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The 'burbs (1989) Soundboard

The 'burbs (1989) Soundboard

The 'burbs is a cult classic film released in 1989 that brilliantly blends comedy, mystery, and suspense into one entertaining package. Directed by Joe Dante, this dark comedy is a hidden gem that has aged like fine wine and continues to be cherished by fans to this day.

The film revolves around Ray Peterson, played by the talented Tom Hanks, who lives in a quiet suburban neighborhood. Ray and his quirky neighbors become suspicious of their new next-door neighbors, the Klopeks, who exhibit strange and suspicious behavior. The neighborhood becomes convinced that the Klopeks are murderers, which sets off a chain of bizarre and hilarious events.

Joining Tom Hanks is an outstanding ensemble cast including Bruce Dern, who portrays Ray's paranoid and conspiracy-driven neighbor, Mark Rumsfield. Carrie Fisher, known for her iconic role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise, portrays Ray's supportive yet skeptical wife, Carol Peterson. Rick Ducommun and Corey Feldman round out the main cast as Ray's other eccentric neighbors, Art Weingartner and Ricky Butler, respectively.

With this talented cast, The 'burbs excels in driving the narrative forward while maintaining a balance between humor and suspense. Tom Hanks delivers a standout performance as a regular guy caught up in a comically nightmarish situation, further showcasing his versatility as an actor.

Joe Dante's direction adds to the overall appeal of the film. Known for his skillful blend of genres, he carefully crafts a storyline that keeps the audience guessing while simultaneously keeping them in stitches. The 'burbs is a wonderful exploration of suburban paranoia, and Dante effortlessly captures the idiosyncrasies and eccentricities of everyday suburban life.

The film's score, composed by the legendary Jerry Goldsmith, lends an eerie and ominous atmosphere to the neighborhood. Goldsmith, known for his masterful compositions in movies like Alien and Poltergeist, perfectly captures the growing tension, adding depth to the film's overall tone.

The 'burbs is a unique film that doesn't fit neatly into any one genre. It shines as a dark comedy, a mystery, and even as a commentary on suburban life. Its success lies in its ability to make the audience laugh while also keeping them on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the next twist and turn.

If you're looking to experience the hilarity and suspense of The 'burbs, you're in luck! You can play and download the sounds from this fantastic film here. So grab some popcorn, dim the lights, and immerse yourself in the quirkiness of this underappreciated gem. Whether you're a fan of Tom Hanks, enjoy dark comedies, or simply appreciate quality filmmaking, you won't be disappointed by The 'burbs.

Don't start with me, Carol. The man confessed. They murdered the Knapps.
Far out.
Go on, you mangy mutt!
Here you go, sonny. A little something for the sweet tooth.
Hey, Ray, guess who's not in the basement? Walter!
Hi, Ricky.
I want you to keep an eye on the neighbourhood for me.
I'm not chicken because he went into his house.
If you go talk to him, we could see what he's like. Go.
It's us.
Now these new next door neighbours... What is their name?
Oh, no. Naughty little puppy.
Ray. Ray!
Snipers use it for night vision.
Someday they're gonna dig up the back of that yard...
That was bulky and probably a little moist?
There's just got to be some other explanation for this.
This your vehicle, Dr Klopek?
To discuss yet another transfer.
Walter left this house in a big hurry.
What do you say we all sit down for a little face to face, eh, Reub?
Who you calling?
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Who started it, tuna neck?
You do now.
Your attention, please.
Have you met the Klopeks yet? No
I don't remember seeing crows around before. Oh, big bastards too.
<i>Klopeks! With coppers!</i>
<i>Well, he's busy now.</i>