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Bob's Burgers The Bleakening - Season 8

Bob's Burgers The Bleakening - Season 8

Bob's Burgers The Bleakening is a special two-part episode from the eighth season of the popular animated television show, Bob's Burgers. The episode first premiered on December 10, 2017, and has since become a fan-favorite holiday-themed adventure.

The main cast of Bob's Burgers features the voices of H. Jon Benjamin as Bob Belcher, John Roberts as Linda Belcher, Dan Mintz as Tina Belcher, Eugene Mirman as Gene Belcher, Kristen Schaal as Louise Belcher, and Larry Murphy as Teddy.

In The Bleakening, the Belcher family finds themselves preparing for Christmas at their beloved restaurant. As their holiday spirit builds, a mysterious person vandalizes the restaurant's spectacular Christmas lights display, leaving behind a single card that says, "See you later."

Determined to catch the culprit and salvage their Christmas spirit, Bob, Linda, and the kids embark on a thrilling and festive sleuthing adventure. They follow various leads, interrogate suspects, and immerse themselves in the town's eccentric Christmas culture.

With the help of their quirky friends, the Belchers discover a hidden underground Christmas club named "Yule Tube," where citizens gather to celebrate the holiday season in secret. The club's members include various familiar faces from the show, such as Mort, Teddy, Regular-Sized Rudy, and many more.

As they delve deeper into Yule Tube's secret world, the Belchers uncover a heartwarming mystery involving an elderly woman named Elodie, who had been a prominent member of the club for years. Elodie, portrayed by guest star Jay Johnston, finds herself entangled in a web of Christmas nostalgia and the longing for a lost love.

In true Bob's Burgers fashion, The Bleakening is not only a captivating and humorous detective story, but it also features several catchy and hilarious musical numbers. From the dysfunctional family harmonies of "The Spirits of Christmas" to Louise's clever and witty rap in "I Love Christmas (But Hate The Blues)," the episode creates a memorable soundtrack for the holiday season.

For fans who want to relive the festive spirit, the songs from The Bleakening can be found online, where you can both play and download these delightful sounds. Whether you're humming along to "Here Comes Hanukkah," sung by Stephanie Beatriz's character, Gina, or bobbing your head to "Humping Around the Christmas Tree," performed by Michael Wartella's character, Nathan, there's a tune for everyone.

The Bleakening is a beloved addition to the Bob's Burgers series, as it captures the show's heartwarming essence while delivering an engaging and hilarious storyline. It showcases the Belcher family's resilience, their unwavering love for one another, and their indomitable spirit even in the face of Christmas chaos.

In conclusion, Bob's Burgers The Bleakening is a must-watch for both fans of the show and those looking for some holiday cheer. With its talented cast of voice actors, catchy songs, and heartwarming storylines, this two-part special is sure to become a beloved holiday tradition. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your detective hat, crank up the volume on those catchy tunes, and join the Belcher family on their adventurous quest to bring back the Christmas spirit.

A bunch of those inflatable Santa Clauses.
A bush maybe. Ha ha!
A Christmas party at the restaurant?
A ferocious, mystical beast
A lot of Christmas crap.
A map of the robberies led us to this area,
Aah, my tree! My tree is gone!
Ah! I'm okay.
All my favorite ornaments.
All right, I'm gonna open this a crack,
All right, let me jump to the middle of the party,
All right, Mom and Dad wouldn't believe us about the Bleaken,
All right.
All right. Happy holidays.
ALL: ♪ The Bleaken is gonna ♪
Also, I ran out of thumb tacks, so I just stopped.
And all the Christmas stuff Bosco said was stolen.
And as soon as they come down,
And bring up the video from yesterday.
And by "we," I mean mostly you, 'cause I'm horrible at it.
And Christmas, AKA our presents.
And damn it, Trev, do not say stuff.
And enjoy it as much as we can
And give these people a piece of my mind.
And have the kids make some new ornaments.
And he's only in slightly better shape than you.
And he's smiling 'cause he's on top of the tree.
And I am really glad you're okay,
And I did it by myself.
And I didn't think it was hurting anyone
And I just...
And I know it's important to a lot of people,
And if we have time, we get Mom's tree back.
And it always looks amazing.
And it sure seems like the kids are right,
And it's officially Christmas morning.
And Louise made me this one.
And make a mini one for the restaurant.
And more than one illegal seesaw.
And Mr. Present didn't come,
And my little tree looks so good.
And my ornaments.
And no one stole anything!
And not exactly what you asked for, but close.
And now I know what we have to do.
And now I wish I could undo.
And now we know why.
And one time, I thought, I thought I saw him.
And order just a ton of beef bánh mis.
And our toys break almost immediately?
And quit wasting my time.
And talk to everyone on my list again.
And the tree topper is a little porcelain baby angel
And then ask his new boyfriend's ex boyfriend.
And then I put all this up.
And then I'm gonna go invite everyone to the party.
And then we followed a trail of black feathers and footprints
And then, after I finished my nuding, I came back for it.
And there's a lot of cookie crumbs.
And they could be kid sized,
And they're on their way. I'm sorry.
And this is asinine with the number nine.
And this time, you hang up on them.
And Tina made me this one.
And to think I gave you drugs
And we can't get in?
And we can't get in?
And we leave in 20 minutes, no matter what.
And we left. Doodly doo.
And we should call Mom and Dad.
And whatever presents we bought, which are... gre great.
And you could force it down a throat.
And you let me know when I've taken an appropriate amount.
And you never see them again.
Are are you sure this is...
Are those new underwear? Those are nice.
Ask my ex boyfriend, then ask his new boyfriend
At your party and put it in the urinal. (Laughs)
Aw, I remember when Gene made me this one.
Aw, look at our little tree.
Back when we were near weapons.
Badass, positive can do attitude.
Because we love them so much.
Before he steals our Christmas presents. Totally.
Being inside this warehouse.
Bob, I think the kids snuck out of the house.
Bob, that thing can be explained.
Bob, what do you mean?
Bob, write this stuff down.
Bob, you go get my treetop.
BOB: All right, Tina said the corner
BOB: I'm just gonna, uh, feel her pulse.
BOB: Jimmy's camera doesn't point at our restaurant.
BOB: Maybe. We haven't bought her new glasses
BOB: Oh, my God, that's so high up.
BOB: Oh, right, it's, uh,
BOB: Wait. I don't remember seeing Fischoeder at our party.
Bros before city codes.
But but try and calm down.
But Dad's is the most lived in.
But he's basically the anti Santa.
But he's not gonna steal our Christmas. (door bells jingle)
But I don't even have a plus one,
But I think we did our part to spread a little holiday cheer.
But it is not what I thought a rave smelled like.
But it's Christmas, so tonight, I'm Miss Triple X Mas.
But it's the holidays.
But let's try not to let this get out of hand.
But maybe let's do like he said
But maybe the cops will.
But maybe we should start with the more obvious suspects.
But somebody stole 'em. Mmhmm.
But there's no such thing as the Bleaken.
But there's no way we're spending Christmas Eve
But there's nothing over there.
But this is bull crap.
But this is still not cool, Linda.
But those streets don't intersect.
But we can't get too carried away, right?
But we're also worried about our presents getting stolen.
But we're gonna go on the other side of the room now. Oh.
But we've looked all over this place and there's no doors.
But why?
But you all stay behind me,
But you know what I can't get back?
But you're not gonna die.
But... but maybe I gave up on Christmas.
By the way, how long did it take you guys
Bye, I'm leaving.
Call everybody. He is gonna ruin Christmas!
Call MASH! Call Columbo!
Can we just have the eggnog?
Can you two please just give my wife her tree?
Class is full. Go away!
Club patrons went from tearing the roof off
Come and get me!
Come on, guys, we're doing this for Mom,
Come on, let's go grill him!
Come on, thief or thieves. Come and get me.
Cool, cool, cool.
Could she have maybe not read it very well?
Couldn't we have just gone in there?
Crap. Flashlight's dead.
Cutting off the top of the tree?
Da da da. Kid Kids, your mother's actually done looking for the tree,
Dad, help me lift this up.
Damn the man.
Did did someone just hit me in the face with a ruler?
Did the thief steal your kids' hands?
Did you guys hear that? I think someone's coming.
Did you have to toot? 'Cause I just went for it.
Did you see my little tree?
Did you see that news story?
Didn't you used to go there? I'm so sorry.
DJ Elev 8 here.
DJ ELEV 8: Hey, everyone.
Do you have any leads? Any suspects?
Do you literally have anything else to drink?
Do you think they call themselves "Blinions"?
Do you, do you, do you like your ham?
Doesn't it just seem, like, cold and gray?
Doesn't that sound nice?
Don't blame anyone else here, it was all me.
Don't puke in Santa. Don't puke in Santa.
Don't ruin it.
Don't turn me off. I want to apologize.
Don't worry, Dad. You're not gonna die.
Don't worry, Lin, we're gonna get your tree back.
Easy, Bob, easy... your back.
Eh, I may have been a little...
Eh, same. It all started earlier,
Eh, so no decorations thief yet.
Eh, we really shouldn't have snuck out
Even though every part of me tells me not to do this.
Every time you come by?
Everybody get out your weapons.
Everyone likes to open the door
Everyone stand back.
Everyone, we're leaving in a second.
Everyone's being really rational.
Everything's fine. Unless you think it's not,
Finally, a song about light bulbs.
Fine, I'll take it.
For the kids... for Christmas, remember?
For the last time, lady, we didn't steal your ornaments.
For this community.
Frankly, you know, I'm a little more interested
From in front of the library.
From the emergency phone... I can hear 'em.
From the holiday party, and I think
Gene, play it cool, but, yeah, we did.
GENE: A nasty little ditch.
GENE: A picture of the side of Bosco's face?
GENE: A ragtag gang like us comin' in off the streets.
GENE: Dad's about to get horny!
GENE: Okay..
GENE: Protect us, Lord Santa.
GENE: This is what I thought a rave looked like.
Get 'em!
Get off... get off it... Give it to me!
Get past this brick wall.
Good! Get out! Leave! And take your cookie tray!
Great ruler here if anyone wants it.
Guys. Oh, my gosh, it's one of Mom's ornaments.
Ha, easily, I get it.
Hang on, hang on. Shush.
Happy holidays.
Happy holidays.
Happy holidays. Yeah.
Have you been good? I hope the Bleaken doesn't come.
He he wasn't really helpful.
He looked inside, saw us, and... didn't come in.
He's Art, the artist, remember?
He's got, like, different names in different cultures,
Heh ho! Look what the fart dragged in!
Hello, little doggy.
Hello. (Laughs)