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Family Guy - Season 6

Family Guy - Season 6

Family Guy is an iconic American animated sitcom that premiered in 1999. Created by Seth MacFarlane, the show has gained a massive following due to its unique blend of humor, pop culture references, and absurdity. Season 6 of Family Guy, which aired in 2007, continues the hilarious adventures of the dysfunctional Griffin family. Packed with outrageous jokes, memorable characters, and witty writing, this season offers non-stop laughter for fans of the show.

The core cast of Family Guy consists of talented voice actors who bring the characters to life. The Griffin family is led by Peter Griffin, voiced by Seth MacFarlane himself, who is known for his dense personality and humorous antics. Peter's loving wife, Lois, is voiced by the talented Alex Borstein, blending warmth and sass in her character portrayal. Their three children complete the family dynamic: the rebellious Meg, voiced by Mila Kunis, the socially awkward but endearing Chris, voiced by Seth Green, and the diabolical Stewie, voiced by MacFarlane. Stewie, with his British accent and evil genius, has become one of the most beloved characters of the show.

The supporting cast is equally impressive, with notable recurring characters. Quagmire, a womanizing neighbor, is brought to life by the talented voice actor Seth MacFarlane. Cleveland, the friendly next-door neighbor, is voiced by Mike Henry, who infuses the character with genuine charm. The overweight and intellectual dog, Brian Griffin, is portrayed by MacFarlane, adding depth and sophistication to the series. Furthermore, the delightful diatribes of Stewie's matronly neighbor, Consuela, voiced by Mike Henry, never fail to elicit laughter.

Season 6 of Family Guy is filled with side-splitting episodes and storylines that parody various aspects of pop culture. From their hilarious take on reality TV in the episode "Believe It or Not, Joe's Walking on Air" to the clever satire of sitcoms in "Play It Again, Brian," this season keeps viewers entertained throughout. Additionally, the musical episode titled "Brian Sings and Swings" showcases the show's penchant for blending comedy with catchy tunes, as the characters break into song and dance numbers.

Fans of Family Guy can enjoy the sounds of Season 6 by playing or downloading them here. Dive into the laughter of Peter's distinct laugh, the smug British accent of Stewie, and the unmistakable voice of Quagmire. From the infamous "Giggity Goo" catchphrase to Stewie's constant threats to "kill Lois," these sound bites bring the show to life.

However, Family Guy's Season 6 isn't just about the laughs. The show often tackles important social and political issues within its satirical format. In episodes like "Padre de Familia," the Griffins confront racial stereotypes, highlighting the absurdity of prejudice and discrimination. With its unique ability to blend comedy and social commentary, Family Guy tackles sensitive topics while still keeping the audience entertained.

In conclusion, Family Guy Season 6 is a must-watch for fans of the show and lovers of animated sitcoms. With its talented voice cast, witty writing, and hilarious parodies, this season delivers laugh-out-loud moments and memorable characters. Whether you're a longtime fan or new to the series, the sounds of Family Guy Season 6 will transport you into the wild world of the Griffins. Play and download these sounds here for hours of entertainment and laughter.

A big screen TV,a massage chair
A chance again with you
A couple of steaks, some wine, maybe a couple of sundaes.
A dangerously insane human being.
A desk? Where were you getting these units of measurement from?
A full tank of gasoline and lit a match. We've got about five seconds.
A hamburger, a cup of coffee and a Lucky Strike.
A hundred points.
A kindred spirit, like Judas found in Pontius Pilate.
A land where 17 miles is not walking distance.
A land where a man is paid a wage he can live on.
A land where meals are not purchased from a truck
A land where we flush every time.
A little music, some candlelight.
A much better idea than whenI did magic for the blind.
A nickel for every time I've had that problem. Just keep shooting, Luke.
A nurse accidentally stepped on him, and kicked him into a puddle of urine.
A pallet? Am I reading this right?
A plane.
A swallow.
A trespasser onmy property.
A very pregnant Gina Gershon, or Jenny McCarthy after a car accident?
A waffle.
A week from tomorrow, it'll be 20 yearswe've been married.
Aah! Kristallnacht!
Aah! Oh, my God!
About how I wanted to find the son of God and nail him to some wood.
About the same?
About the same. Number one might be a tiny bit better.
About what America means to me.
Absolutely. But how do you intend to escape?
Absolutely. I mean, look at this. Jafar May Need Glasses.
Absolutely. I think the magic's starting to happen already.
Absolutely. What are the stakes?
According to my schematics, it should be right in here.
Actually, Chris, I don't. I really appreciate what you did for me,
Actually, Meg, as your supervisor, he can.
Actually, that's me. I made a Darth doodie.
Adam Kenneth Handleman,when will you learn?
Admiral, there be whales here!
Affirmative action strikes again. The time is 8:50.
After that, everything else was awful.
After wandering around for a while, I discovered I was in North Carolina,
After we've had our fill of bread and wine...
Agh, Peter,you and your excuses for losing your wallet.
Ah, it's stupid.
Ah, met his parentsand they're sweet.
Ah, there's a smile.
Ah! Damn it!
Ah! I don't want to play anymore. Normal voice, normal voice.
Ah! I've heard about that place.
Ah. Oh, my God, Cocoa Puffs. No, that's not me anymore.
Ah. Well, then, this hasbeen an absolute misfire.
Aha! 'Tis Long John Peter and his merry men come seeking plunder.
Aha! I shouldhave known!
Aha. For no reason, I'm going to fire this cannon all over your store.
Aha. Terrible pharmacy toys.
Ahh, that's so much better.
Ain't that funny? Heard me say that on the way over.
Alderaan's been destroyed by the Empire.
All clear, sir.
All I know is,I sure do miss Lois.
All I need now is the boy
All I really need Is a boy
All I want is to go out with Anna again.
All right, all right,all right, okay.
All right, baby, those are the magic words. Check out my penis!
All right, Brian, I'm gonna go up to the upper level
All right, bring him on out.
All right, but only because I've gotta tell somebody.
All right, children, your mammy and pappy...
All right, dog, here we go. Prepare to lose a bet,
All right, fine. I'm gonna go scare some people.
All right, go, go, go.
All right, guys, it's gonna be a long night of border patrol,
All right, hang on, hang on.
All right, here's another one. Who would you rather have sex with?
All right, I am totally flaccid,
All right, I'll see you later.
All right, I'm gonna go knock out that tractor beam.
All right, if I see any cops following me, the dog gets it!
All right, just follow my lead and act real cool.
All right, kids. Have a good day at school.
All right, let's go.
All right, let's... just hang on and figure this out.
All right, Lois, but I know what my gut tells me,
All right, Lois, I'm hungry. Take those breasts out.
All right, Lord Vader, you win.
All right, Meg, enjoy your bachelorette party.
All right, now, what do I click?
All right, OK. OK, I got it. I know what we...
All right, one more pre party drink, and then we'll head off to The Clam.
All right, Peter, I'm going to kill Stewie. Dinner's in the oven.
All right, Peter, I'm here.
All right, Peter, this is a tough one. All right, are you ready for this? Okay.
All right, Peter,have a good business trip.
All right, pull in here.
All right, sir, your presidential portrait is finished.
All right, so I shoot Pat Tillman, and then run when the Taliban show up.
All right, so I'm skulking around the intensive care unit
All right, sweetie, you ready to get some new notebooks,
All right, take her away.
All right, then.
All right, then. Have a tasty afternoon.
All right, we'll do it on the way! We'll do it on the way!
All right, we'llsettle it like men.
All right, we're gonna do it once more.
All right, why don't you come upand join me on the stage?
All right, you know what? This isn't working out.
All right,so there's a Dave.
All right! Yeah!
All right.
All right.
All right. It's telling me I have to download RealPlayer 7.
All right. Okay, maybe I have been acting different lately, all right?
All right. So, we're driving up to get this abortion,
All right. Well, I appreciate you giving it to me straight.
All right. You all know your orders.
All that's left is the psychological screening.
All the dumb ass Manilow fans.
All the nation's milk must come from Hilary Swank's breasts.
All the things that make us
All the things that make us
All the things that make us
All the things that make us
All the things that make us
All the things that make us
All the things that make us
All you have to do is turn it to 350 at about 5:15.
All you two have done is argue about stuff for the past two weeks.
All your Tucks medicated pads be ours.
Almost as potent as the inspiration you give me...
Along with my favorite songs and movies, and things that other people have created,
Also, as I've had quite enough of the fat man,
Also, don't forget you have teammates out there watching your back
Although some are doing their best to ride it out.
Always gargle before a takeoff. Wacca wacca.
Am currently the most popular boy at James Woods High.
An hour from now, I'll be surrounded by seamen.
And a courtroom doll that kids use to show where the molester touched them.
And a little bear
And a well funded 401k.
And after a heated bidding war with Edward Memorial and Reginald Aprilfools,
And after that blow to the head, it all started coming back to me.
And again, the ball sails past LaGrange into right field.
And all because of a little upper lip hair.
And all he wants is to kiss you just one more time.
And all just toget back at Peter.
And all of a sudden this smoking hot chick...
And all we've got to remember him by are his old legs.
And all your cartoon pals
And America 's Funniest Home Videos buys you a shrimp cocktail?
And anyone and everyone Who's ever made me pissed!
And anyone and everyone Who's ever made me pissed!
And as I gazed, astonished at their lustrous brilliance,
And Bill O'Reilly's Ineffective dermatologist
And boring as hell.
And Britney Spears For accidentally showing her vagine
And choke him while he masturbates in the shower.
And do you, Alan, take Judith to be your lawfully wedded wife,
And doesn't try anything funny.
And download that footage of the dancing baby from Ally McBeal,
And each time my foot hits the ground, I shall say, "Boing, boing, boing. "
And every bleeding member Of the cast ofEntourage
And finally, still no word on the disappearance of Lois Griffin,
And for God's sake, do not be afraid to make me a sandwich while you're in there.
And forgot to putan air hole in it.
And get the number for that acupuncturist?
And God knows I didn't want to...
And guys who when you shake their hand Just bump you with their fist
And had no idea who I was
And have sex with him while he murders himself slowly.
And he knew that sometimes the things that seem the most dangerous...
And he threwa punch social one day
And he's got me out heretied to a post like some kind...
And here comes the next float, honoring uninjured veterans.
And here comes the parade!
And here comes whackadoo film director, Oliver Stone.
And here's Airplane! and in Spanish, it's called Incredible Flying Joke Bus
And his parentsare so sweet
And I am going to love my country like never before.
And I am passing the savings on to you.
And I apologize, but before I go, could I maybe have one last kiss?
And I can't rent movies anymore.
And I cannot stand by while he steals wages and opportunities from citizens.
And I certainly think I'd remember killing her.
And I could never hurt you.
And I feel like I've never treated her as well as I should have
And I go "Come on!"
And I guess you can't hate "Copacabana."
And I have no intention of giving that up.
And I have some wonderful news. I'm not pregnant.
And I know none of us want that to happen again.
And I like "Weekend in New England.
And I might answer most of your questions with a story,
And I need you today
And I only try to kiss them if they're ready
And I owe it all to you
And I owe it all to you
And I poked my head in the window, and Betty was undressing.
And I say it's time for us to take it back! Who's with me?
And I says, " That's what I just said. The abortionist has one hand.
And I think I just got an idea.
And I think I'll miss you most of all, Scarecrow.
And I think that you need to go away.
And I think when it comes topoetry, you can't be wrong.
And I was gonna valet park.
And I won't forget it.
And I won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me
And I'll gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today
And I'll set up all theflashbacks, just like I used to.
And I'll stick to that story,even if nobody believes it.