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A midget
A midget is still a dwarf, but their arms and legs are in proportion
Age difference too much
All right
All right
An elf is a supernatural being. Sometimes they're invisible, they're like faries.
And obviously you can't hear that but i'm not talking to myself because there filming
Are you blind?
As far as i'm concerned you're fired
Bloody hormones
But wasn't that size is very very tiny but it is made of plastic
Calvin Klein
Cause this is stupid
Comp going up for chases with the lads
Denzel washington
Did I tell you I’m a bit of a songwriter?
Different frogs different times
Do you really think you’re earning your 12-and-a-half% by doing that sort of thing under the table?
Do you still keep in touch with augie
Everybody sing that last line
Gareth keenan
Gareth Keenan, hello.
Gareth, come here right
Good spot
Guys presently supporting actor
Happy birthday
Has he passed his forklift driver’s test?
He gives the tests
He is a vegetable now
He sounds a bit gay
He was convinced there was a japanese sniper
Hey buddy why cannot sis I lived a good life but about a thousand million percent while the tears he says 'cause none of them was he
How long will it take
How the applause
How's it going
I can't believe it
I can't see you I can't hear you again
I could catch a monkey
I don't think you have the chance to the twenty five year old
I don’t give shitty jobs
I gave you a chance to sort some out and
I know just another normal day at the office in it
I need a price on makoti
I need attorneys price on macro GSR E one
I'll see you then
I'm not forty five
I'm not going never having and never will be
I've got a very annoying noise
If I was starving I could make poison darts out of the poison of a deadly frogs
Is identical
It couldn't be easier
It's caused by a hormone deficiency
It's good spot this world be flight to take someone out
It's not gay
Just tell me with you
Keef chief keef chief keef things coming in
Later when you go away I feel like I could die
Leave a message
Let me just breathe your scent for a moment before I play
Look at pokeno 's boy pinocchio man of that sean die out without you
Look at there's no japanese sniper
Lucky miss lucky
Mine’s massive, and it ain’t made of plastic
Minimum age required
No I don't need to know but could you tell me anyway
Nor do i
Not interested
Not like die like your hair is dyed but I likely did die
Not only have I got people skills but I am trained in covert operations
Now which are very sounds great
O V O G O G like point point
Ogi ogi ogi
Ogi ogi OK
Oh another one
OK only
OK was that
On the roof of the evidence
One milligram of that poison can kill a monkey or a man
Play it's made garreth
Print yourself you'll be dead within a day
Right I know you're not there
See ya later
She wants that
So I got one sixty down here but i'm sure it is right 'cause when I spoke to glenn earlier on
So I only got like eight PM change or or
So then what do you want
So why would I do that
Some voicemail
Thank you david for the opportunity and continued support
The back of the reflux directly into his room
The Office (UK) Sounds Sound
The Office (UK) Sounds Sound
There was a sniper up there you wouldn't see
They don't actually is this do they
They will be doing tonight we always uh it was a good laugh rice quite a lot
This time and jenna stotler
Thus it is pathetic really
Tossing off over a pen
Twenty five
Was different
Was it I was in
We are raising money for people who are starving to death
Well at dwarf is someone who has disproportionately short arms and legs
Well you know what this is about of so you see in the picture
What are you doing with Wernham-Hogg’s computer
What are you doing?!
What we say to people like this
What you doing with my computer
Who left this here
Words and chords
Yeah any sees this is stupid
Yeah see you
You got price for matt coated sra one
You know the phrase softly softly catchy monkey
You'd rather be doing that
You're sweet to me and give me a ring
[Phone ringing]