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Family Affair (1966) - Season 1

Family Affair (1966) - Season 1

Family Affair is a timeless American sitcom that first aired in 1966. Created and produced by Don Fedderson, the show ran for five seasons, captivating audiences with its heartwarming humor and relatable family dynamics. With its groundbreaking premise and talented cast, Family Affair quickly became a classic in television history.

The show revolves around the Davis family, which undergoes a significant change when their bachelor uncle, Bill Davis, takes on the unexpected role of guardian for his orphaned nieces and nephew. The Davis children—Cissy, Buffy, and Jody—must now adjust to their new life in New York City with their new guardian.

Brian Keith wonderfully portrays the lead character, Bill Davis, a successful and sophisticated engineer whose life takes an unexpected turn when his siblings pass away and he becomes responsible for his young relatives. Despite initial resistance, Bill's love and devotion to his nieces and nephew shine through, as he learns the ropes of parenthood and strives to provide a warm and loving home.

Sebastian Cabot delivers a delightful performance as Mr. Giles French, Bill Davis's prim and proper butler. French becomes an essential figure in the children's lives, offering wisdom, guidance, and occasional comic relief. His unwavering dedication to the Davis family adds a touch of elegance and charm to the show.

Anissa Jones portrays the character of Buffy Davis, the adorable and precocious youngest niece. Her innocence and mischievousness often lead to heartwarming and humorous moments. Johnny Whitaker plays Jody Davis, the middle child, whose curiosity and adventurous spirit keep the family on their toes. Cissy Davis, the eldest niece, is portrayed by Kathy Garver, who brings strength and maturity to her character as she takes on the role of a surrogate mother to her younger siblings.

The show also includes memorable recurring characters such as Uncle Charley, portrayed by William Demarest, who adds a dose of comedic energy to the Davis household. Uncle Charley is Bill Davis's lively and mischievous Uncle, always ready to stir up fun and provide a listening ear when needed.

Family Affair stands out for its timeless themes and lighthearted humor. Each episode skillfully balances comedy and heartfelt moments, addressing themes such as family bonds, friendship, and personal growth. The show beautifully illustrates the challenges and joys of raising children, bringing laughter and tears to its viewers.

With its charming cast and clever writing, Family Affair garnered widespread acclaim and captured the hearts of audiences throughout its run. The show's remarkable success led to numerous award nominations and a devoted fanbase that remains strong to this day.

Luckily, fans of the show can revisit or discover the magic of Family Affair thanks to its availability for online streaming and downloading. By simply visiting a trusted platform, viewers can delve into the wonderful world of the Davis family and embrace their beloved characters once more.

In conclusion, the first season of Family Affair, which aired in 1966, set the stage for a remarkable television series that would capture the hearts of viewers for years to come. With its compelling storylines, outstanding cast, and delightful humor, Family Affair remains a cherished and unforgettable sitcom. So, gather the family, sit back, and enjoy the heartwarming adventures of the Davis family as they navigate the joys and challenges of family life. Play and download these sounds here, and let the laughter and love fill your home once again.

And be taken to the airport.
And Bill, she never cries.
And he could punish her
And I find the suggestion revolting.
And introduce her to Miss Laraby or something.
And it's not going to be different in the morning,
And live with the Heiger's, either.
And Mr. Gaynor is waiting downstairs and Mr. Davis.
And now the twins could be together.
And see if you can get me some information
And speak French and speak Italian.
And Switzerland, that takes care of everything.
And tell her that you love her.
And that does not mean living with me.
And that's just no kind of life for a little girl.
And that's way up in the Alps Mountains?
And there's no nice lady to buy you things
And we can talk on the phone.
And we can visit each other once in a while
And we'll go bowling.
And whatever they do.
And when I come back, why, we'll keep in touch.
And you and French can have a good time together.
And you don't have to go back
And you wrote and told me
And you'll learn how to play the piano,
At night to make you go to sleep.
At our Long Island place.
Because she feels rejected.
Buffy! Buffy!
Buffy's going to live here with her Uncle Bill.
But see in my work I have to travel all over the world.
But she digs in her little heels and defies him,
But she was very beautiful.
But they won't venture out into the darkness.
But today you are a nanny.
But we have an emergency here.
But we prefer Mr. Davis and the quiet,
Bye, bye.
Come along.
Did you bite him?
Did you sleep well?
Don't just stand there like a little clot,
During the daylight
For an appointment?
For the opening of the opera?
French would you take Buffy out on the terrace
French, would you bring her some milk and cookies?
Fresh air, skiing lessons, skating.
Go play or something. Go, go, go.
Go to sleep now.
Goodbye kids. Bye, bye.
Goodnight, French. Goodnight, sir.
Goodnight, Mrs. Beasley.
Goodnight, sir.
Got you!
Had your decision been otherwise.
He's unavailable tonight.
Hey, where's Miss Laraby?
How do you do, Mrs. Beasley?
I am a nanny.
I am Fran Heiger, Buffy's aunt.
I fell in the mud.
I guess I'll be close by if you need me, sir.
I guess it wouldn't be so bad
I guess meaning well doesn't help, either.
I had to hit him.
I have never seen her cry.
I like closets.
I mean, there's no children to play with
I would say the only button she could reach
I'll change in a minute.
I'll have one friend and one doll.
I'll just leave the essentials to you.
I'll write you letters
I'm in and out all the time.
I'm sending her back to the Heiger's tomorrow.
I'm very sorry I let you down.
I've arranged to have her picked up
If she were just a naughty little girl
If you don't want to.
In Switzerland?
In Switzerland. I really did.
In the entire year that she has been with us
In the nursery.
Is Mr. William Davis at home, please?
It just couldn't work, not here, not with me.
It will be nice to live with you.
It'll be just a couple of days though.
It'll just be a couple of days before she goes to Switzerland.
It's all different in the morning.
It's going to be the same.
Just the fees.
Let's call the police.
Me, sir?
Miss Applegate wondered if you'd be home in time
Miss Faversham, back home in civilization,
Miss Graham, cancel that call to Terre Haute, will you,
Miss Nortonly, Miss Poncenby, Mr. French.
Monastic atmosphere of the bachelor apartment.
Mostly out.
Mrs. Beasley is my friend.
My little blighters will run away as far as possible
Nice to see you.
No, no, no. Mr. Davis, Mr. Davis, wait, sir.
Nothing in between.
Now I just got back from India.
Now I'll send you that doll from Peru, I promise.
Now that is not me. I am a bachelor, remember?
Now that will be quite enough.
Now, Buffy, we just don't go around biting people in the leg.
Now, don't worry, will you.
Oh, may I?
Oh, Miss Faversham, French here.
Oh, the ticket's in your vest pocket.
Oh, there.
Oh, will you ask Mrs. Heiger to come in, please?
Oh, won't you be seated, madam?
Oh, yes, I forgot.
Okay. Then you'll have two friends, huh?
On Swiss schools for little girls.
On the cover of World Magazine?
Or the Mets against the Dodgers at the Stadium.
Relaxing after the long trip.
See up at the top of Italy
See, I just didn't think that a little girl like you
See, what I'm trying to tell you is
See? See all the snow?
Seems to be getting the better of my little boy.
Shall I move her into the den tonight, sir?
She just digs in her little heels.
She makes him nervous and he makes her unhappy
She's made a clean get away.
She's so sweet.
So I'll send you a nice doll from down there.
So in the meantime,
So nice for a growing child.
So sorry to disturb you at this hour
So will you please, a special favor,
Something kids like.
Speaking professionally of course.
Tell Buffy that I mean it?
That plane's going to leave at 4:30
That she needed a mother image.
That thing looks like a cowboy boot
That you don't have to go to school in Switzerland
That you wanted to run away.
That's down in South America,
The theater with Miss Davenport
The very thought gives me the shudders.
The young lady's supply of under things.
Then you'll have two dolls, huh?
There are two of them.
There's somebody at the door I think you should see.
They learn manners, dancing, languages.
They make little dolls out of straw in the mountains
They're just children.
This way if you please.
To fasten her little teeth in my gastrocnemius muscle.
To indulge in childish nonsense.
Tomorrow, the horse show at the Garden with Miss Forrester.
Was something less than a success.
We can talk about it more in the morning.
We find ourselves, you know, somewhat out of our depths
We have infancy and manhood,
We ladies are all nannies.
We would've wished that you'd been better turned out,
We'll be right back, Buffy.
We'll have your bath ready in a moment, sir.
Wednesday night, optional,
Wednesday, the races at Aqueduct with Miss Carstairs.
Welcome home, sir.
Well, she's tough, that's what.
Well, you have fun today.
What your name is.
What's a nanny?
Why didn't you tell me you were coming to New York?
Why don't the two of you make a day of it, huh?
Why don't you ship her off to one of those great schools
With just French and me.
Woah, woah, woah, hey, woah, woah.
Won't that be fun?
Would be the basement button.
Would want to live here in a place like this
Yeah, oh, here's Switzerland here.
Yes, we seemed to have misplaced a child.
You better go to sleep now.
You can deny it until you're blue in the face,
You can stay right here and live with me.
You can't leave me like this.
You don't have to send me all the way to that place."
You have exactly one hour
You look just like your Mommy.
You might consider working for my family
You said We had to do something fast.
You want some milk and cookies?
You were thousands of miles away in Egypt.
You're going to take good care of French while I'm gone, huh?
"If you don't like me, just say so.
A nanny?
Am I?
Are you my nanny?
Bess, if you got any ideas
Bess, what are you doing in New York?
Bill, at least go in and talk to her
Bill, Buffy and Mr. Heiger don't get along.
Bill, I'll bring the car around.
Buffy, I'm awful sorry you felt so unhappy
Buffy, say it once more.
Buffy, this is your Uncle Bill.
But, sir, it's absolutely imperative that I speak to
Certainly, sir, yes.