world where there are objects far greater than the one you seek.
Aah! We're trapped!
AARON: Really?
Abandon ship.
Abandon ship. This is not a drill.
Abort it.
About a subversion within the Federation.
About having been so abrupt during our initial contact.
About how you feel serving with the man
About planet Haven miraculously healing the sick...
About something we've always considered to be impossible
About Starfleet Command lately? Anything unusual?
About the threat that you perceived to the very fabric of the Federation?
About the two freighter passengers who perished.
About what?
Absolutely none.
Accompanied by a peculiar sound.
According to calculations, the next time effect will occur
According to my calculations, we're three days from Aldea.
According to our ship's scans,
Acknowledged. Thank you.
Acknowledging his needs makes him vulnerable.
Activate quarantine field.
Activate. Let's be sure of what we're dealing with.
Actually, he was a genius by human standards.
Actually, I do need to get out of here.
Actually, I don't know.
Actually, I'm quite deficient in some basic human information.
Actually, it feels quite comfortable.
Actually, it was quite a bargain, Kazago.
Actually, it was quite simple.
Actually, we were about to do some shopping.
Adjust pitch angle, negative three degrees.
Admiral Gregory Quinn, is on Relva Vll
Admiral Quinn is expected to make a full recovery.
Admiral, if it is me you're investigating,
Admiral, in addition to your rank,
Admiral, this is Picard.
Admiral, we're approaching the Adeni star cluster.
Admiral, you only have the Conn temporarily.
Admiral, your proper place is on the Bridge.
Advanced culture, centuries old.
Affirmative, sir.
After all, it is a superior form of life.
After careful consideration,
After complete spectral analysis, it's...
After relieving Lieutenant La Forge,
After the young couple have removed their clothing
After we're gone, kill them all. Make sure the bodies are never found.
Again, I need more time.
Again. It's changing again.
Against the targets on the surface.
Against what enemy do you charge into battle?
Age and wisdom have their graces too.
Agreed, Groppler?
Agreed. Doctor, go with him.
Agreed. Enlarge and identify.
Agreed. It smells like a trap. Let's go.
Ah Forty seven, sir.
Ah, but was his modus operandi not dissimilar?
Ah, good old "Often Wrong Soong."
Ah, l haven't thought about this for years.
Ah, to seek covertly, to go stealthily,
Ah, Worf.
Ah. A fish.
Ah. But humans still sneeze for other reasons.
Ah. But, uh...
Ah. l'll see what l can do.
Ah. lntriguing.
Ah. That was just part of my memory.
Ah. That's better.
Ah. To me it's just a...
Aha. And that's why you weren't affected.
Ahead one quarter. Heading 25, mark 300.
Aim it at Relva? I can't do that. That's crazy.
Aim the shuttle at Relva.
Aliens are seldom allowed to obtain the process but l managed it.
All available information on the subject?
All decks acknowledging, sir.
All decks being probed in a methodical pattern, sir.
All five members of the away team.
All gathered inside what appears to be the entrance to a mining tunnel.
All in good time.
All information is time coded by entry
All it takes are a few good men.
All l can do is maintain him, or attempt to maintain him,
All l can tell you about that is that Paul and the rest of the team
All l can tell you is that he's ingested something
All l can tell you is that the admiral has been confined to his support chair
All l did was lose my temper.
All l have found, sir, is what you already know.
All language forms and frequencies.
All languages, all frequencies.
All life, Wyatt, all consciousness, is indissolubly bound together.
All male.
All non essential personnel
All of the ship's records are available to you, sir.
All personnel. This is not a drill.
All right, don't worry. We'll get you out of here.
All right, get it fixed.
All right, Kurt.
All right, now listen.
All right, what is it?
All right, where is it?
All right, you and Data, beam down, locate the power source, knock it out.
All right!
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. At first you dismissed it.
All right. We have the coordinates exactly as the professor specified.
All sensors reveal that all the equipment on their planet is inert.
All set.
All ships, please respond.
All stations, prepare for reconnection.
All stop.
All stop. And hold.
All systems operating.
All systems operational, sir.
All the medical information the admiral provided is satisfactory.
All these years.
All this time, we've been destroying ourselves.
All to save Dr. Crusher's son.
All velocity zero. Her inertia should do the job now.
All vital signs returning to normal.
All we ask is that you keep your eyes open.
All we need is the captain's order
All you wanted was revenge.
All your readings are completely normal.
Allow me to introduce my staff. First Officer William Riker,
Allow us to help Mr. Whalen, and we will return with the item.
Allowed your mental powers to rust.
Allowing the Ornarans to lead normal lives.
Almost as bad.